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YMMV / Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora

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  • Complete Monster: Yog Sothoth/Yogu Sotho Sogos is a dimension-traveling criminal who desires absolute godhood. Once a nice young man living on Deadlander, his life began to change after the destruction of his planet and the death of his girlfriend Fontaine. Consumed by despair and hatred, he later finds the Endora jewel, gaining powers after the jewel absorbed the evil in his heart. Becoming drunk on his new powers, he proceeded to conquer the planet Aura, killing Fandora's royal parents in the process. Taking over the Kingdom of Lam, he slaughters the king and queen, brainwashing their daughter Leimia to serve him. Posing as Pope Gilsburg, he rules the kingdom with an iron fist. Seizing Fandora's Lupia jewel, he forces her to fight over a pit of spikes for his own amusement, killing Leimia after she frees herself from his control. Seemingly defeated, Yog resurrects himself and recreates Deadlander as a planet populated by dimensional criminals. Posing as the God of Blue Light and resurrecting Fontaine as his maiden, he creates a physical manifestation of his remaining conscience named Sotho, ordering him to bring the Lupia jewel in return for Fontaine, planning to combine with both him and the jewel to obtain more power. Once Sotho realizes who Yog is, Yog kills him and Fontaine, destroying Deadlander again. Becoming a starship captain, he sets out to conquer every dimension, having already conquered 1/3 of them. Coming close to achieving ultimate power, he tries to kill Fandora for her Lupia jewel.

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