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  • Accidental Innuendo:
    • Carrying over from Dragon Ball Super, some of Goku Black's quotes. It doesn't help the way he is voiced is... Ehem.
    Goku Black: Yes... give me more... MORE... I WANT TO EXPERIENCE MORE!
    • Likewise, if Vados and Hit battle one another, Vados gives us this little gem:
    Vados: I understand you're an assassin, but don't go in too hard, okay?
    • The above quote is made even funnier if you beat her as Hit:
    Vados: Well, at least I had fun.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • As the first game said Dragon Ball GT was an Alternate Timeline to the "main" universe, Trunks says that the pre-Battle of Gods movie villains are also from different timelines, which helps to fix a lot of the canonical discrepancies some of the films have been criticized for.
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    • A number of changes have been announced that fit right into this as well, including: reworked RNG to make grinding easier, a reworked clothing system that favors players wearing what they want as opposed to what their build demands (the QQ Bang system, which basically allows one to use it instead of the clothing, letting them wear whatever they want while still getting the stat boost) new mechanics to punish runners and stamina-stackers and the removal of the "free super moves" mechanic the Saiyan forms had in the previous game.
    • Every race gets their own unique transformation: Earthlings wield the Flying Nimbus and Power Pole, Namekians use the giant Great Namekian form, Frieza's Race gets Golden Form, and Majins get a Pure Form resembling Kid Buu. And of course, Kaioken and Unlock Potential are still usable by all five races.
      • Multi-level transformations are condensed into a single entity, with higher levels being accessed if the user has more Ki; for example, using Super Saiyan with four Ki bars gives you Super Saiyan 2, and five bars gets you Super Saiyan 3.
      • Transformations are no longer classified under Super or Ultimate Attacks, and are instead assigned to a button combination that wasn't used in the first gamenote , allowing for you to now have two ultimates and a transformation instead of sacrificing one ultimate for a transformation.
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    • Though the staff said they couldn't include Dragon Ball characters, GT Kid Goku has a moveset that makes him a virtual Expy of his DB self.
    • Many players who don't preorder the game will be relieved to hear that Goku Black (Base Form) is available as a paid DLC pack.
    • The Nimbus and Power Pole transformation got a lot of flack before release, even more so when it turned out you can be knocked off. However, after the Beta was released, many changed their opinion once gameplay actually came out and it turned out to be much more practical than many first believed.
    • Portals in Parallel Quest can finally show you where your next objective is, rather than having to use the scouter/first-person view to find them.
    • Many fans were disappointed how in the end of the first Xenoverse, the original character for that game, Demigra, took over as the Big Bad, since Towa and Mira are very credible threats in their own right. In this game not only do they take front stage as the main villains again but Mira also takes the role of the Final Boss of the game, even having a Super Mode unique to the game.
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    • Perhaps in response to the frequent criticism that Trunks's hands-off story role as Mission Control in the first game made the protagonist feel like his put-upon henchman, he's much more likely to take to the timestream himself in this game. Unfortunately, because the game still needs the protagonist to actually solve many problems for the sake of gameplay, Trunks often makes mistakes or finds himself in difficult situations in the process, so he instead looks like a screw-up who can't do anything right.
    • A small one, but Beerus and Omega Shenron now have a quote with each other:
    Omega Shenron: You? A god? I think not! What deity lets the Dragon Balls generate this much negative energy?
    Beerus: Hey, the Dragon Balls are the work of a different deity last time I checked. Me? I'm the God of Destruction, guess what I'm in charge of.
    • No more goddamn super armor! Except for a later Expert mission with Broly and a number of ones before it have the boss auto-dodging every non-super attack instead, which is honestly kind of forgivable considering the circumstances.
    • Many fans who didn't like Goku Black's initial voice would like to hear the third DLC pack has him sound more natural rather than the gravely tone he came with in his base form.
    • For fans who were disappointed that their original XV CaC had little importance in the main story would like to hear they now can assist your original character in the Super portion of DLC 4. Unfortunately, even their AI is affected by the game's infamous Artificial Stupidity.
    • DLC 6, and its accompanying free update, seem to be this, as the update added more customizable options for the main characters who are mentors, including palette swapping and, apparently, swapping their outfits with others, customizing their movesets, and letting you do things with your mentors in multiplayer modes. The story expansion also lets players chose whether they want to alter the timelines of certain events, or fix them (with Fu apparently fixing them anyways, but not because of you telling him to), addressing a complaint about the story mode not having a lot of deviations from the main DB timeline, especially compared to the first game.
      • The way you unlock the special outfits for your mentors has an added benefit of giving you special rewards you could once only get through scoring a lot of points on the extremely difficult raid missions if you give them their unique gift obtained from the TP Medal Shop more than once.
    • The update for DLC 7 included a massive amount of fixes, including balancing over 130 moves, the ability to select your other created characters on the Character Select screen, and most importantly FIXING THE GAME'S NETCODE.
  • Awesome Music:
  • Better Than Canon:
    • The ending of the Future Trunks saga in Dragon Ball Super has been controversial, to say the least, and one of those reasons is due to Trunks defeating Fused Zamasu by a Deus ex Machina in the form of the Spirit Bomb Sword, that was received by the energy of the remaining Earthlings, Goku and Vegeta. This was changed in the game, so that the dark cloud created by Goku Black's scythe is instead a rift into different timelines. This allowed Trunks to receive energy from the many different timelines in Dragon Ball (including the present, with Gohan and Piccolo who couldn't help in the battle), the Dragon Ball GT cast, Future Gohan and a young Future Trunks, and Time Patroller Xeno Trunks. Not only does this make Goku Black getting Hoist by His Own Petard, many consider this ending better than the anime due to having a more plausible explanation for the miracle finish.
      • The trend continues in the Infinity History Mode. Thanks to time manipulations, Dabura makes Jiren fight alongside Zamasu and Goku Black. Fu, thinking this is unfair, brings Tapion to the timeline and help Trunks. If you refuse to help Fu, you have to beat Tapion and Jiren, but if you play alongside Fu? Tapion will seal Zamasu inside his body, thus erasing the entire Bad Ending the saga is so infamous for. Due to this, Fu gained a bunch of followers in the community, calling him the true hero of Xenoverse.
    • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 has a strong modding community, and aside from creating character models for characters who haven't appeared in the game, are exclusive to the manga, or are just introduced during Super or Heroes, one user managed to create a mod for the characters to freely transform into their ultimate forms, meaning Frieza, Goku Black, Super! Goku and Vegeta, and others, can transform without the need of changing characters. Many fans found this miles better than what the game offers. It also gave Slug and Piccolo the power to transform into a giant Namekian, and Fused Zamasu to transform into his half-corrupted form, all with an original movement taking the cutscenes' animations.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: At the beginning of the story in DLC 6, the player character sees Demigra from the first game rather than the Supreme Kai of Time in an apparent setup that he's in disguise, but you're the only one who can see him as he really is. Soon, Fu shows up and resets the setting so it's really her and your character's not freaking out about it. This isn't brought up again in the rest of the story of the DLC, depending on who you have as your partner.
  • Breather Boss: Expert Missions 16 and 17's bosses are SSGSS Vegeta and Goku respectively but after the likes of Extreme Malice, these two are walks in the park, since both Super Saiyan Blues are completely ordinary, lacking super armor or boss-exclusive supers that make other Expert bosses a total pain. A decently levelled and equipped player can beat these with little sweat, especially online where your AI companions are likely to also be very well equipped in terms of levels and skills. The two have gimmicks (Vegeta occasionally getting health back and Goku's battle starting with a small time limit of 2 minutes with 30 seconds gained for every significant bit of damage you deal to Goku) but they're easily surmounted by a partly skilled player. They're thus usually ideal for players grinding TP Medals.
  • Broken Base:
    • While some of the transformations have been well received, there's been a good deal of debate about the quality of the Nimbus/Power Pole 'transformation' given to Earthling characters. Some are fine with it and defend it saying they didn't have that many options to go with (with pretty much their only other option being Tien's Four Witches technique, or some kind of revisit to the werewolves in the original series), others see it as a complete joke that really doesn't make sense.
    • With the Majin race, some found their transformation underwhelming and lazy as it essentially turns them into a Palette Swap of Kid Buu, with even the same moves. Like with the Earthling example above, those who defend it say that Majins don't have much to work with beyond Super Buu's absorptions - and it's anyone's guess how the heck those would work mechanically.
    • Of course, there's also the game's races. Some fans wanted Bandai-Namco to add new races such as the Androids and the Supreme Kais from Dragon Ball Heroes or a catch-all Alien race like in Dragon Ball Fusions, while others are fine sticking with the same five races from the first game because it means the staff can focus on the content.
    • The dulling down of Attribute Points from level ups. While putting, say, the cap of 125 points into Ki Blast Supers will have an effect, it's only approximately 15% of a boost compared to the utterly destructive specialization in the first game. If that wasn't enough, all of your stats grow equally as the game progresses separately of your actual spent Attribute Points, meaning that even if you put 0 points into Strike Supers, a max level character can still use them without any problems of specialization hindering them. Some argue that this makes the game more accessible and lets players vary up their character without resorting to Shenron respec wishes; others think this sharply reduces the variety of the custom characters (leaving sex and race to be the only real important customization choices) and essentially renders the entire point of leveling and attributing points to stats to be almost meaningless.
    • There's controversy with the English dub voices (more specifically, some people feel Hit's voice is too wooden, Zamasu's sounds too old and Goku Black's groveling and later British accent doesn't fit the character), though it should be noted that others are fine with it or are waiting to see how the voice is done in the show; many of the actors in the dub of the game, specifically Team Four Star, have said how the voice work was done by the actors having poor direction notes and were told to match the timings of the Japanese actors rather than give their own takes on the lines, or have the cutscenes to work off of, so they're waiting to see how his actor does in the show, with better direction and the animation to work off of.
    • The Nintendo Switch version wasn't very well received by fans at first when it was discovered that the story involving your second Xenoverse character will do missions involving the first Xenoverse. Some fans find this lazy while others point out it's better than nothing since the first game didn't get ported to the Wii U, let alone the Switch.
  • Casual/Competitive Conflict: Over which original character moves should allowed for the player's created character. PvE players want certain moves because they look cool, but PvP players want them to stay limited to original characters because they increase viability in a PvP environment.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • For the third time, Goku Black. A Dragon Ball Super-only character who is nothing like his Good Counterpart. It helps that he is actually voiced by Sean Schemmel, who makes him sound very evil and merciless. Fitting for a No-Nonsense Nemesis. And for those didn't like his gruff voice, Sean changed it up to a more softer, refined voice for Super Saiyan Rose. He is so popular, Youtube videos about Xenoverse 2 are likely to have him in the thumbnail.
    • Vados was already popular with the Super fandom, but it seems she has also become popular thanks to her English voice actress, Caitlin Glass, giving her what is considered one of the best and attractive voices in the game.
    • Fu. At first, people were indifferent to another time breaker, thus didn't pay attention to him when he was announced. Once the DLC was released, Fu was liked for his gameplay and charming Wild Card personality, but not only siding with him allows you to play alternate routes to the canon stories, one of those routes has him downright saving the Future Trunks timeline has made a lot of people call him the true hero of Xenoverse. The English dub also does a wonderful job at making him sound like a fanboy and has some outright hilarious deliveries, providing some genuine laughs throughout his story mode campaign with both his delivery and some of the ad-libbed dialogue that added some words that weren't in the original lines to fit the Japanese timings.
  • Even Better Sequel: Reviews for this game noticeably tend to be even more positive than those for the first Xenoverse.
  • Fanfic Fuel: One can easily make a fanfic enough to make their own canon. Such as the first Time Patroller being their parentnote , siblings, or senpai. The possibilities are endless. Heck, Team Four Star themselves made the idea of their original character being the father of their XV2 characternote .
  • Foe Yay: With various villains, whether they’re your mentors or not.
    • With Cell, he certainly lives up to his Memetic Molester status. He sometimes talks about whether or not he should eat the player character – but sometimes the context of “eating” sounds rather like he was referring to something else. And when an alternate version of his imperfect form thinks about absorbing the player character, he tells him off for it, because losing you would deprive him of “great pleasure”. Not to mention his Terms of Endangerment by repeatedly referring to the player as “my pupil”, and offering the highest form of compliment by calling his student “perfect”, something he only reserves for himself… which makes it sound like he believes himself and the player to be perfect together.
    Cell: Oh, this feels right! Both mentor and student, perfect in every way!
    • After training the player character, Slug will think about killing them after his first attempt failed as he deems them as big of a threat as Turles is… but then admits to them he won’t, because he finds them charming.
    • The first time you meet Turles in game, he almost immediately offers the player a chance to join him as they fight him. Then should he become their mentor later, he’s very complimentary and surprisingly encouraging. And half the time Turles is training the player character his tone of voice suggests he finds their strength and brutality in combat rather arousing.
    Turles: Perhaps fate has brought us together. Let’s make the most of it.
    • Cooler might not be a mentor yet, but meeting with him in the Frieza Force infiltration side quest still gives plenty of interesting interactions. After defeating various opponents and becoming Frieza’s right hand, Cooler will come up to the player character, having taken an interest in them after watching them fight. His offers sound a lot like he’s trying to woo the player character, outright telling them that they’re too good for someone like Frieza. Should they join him, he immediately makes them his right hand, giving them praises and gifts, is willing to spare Frieza’s army for them, promises them he won’t attack their planet, and even offers a portion of the galaxy to them... which comes off almost like a courtship, if anything. And then he trusts you enough to train with you, and the comments he makes during battle are… interesting.
    Cooler: Good! Give me MORE! This tension… I’ve never felt anything like it!
    Fu: I can't stand this for one more second! I've gotta have a taste for myself!
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Aura Slide, Goku Black's signature skill is often cited as the best super in the game, and for a good reason. Normally, you just swing your arm twice and deal some damage, but you can also backhit with it, dealing notable damage, and with a forward input you can deal very good damage and stun the opponent to reset the combo. You can do each of those attacks in almost any combination, and if you manage to land all of them you end up with absolutely insane damage for 1 ki bar strike super. The forward input version alone makes it too strong, as additionally to its damage and stunning effect, it comes out super fast and has deceptively large range, being usable after almost any knockback. Initially being exclusive to preorder bonus Goku Black and occasional modders meant it wasn't very prevalent, but eventually it was officially released for CaCs as well.
    • Giant Storm, a Nappa Ultimate Blast is the best move for crowd-control situations. Against swarms, it can easily knock out three minions, Saibamen, and Metal Coolers in one go. Against harder star missions, it can knock half of your enemies' health bar and against Great Apes, it will take out their Super Armor in one hit. Another reason for its fame is that simply spamming it is one of the easiest ways to unlock the alternate ending.
      • Post-patch Gigantic Meteor is basically an enhanced version of the technique. The start-up is slower, but it deals more damage and has a better tracking. You'll have a much easier time completing even the hardest expert missions just by spamming this technique.
    • Pre-Patch Go-Go Gum, especially when combined with Dragon Flash Bullet. It completely immobilizes the target, makes them immune to knockback effects and cannot be escaped from, leaving the target open for any attack. The only weakness of Dragon Flash Bullet is that it has a severe knockback on each of its many hits so only the first couple would ever land under normal circumstances. Using it while the target is gummed completely removes that weakness, letting it freely do damage in excess of most ultimates. Go-Go Gum was patched to make it last for far less time than it used to, making it almost useless to use in conjunction with Dragon Flash Bullet.
    • Dragon Flash Bullet will also murder Great Apes due to the same principals as Go-Go Gum, only it's part of the character that they cannot be knocked back meaning you don't have to do any legwork.
    • Post-patch Dragon Fist. Before the patch, the move was almost completely useless, requiring stamina-breaking your opponents before using it. Post-patch, it causes incredible damage to your opponents, with no stamina-breaking required. For a long while, it also could not be escaped using a vanish or even an evasive skill, making it guaranteed damage. It was not until second DLC came out that you could vanish it, and even then it might still hit you, unfortunately, the Extra Pack 3 patch made it so that you can no longer vanish or use an evasive out of it yet again, and no efforts or nerfs came with this patch to balance this out, so if you get caught off-guard and just so happen to get hit with this attack, good luck.
    • Post-patch Serious Bomb. Before it was patched, the enemies would almost always fall out of it, which made players mock its description, calling it an unfinished attack. After it was patched, it became a scary attack to deal with, being fast enough to be used from almost any combo, and dealing massive damage very quickly. You better pray you have more than 3 stamina bars when you get hit by it.
    • Justice Combination. Before it was patched, it was a 3 Ki cost strike ultimate that dealt damage second only to Dragon Fist among strike attacks, and could not be vanished, requiring 3 stamina bars to escape. While a patch nerfed its damage a bit and allowed to vanish from the last hit which deals pretty significant damage, it is still fast enough to be used from almost any combo and is generally considered to be the best strike ultimate, and a staple of any build which focuses on melee.
    • The Super Ki Explosion ultimate is a pretty decent ultimate on its own, as it does a good amount of damage, comes out quickly, can hit multiple targets surrounding you, and only costs the standard 3 ki bars, but what potentially makes it a Game-Breaker is the fact that if you hold the button it's set to, you can extend the explosion for the cost of using more ki to power it, which makes those people who put a huge investment into their ki bars and ki blast supers able to absolutely destroy everything in their range.
    • A small but notable one: Humanoid Raid bosses are susceptible to Dancing Parapara and Go-Go Gum, making for some great stalling methods for the rest of your team, although the ones that auto-dodge all normal attacks seem to break out of Go-Go Gum if struck by an attack they automatically dodge.
    • Reverse Mabakusenko. This almighty beast of an Ultimate Attack can counter any attack with a swift karate chop and energy blast that deals a great deal of damage. Not only that, but before later patches, the attack didn't take Ki at all if it didn't hit.
      • Pressure Sign is the watered-down version. It's a normal move that takes 100 ki, and like Reverse Mabakusenko, responds instantly to any attack. It will cause the character to teleport behind and kick the opponent away. While it doesn't deal much damage, it starts up instantly, but also has a "cool down" after where you can't do anything, and, at least with computer-controlled enemies, you can replace stamina dodging with this move if you catch the enemy right before they attack. It also will always go behind the targeted enemy, even if the countered attack didn't come from them.
    • At first glance Innocence Bullet doesn't seem like it's that useful of a move, with a long windup time and, in most situations, a very slow poisoning effect on the opponent. However it was discovered that humanoid raid bosses were still susceptible to its effect but an unknown factor caused their health to deplete rapidly while under its effects, it's not uncommon for a boss to lose 100,000 points of health to one raid group in less than 5 minutes. While this hasn't been patched out of the game's raid bosses, the developers made the raid bosses flip out upon being poisoned, making them spam all the boss character type moves they have access to constantly, making poisoning the raid boss a much more risky move to do.
    • DLC Pack 3 introduced a new Super Soul named "I really do love being immortal". This Super Soul's effect is that upon being KO'd, you will automatically start being revived without the need for an ally to rescue you. While this is pretty useless if you're playing a Parallel Quest solo or are in a 1v1 battle, having it equipped in any mission or PvP team battle will make your enemies have to hurry and defeat your teammates since they can focus on fighting instead of reviving you. This can also make certain Parallel Quests easier to do offline if you use Zamasu as an AI partner (As it's his Super Soul), as you won't have to drop what you're doing to revive him should he go down.
    • Fake Death, of all things, got buffed in one of the patches that removed the camera zoom-in which previously obscured the user's view of their opponent, gave it near-perfect tracking on the wake-up hit and gave it invulnerability frames for its entire duration! This means that it can be chained back-to-back indefinitely for complete invincibility because it still costs precisely 0 bars of ki. And if your opponent gets in close to try and catch you in between uses they get staggered by the wake-up strike for their trouble, opening them up to your combo.
    • Supernova Cooler is a somewhat downplayed Game-Breaker, especially if you fight with teammates that can draw your opponent's attention away from you. It involves your character summoning a huge ball of ki and throwing it at whichever opponent has locked on to even if you're not directly facing them, inflicting massive damage on anyone caught in it, even Expert Mission bosses. Granted it costs five bars of ki and it's still possible (though unlikely if they're too busy fighting one of your allies) for your opponent to dodge it, the pros of carrying this Ultimate Attack definitely outweigh the cons.
    • Fighting Pose K/F. Both of these buffs allow you to be Immune to Flinching, where with the former you still take damage and can be grabbed, and with the latter which makes you take damage to stamina and is immune to grabs. While on their own they may be annoying, as they make getting the user in a combo impossible, they only last around 10 seconds, mostly allowing you to outlast them, and making it difficult for opponent to keep that advantage up. However it turns out that all buffs run on one duration, and using another buff allows you to extend the duration of the previous buff, as well as granting you another one. The mostly used buff for this purpose was Do or Die, which gives you increased damage resistance for 30 seconds, and for a while Data Input. Do or Die worked well with Pose K, as it reduced the damage that you could still get, but Data Input formed a truly broken combination with Pose F, as the auto-dodge provided by it pretty much denied the intended way of punishing the armor with charged attacks or reverse burst dashes, while Pose F stopped you from receiving any kind of damage from basic ki blasts which are the main way of playing against Data Input. While the update that came along DLC 6 disallowed Data Input to be combined with other buffs, the DLC itself provided a way juicier tool for people to abuse this tactic, Meditation, a buff that grants you 10 ki bars and ki regeneration which lasts a whole minute, doubling your time with the armor. If you want to take revenge on Xenoverse 1 AI abusing the mechanic, you can take it on a PQ and laugh as the NPC's punches hopelessly bounce off you, but if you happen to come across it in PvP, you're going to have a far worse time than Xenoverse 1 could have ever given you.
    • Goten's Super Soul, "Don't Go All-out!" seems pretty innocent at first, boosting the power of charged ki blasts whenever you land one, until you find out the description is outright lying. What it actually does is remove the opponent's stamina. While on Goten himself it's mostly just annoying, with his charged power ki blast requiring it to be combo'd into and only taking two stamina bars, on CaCs the super soul gives them bomb ki blast instead, which as it turns out, hits multiple times. With a little bit of latency, it's entirely possible to lose all of your stamina after getting hit once. Initially the soul was only available to be used for Saiyans, but it has been changed since then to be usable by everyone, which also includes Freeza Race, who can change their Ki Blast type with their transformation. While their gold form beams don't hit multiple times, bringing the stamina reduction back to two bars, they are far easier to hit with, especially from neutral, which makes dealing with them an absolute pain. But the story of this soul isn't over just yet. With the sixth DLC came the update which gave us the ability to customize mentor characters, including their super souls, and the mentors include Gotenks. The kicker here is that Gotenks's charged ki blast type is rush, which in function basically combines the ease of landing from Golden Freeza beams, with the instant removal of ALL stamina by bomb ki blasts. Between this soul and Fake Death, you sure can trust Dimps with making the most innocent characters' abilities turn out to be the most deadly.
    • DLC Pack 7 brings in Super Baby 2 to the roster, and he brings with him the most powerful Ki Blast Ultimate in the game in the form of Revenge Death Ball. The move can fire very fast, but the gimmick is that the more ki you charge into it, the stronger it becomes. The two reasons why this is scary is because you can get a quicker charge for the stronger usage by filling the ki gauge beforehand, making the amount of charging significantly less, and the fact it can do about two and a half to three bars of health worth of damage if fully charged with the max 10 bars of ki, which can easily be accessed through Jiren's Meditation Super.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • Remember when Supreme Kai of Time told your first Xenoverse character that she lied to Trunks that time traveling is a sin and that he joined her to make up that mistake? It's no longer funny now that since the game adapted the Future Trunks saga, it's now such a big deal. What's more is that the game treats Xenoverse Trunks as the same character as Super Trunks. What's more, in an alternate timeline, Trunks willingly chose to save Future Gohan's life despite how much of a crime it is. Being Good Sucks indeed.
    • Since the story for Xenoverse 2 was written long before the Future Trunks Saga in Super, it makes the exchange between Future Gohan and Trunks awkward and tragic. Gohan is happy to see Trunks, since it means that the future world was saved by Bulma's Time Machine. In Super, not only is the world even worse off thanks to Goku Black, but Black specifically chose Trunks' timeline to punish humanity for breaking the time taboo. The saga ends with Future Zen'o destroying Trunks' timeline since Fused Zamasu murdered everyone in it even after his body was sliced in half.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • In the secret ending: like in the previous game, you are joined in spirit by Piccolo, Gohan, Vegeta, Gotenks, and Krillin. Also like in the last game, Krillin's presence feels just as important: even though he's regarded as a Butt-Monkey by many, he still has one of the most important places in Dragon Ball history as Goku's best friend and the one who helped Android 18 regain her humanity.
    • At the ending of the Xenoverse 2 DLC Future Trunks Saga, the Supreme Kai of Time reassures Trunks that despite his initial crime of altering history, the good he had done far outweighed this. She also offers to release Trunks from Time Patroller duty if he wished, as in the first game she had forcibly made him work for her.
    • While most instructors tend to express dismay or disappointment toward the 2nd Time Patroller whenever they fail a mission, Pan remains friendly and encouraging toward them, assuring the player that she's here to help them get stronger for next time.
    • At the end of the Universe 6 Arc, your character leaves before the final battle between Hit and Goku. Hit comments about how he can focus, now that the "nuisance" is gone. Goku tells him to watch what he says, because that "nuisance" is a good friend of his. Hit gets ready to fight, saying the two seem pretty tight, which Goku calmly agrees with before powering up to his Kaio-Ken.
    • One of the Infinite Quest stories is set just before the Cell Games, and if you bring Future Gohan along he'll get to see the mainline version of Goku. Showing surprising insight, Goku figures out that he's the Gohan from Trunks' timeline and says he's proud of the man Gohan became; Gohan, shaking with emotion, says that getting to see his father again made the mission more than worth it.
    • Thanks to mentor customization, they can have the Super Souls of their own comrades such as Ginyu sharing his fellow teammates' Super Souls, or Videl and Pan having each other's. The biggest one comes from unlocking "How Dare You...! That's My Bulma!" for Yamcha. Even though that ship's long since sunk, he's still willing to protect her.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • One of the Parallel Missions in DLC pack 1 is helping the Universe 6 fighters fight against villains from Universe 7 who are invading. Cabba faces Broly, Frost faces Golden Frieza, and Hit faces both Super 17 and Omega Shenron. Come the Universal Survival Arc, and Cabba meets Kale (and is in fact, her first victim), Frost and Frieza get along and make an alliance during the Tournament, and Android 17 joins Universe 7 for the Tournament of Power. It makes you wonder if the game creators were aware of this.
    Cabba: You're.. a Saiyan? I've never encountered such a turbulent energy before... There's something different about you...
    • In the game, Frieza and Frost clearly hate each other. In Super, they get along swimmingly. Justified, since Frost is faking his heroic persona, he is just as bad a Frieza. It's made more hilarious since Frieza was just using Frost, and called him "an amateur", just like in the game, he calls him a "second-rate villain".
    Frost: We seem to be of the same race... you think we'd be like-minded.
  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient:
    • Thanks to the Namekian's new Super Mode, it's now possible to do a Great Namekian vs. a Great Ape.
    • Some of the changes in history this time can be pretty ridiculous such as an entire army of Metal Coolers appearing near the end of the Cell Games to swarm the heroes, or in the Buu saga where both Broly and Janemba appear.
    • Remember that Spirit Bomb Sword that Future Trunks created from the energy of all the survivors in his timeline? Well in Xenoverse 2 DLC for the "Future Trunks" Saga, Trunks gathers energy from his allies from throughout history, thanks to the rift in time torn by Goku Black earlier, including Gohan and Piccolo (from present-day Dragon Ball Super), Goku, Pan, and Trunks (from Dragon Ball GT), the Kid Future Trunks and Future Gohan from the original Future Trunks timeline before Black invaded, and even Xeno Trunks from the Time Nest. To follow it up the final Eldritch Abomination form of Fused Zamasu manages to invade the Time Nest itself!
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!: Positive changes aside, Xenoverse 2 is more similar to the first game with most of the kinks patched out than an actual sequel. It has a similar plot, the same combat system, and even most of the same Parallel Quests. To some this can become a major deal breaker, while others are happy getting an expanded sequel. Some also feel this way about the Instructor quests, as virtually all of them are either simple fights, simple fights where the player must deal the final blow with their new move, or five-minute gauntlets against repetitive weak enemies. Given the sheer number of instructor quests, it gets samey very quickly. This is lampshaded by Captain Ginyu when he makes you finish him with one of his special attacks and is surprised that he's not being original.
  • Iron Woobie: Like with the series itself, this game at times depicts Xeno Trunks as this. There are a few times in the story where they show that Trunks has to relive painful moments in his past that he wish he could change, such as saving Future Gohan from the Androids or watching Vegeta's Heroic Sacrifice against Majin Buu but due to the nature of his job he can't change these events.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Raditz, as a mentor. He's just as callous and cunning as he is in canon, but the added inferiority complex towards Nappa and Vegeta makes him this. Especially at the end of his training when he receives a Villainous BSoD and admits to having just wanted someone beneath him so he wouldn't be rock bottom again. Thankfully, your player character decides to still train under Raditz. To say he's overjoyed after that is an understatement.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: In addition to Curtis Arnott's (Abridged Nappa, Dende, Guru, and Cell) reprisal, the game adds in the voices of Nick Landis (Abridged Krillin, Vegeta, and Piccolo), and Scott Frerichs (Abridged Zarbon, and Future Trunks).
  • Love to Hate: Future Zamasu, much like his anime counterpart, is beloved by the fanbase for this reason. Despite potentially being your mentor, he constantly acts like a pompous asshole and frequently acts demeaning even in his half-hearted attempts to compliment you. And yet James Marsters' over-the-top delivery plus his corny dialogue makes him hilariously entertaining.
  • Memetic Loser: Xeno Trunks, made famous by Team Four Star, this Trunks is far less badass than his anime counterpart, always messing missions up and causing things to go wrong.
  • Memetic Mutation: All thanks to Team Four Star:
    Metal Cooler: The Big Gete Star enabled me to cheat death! How could this be!?note 
    Hit: "My Time Skip is unbeatable!" note 
    • As of Jiren being playable.
    Jiren: What's Wrong? note 
  • Most Annoying Sound: See Cooler's Memetic Mutation above.
    • At least the Cooler line only happens in such capacity in one mission. Bulma's Hero Colloseum announcements are not as merciful. It can happen every time you return to lobby, is considerably long and loud and it's literally an advert for a minigame designed to drain your in-game money to force you to grind or use microtransactions.
  • Narm:
    • The opening cutscene of Bardock's assault on Frieza's ship is gorgeous, and looks cool as hell... Unfortunately the dubbing team weren't given footage of the cutscene to work with during recording, leading to some atrocious lip syncing that utterly destroys the scene.
    • Any attempt at mystery about the 'masked Saiyan' when it's painfully obvious who he is, even for people unfamiliar with Dragon Ball Online or Heroes. They didn't even change his outfit.
    • Lord Slug's new voice sounds an awful lot like Oolong. Because of this, it's near impossible to take the Super Namek seriously.
    • "This is Super Saiyan rosé Goku Black", a quote from Goku Black (Rosé) when being selected has been considered cringeworthy by viewers due to 1) Is a really long phrase said very fast, and 2) Black never referred himself as such, that was Future Bulma who gave him the lame nickname In-Universe.
    • Some of Base Goku Black quotes in his parallel quest. One of these quotes was apparently just the voice actor playing around, but it got into the game. It made Black look like an utter dork, or an edgy teenager (which wouldn't be far from some common jokes about both him and Zamasu).
    Goku Black: Magnificient, Goku Black likey...
    Goku Black: The more I know, the stronger I become! Because knowing is half the battle, and the other half is the battle!
    • Jiren's English voice and lines sound as if he is a stereotypically heroic character which if viewers knew how he acted in the source material, it really doesn't fit him at all. In fact, he acts more like Toppo than anything else. And he preach the word "Justice" like all other Pride Troopers, whereas he never says the word even once in the anime. It's likely that this characterization of Jiren is based on early notes as Jiren's character was still in development early into the Tournament of Power arc, and was originally going to be given to Toppo.
    • To a lot of people, Jiren's character model is this compared with the anime and manga counterparts, where he seems rather short. His running animation making him look like Johnny Bravo doesn't help.
  • Player Punch:
    • The entire Future Gohan and Time Patrol Trunks scene is one big one for players. You are forced to watch Gohan go to his death, knowing that this is the correct course of history. Yet, Trunks desperately wants to go with Gohan and fight the androids. Gohan tells Trunks that seeing him all grown up tells him that the future is safe and that this fight has a real purpose. Just before he leaves, Trunks rushes towards Gohan, and you the player stops him, allowing Gohan to fly off.
    • Late in the story when all of Towa's allies have gone rogue or been defeated she has one final trump card, the previous player character from Xenoverse 1, which forces the player character from the sequel to fight them. This can be especially painful if the character from the first game was imported and the player grew attached to them. And if this wasn't painful enough, after the player defeats the previous Time Patroller, Towa then goes back and kills Shenron before he can summon them, meaning they never joined Time Patrol in the first place. Thankfully, you're able to correct this.
  • Polished Port: Despite the Broken Base issue around it, the Nintendo Switch version of the game has received even stronger reviews than the original PS4 and Xbox One versions.
  • Porting Disaster: The PC version is considered this by owners of the game. Unlike the first game, this one is ported by QLOC, which caused several glitches and slowdown as per update. The attempts to alleviate this depends what your computer is, but slowdown still occurs to owners who have the simple requirements to play the game.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Unfortunately still carrying over from the last game, Time Patrol Trunks. While he no longer serves as the main mission control, his involvement within the plot becomes more hands-on - but he usually ends up causing more harm than good. Artificial Stupidity in fights aside, Trunks is absolutely useless in catching any of the bad guys, falls for a trick he's seen before and gets his body stolen, interrupts fights even when they're in the protagonists favor, suffers from Badass Decay as he's repeatedly worfed, and even breaks the laws of time to save Gohan, despite preaching how much of a sin it was to change any event of the timelines thus coming off as hypocritical.
    • Broly, as a mentor, is rather disliked by a part of the community as, unlike any other villainous mentor (including Zamasu), he is rather bland and repetitive in his dialogue. He will always talk about wanting to crush Kakarot, and how he can smell him in you, and, well, that's it. In the Infinite History Mode, his dialogues have been considered quite boring compared with everyone else.
    • Damsel Scrappy: Guru the Great Elder. See That One Sidequest below.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Almost all raid boss unique attacks are despised by players. Talking about all of them, they will give the boss invincibility while in use, often have devastating effects that bad luck can turn into a Total Party Kill at any point, and they often only serve to waste time even if they don't kill a player, and later fights have very strict time limits. However each move has a specific set of annoyances with it.
      • Marbling Drop is a move, usable only by humanoid sized bosses, that causes a blue sphere to form around the raid boss and then shoot out stamina breaking projectiles that have light homing. The sphere/force field around the raid boss will push players away, however that isn't the problem aside from the above mentioned invincibility. The orbs, as mentioned, will break your stamina from any hittable state, including blocking or using a super move, and if they hit you then you will go flying, and if you are still in range then other energy orbs will home in on you, chaining you quite possibility to death. This move comes out quickly, makes the user invincible for the duration, and can easily kill anybody in range. Good luck if you started one of the longer ultimate in range of the boss if they do this.
      • Mind Control can be broken out at any point, spreads dark orbs outwards from the user that if they hit a character will give you a small window to melee them to free them instantly. Due to the CPU's general dependence on you, getting hit in single player is practically a certainty you'll get taken over. If you do, you have to fight a weakened version of yourself. In the battle at large, the other fighters will have to fight your character as well until the "evil you" is defeated, at which point you return to the battle. If players stay away and are quick to free their allies, it's not too bad, but with bad positioning and bad luck, this is basically spell the end of the battle.
      • Knock Away isn't so much an attack as it is an event. The enemy in question will force the battle to stop so a cutscene can play where 5 out of the 6 party members are knocked into another battle with a minor character. The actual fight isn't the bad part. Because it's a cutscene it will cancel any and all actions, so you might just get blasted away after having used a lot of ki on a strong attack that never connected. There is nothing you can do about this, you can't even stop it. It appears at set points of hp that the raid boss will just laugh in your face and force other players out of the battle. This can be made worse by the very strict time limit on some of the later battles that can already cut it close without forcibly wasting time via cutscene attack. Finally the boss gets a huge buff so long as the crystals which block the warp gates are up. The player left to fight the now superpowered boss can break them, or they will break on their own once the battle they locking the gate for is finished, but even then they would have to contend with both the boss and trying to attack a separate target.
      • Peeler Storm isn't quite instant party kill, but the boss can chose to become invincible and, after a few seconds of warning, launch an attack that will basically spawn on top of all players. It doesn't matter what you do, the attack will hit you and either drill into your HP, or take away roughly 3 bars of stamina if you block, and you still take chip damage from it. It's more annoying than deadly, because once you learn to react to the attack you will be able to consistently block it, however if you are caught when you can't block or couldn't clearly see the tell, it will deal heavy damage, and it forcibly breaks the flow of battle to force everybody to block or watch their HP drop while they're helpless to do anything about it.
    • As far as player transformations go, the Majin race's "Purification" is despised. While other transformations range from very useful (Super Saiyan, Golden Form for Frieza Clansmen) to situationally useful (Namekian Giant Form), "Purification" transforms the Majin into a pallet-swapped Kid Buu with completely overwritten moves and continuous stamina drain for its duration. Most Majin players will simply use "Potential Unleashed" instead.
    • Speaking of transformations, a returning quirk from the first game is made worse here; if a Story mission has a cutscene of any sort, you untransform every time. Beat the shit out of the opponent and use up all your Ki on Ultimates only for plot to reset their health bar and make them stronger? You just lost your trans and have to build up the Ki again. This happens every time you're knocked away in Expert Missions, too. And just like the first game, if Parallel Quests have enemy/ally arrivals or transformations, any attacks you were doing at the time are canceled, and anything that would drain your Ki/Stamina still continues to do so for the duration.
    • Making new characters is a bitter pill to swallow because you have to do EVERYTHING all over again with your new characters. This wouldn't be so bad if it was just the story missions you had to replay, as then you can feel satisfaction of your new patroller saving the universe without just having all the story accessible to them like the first game, but the game forces you to have to unlock every character, parallel quest, expert mission, and the ability to fly in the hub world all over again, making it extremely frustrating if you just want to level up your new characters as quickly as possible to get their race unique transformation. The only relief you're given in this is that any moves you unlocked with another character stays unlocked for all your characters and any Dragon Balls collected with another character is accessible to all your characters.
    • The new dashing attack mechanic is very useful and adds to the combat but a problem with the mechanic is how abusable the move is by the AI. While it is common in PvP to see it used to counter spammers and is improved over the first games system, the AI will abuse the system any time you do a beam ultimate to instantly break your stamina and leave you helpless as they unless a barrage of powerful attacks, regardless of how fast your special is. Nobody likes it since the player rarely has the chance to do it against an AI given how powerful their attacks are and how quickly they come out.
    • A few were patched out, in what were basically "quality of life" patches. A real quick list of the ones that were patched out: There is no way to speak to anybody note  outside of your team in town while online, so gathering random allies was moved to have unique areas, shown on the map, where you can pose and wait around to pick up a random party. Maps were updated with more useful information, such as where the time rifts/raid bosses are. Raid bosses used to be under the same system as parallel quests in that if you beat them in a party, which was the intended way, and you weren't the leader it would keep you score but you would not have "cleared" it for unlocking the next raid boss, but this got changed so beating it not as the host counts as completion.
      • Speaking of Raid bosses, they were updated so that it's less frustrating in general to find a party. The first one was making it so that, in the online quest counter, you can randomly join any raid boss. If you're just looking for TP Medals and don't care which one it is, this makes it easier. Second they made it so that there is one central "hub" for completed Raid Bosses. They are still placed on the map in unique locations when they first appear, but once beaten you need only go to the hub "time distortion" to pick any completed one you want.
  • That One Attack: The expert Mission exclusive Marbling Drop and Peeler Storm.
    • Also, Cooler (Final Form)'s false blast is an evasive skill that blinds you if you stay too close for 3 stamina bars. Most other evasive skills balance out by not really having much of a follow up in terms of attacking, but this move leaves you helpless after he uses it, so he can do whatever he wants. Thankfully, it's only the final form Cooler that uses it.
  • Subbing vs. Dubbing: More a case of "WTH Bandai Namco": According to both the Funimation voice actors and members of Team Four Star, they were given poor direction and little context when recording the English version of the game, usually being told just to match the original Japanese voices. This results in flaws like the repeated mismatches between spoken dialog and subtitles, and line reads that make no sense (such as Sonny Strait's Bardock saying Freeza's name in a mildly annoyed tone of voice rather than the rage-filled scream it's supposed to be).
  • That One Boss:
    • Also can count as a Wake-Up Call Boss but the final battle in the Frieza Saga can count as this. Not specifically for Frieza himself but Cooler helping him. It starts fine at first but the moment they both power up to their 100% and Final Form respectively they get a hell of a lot more aggressive, especially Cooler, who will consistently be able to break the player's stamina, can tell when the player is about to use a super or a throw and punish accordingly, all of which can lead to some devastating combos. Packing multiple healing items is a must and even then the player might not be able to recover enough time to use them among the relentless assault. Your best bet is to focus on Frieza, the comparatively weaker of the duo, hope that AI Goku preoccupies Cooler long enough, and afterwards gang up on him. Even this is no easy feat; while AI Goku can handle Freeza well enough, putting him alone against Cooler will result in a Curb-Stomp Battle in Cooler's favor unless you manage to finish off Freeza fairly quickly so you can intervene.
    • Almost every single Expert Mission boss except for the last two. Not only are you fighting some of the most powerful enemies the game's got to offer, they have the Super Armor from Xenoverse 1, upwards to five or six health bars and almost never have to fear running out of ki or stamina, and have hard AI to boot meaning the non-Ape foes know how to Stamina Break and Burst Dash like no one's business. It only gets worse with unique attacks that can potentially wipe out an unprepared team of players in seconds, and the Gigantic Ki and 'knock you away from the fight' mechanics. The former of which often glitches out and teleports the opponent outside the arena, essentially ending the run then and there. And several of the later missions have multiple bosses. And the Time Breaker bosses are incredibly frustrating as they will dodge countless attacks in the blink of an eye without losing any stamina! note 
    • Expert Mission 15, "Extreme Malice!", is particularly dreadful. The mission pits you against Broly, Omega Shenron, Kid Buu, Golden Frieza, and Janemba back-to-back and you have to take them out in 10 minutes. Although defeating each enemy gives you extra time (1:00 each for Broly and Omega Shenron and 1:30 each for Buu & Frieza), this means next to nothing as this mission throws EVERY cheap boss attack at you. Auto-dodging physical and non-charged ki attacks that forces you to spam supers and ultimates? Check. The aforementioned Gigantic Ki Blast that kills everyone if you don't stop it and can't be stopped online? Check. The Scatter Attack, which is only used to waste your time by making you fight Towa? Check. Final Form Mira's exclusive moves — one of which automatically breaks your guard and Stamina Breaks you if it touches you and has two variations which will either reach a small area before curving inward or reaches a wider range and can be chained for multiple hits, and the other is incredibly difficult to dodge, hits everyone, will drain two bars of stamina if you block it, and makes the enemy invisible/invulnerable while they use it? Check. Super Guard is a MUST-HAVE for this mission. And even then, good luck. Oh, and Final Form Mira may show up after you kill Janemba, has more health than the first five bosses, and you have three extra minutes to kill him.
      • Also of note: if you want former Game-Breaker Blue Hurricane, you actually have to play this mission anyway. Yeah. Enjoy your time!
    • The infamous Yamcha is Number One quest. Beat Yamcha, the series' Memetic Loser. Sounds easy enough, right? And then he goes Villainous Mode, complete with a one-of-a-kind Nightmare Face. Since this is a field-initiated quest, your first run will have a default team of Gohan (Adult), Tien and Piccolo - who can go down in seconds after the transformation, before he focuses his efforts on you. And he has a new skill set just to catch you off guard while hitting like a damn truck and having a metric ton of health to boot.
    • The post-game fights against Mira as a mind-freed Bardock and Androids 17 and 18 as Future Gohan. What shouldn't be all that hard is promptly turned upside-down by not only a likely unfamiliar moveset and skills, but also pre-set stats way lower than endgame, severely reducing the damage you'd normally deal. Out of of all the story battles, these are considered some of the hardest hands down. Backup does arrive in the second battle, but considering it's Trunks, at best they serve as a distraction, and at worst they don't last long.
    • Thought the already hard raid bosses were difficult? Meet the unholy monstrosity that is raid boss Golden Great Ape Baby! He's immune to almost all the forms of crowd control the man-sized raid bosses can be inhibited by, has attacks with enormous hit-boxes that can easily One-Hit Kill multiple players at once, can be deceptively agile; and frequently mind controls players, thus forcing their teammates to have to pick between getting within striking range to free their allies or now having to deal with opponents who could risk pinning them down for Baby to take them out. The worst part is the fact he's got the same energy Razor Wind attack the final form Mira has Up to Eleven. Now, it will hit all the players on the map regardless of their distance and can also be a One-Hit Kill to anyone without mountains of health. Worse still, due to Baby's random attack pattern this particular attack may happen rarely or be spammed two to four times in a row.
    • Continuing the theme of extremely irritating Expert Missions, updates have introduced Mission 18 and 19, fights against Time Breaker Broly and Time Breaker Janemba, respectively. While they thankfully don't have the auto-dodge mechanic from some earlier Expert Missions, what they do have is Super Armor (such that God of Destruction's Anger and other such Stamina breakers don't even affect them), and their attacks are cranked up to absolutely insane levels of damage. Peeler Storm is effectively a Total Party Kill, especially since the AI is too stupid to block it. About the only reliable way people have found is to min-max a character with maximized Blast Supers and spam Ultimate Attacks while the AI characters play meat shield... and even this doesn't always work.
    • Further updates brought in Expert Mission 20, which is another 10-minute gauntlet against multiple opponents, with additional time being awarded each time an opponent is defeated. This time, you must fight against Android 13, Dabura, and Gohan-Absorbed Super Buu (henceforth referred to as Buuhan. At first the mission may appear to be a lesser version of "Extreme Malice", but Android 13's and Dabura's stats have been boosted to the point that they're both Damage Sponge Bosses that can dish out just as much punishment as they can take. Dabura is particularly bad due to his Evil Flame attack, which not only has fairly good reach, but sweeps across the area in front of him and can easily wipe out multiple party members at once due to his increased damage output. Both Android 13 and Dabura also have a habit of spamming the boss-exclusive move Rage Saucer, and while this is probably the least dangerous move in their arsenal, it makes it even harder to get any decent hits in. While Buuhan lacks the absurd defenses of Android 13 and Dabura, his attacks are just as devastating, and he'll knock away players to fight the other forms of Buu before he can be defeated. And just like "Extreme Malice", if you still have a certain amount of time after defeating Buuhan, you may end up fighting another opponent (in this case Fused Zamasu), essentially punishing players for either being too good, or, more likely, too lucky.
    • From the 4th DLC pack, Fused Zamasu. No, not his normal state; that can be perfectly manageable. His Half-Corrupted form, however, is no pushover. Simply put, you're eventually left to deal with him alone and he becomes an absolute nightmare. With no one to distract him, you'll get the full brunt of his onslaught, complete with incredibly powerful Supers that can shave off an entire chunk of your health, even if you're a few levels below the recommended level. Keeping your distance will no longer be an option, either, as Zamasu will tail you and continually pound you into the ground. It only gets slightly better when Goku and Vegeta finally become Vegito Blue, but only because you have someone to use as a meat shield and watch as he, too, gets closer and closer to death. True Final Boss, indeed!
  • That One Sidequest:
    • The new contender is the quest chain to defend Guru's House, since it never ends, with it simply looping back to the first mission once the sixth is completed. And you're penalized for not doing them.
    • Any time you play an Event Battle where you fight against more than one player created character; unlike Parallel Quests or Story AI foes, they will ALL attack you at the same time, giving you little to no chance to take pause or get a moment to respond in battle. This can become quite harsh when you realize that you not only get no AI partners to help, but can't even take in a player team - the fight is entirely you versus them.
    • Unlocking Potential Unlocked can be this if you're not prepared at all. Doing so requires you to get Z-Rank on all Advancement Placement tests which requires you to be incredibly fast and very liberal on Ultimate Attacks. It gets worse once you hit Kai and God missions. In Kai, you face Lord Slug, Android #18 and Perfect Cell. Slug isn't too bad, but #18 loves to play keep away and will be very liberal in ki blasts and Destructo Disks and Perfect Cell is always a fearsome foe, especially since he has both Perfect Kamehameha and Special Beam Cannon. God takes it up a notch: your first opponent is Hercule, who just runs away and constantly blocks. Turles is your standard opponent, but next is a double team by Gohan and Videl. Then there's Majin Buu, who will be your first opponent with three health bars and Gotenks, who has wild and unpredictable attacks and turns Super Saiyan 3 once you knock him down to 25% health. The Super Test throws you a heavy curveball as you start out with Pan and Jaco before dealing with Broly and Beerus.
    • Parallel Quest #74: "Galactic Patrol Away!" This parallel quest requires you to fight off three Frieza Soldiers, the entirety of the Ginyu Force, and Frieza at the end of it. What makes this annoying is the fact that you're paired up with Jaco, which knowing the game's less than stellar AI Partners, will generally get his ass handed to him, in a mission he's not allowed to be killed in. The enemy AI that's locked onto you will not leave you a moment to breathe, and the ones that are after Jaco will beat the everloving tar out of him. To make matters worse, this Parallel Quest is an Event Quest, meaning your first playthrough of it WILL be on your own with no extra AI partners or other players to take some of the heat off you and Jaco.
    • Parallel Quest #89: "Super-Super Ultimate Series of Battles" One of the Parallel Quest from Xenoverse 1 and one of the most infamous ones at that. As the names suggests, this mission is a gauntlet against many opponents with two portions of the mission being a battle against a team of three Super Saiyans, with Vegeta, Kid Trunks, and Future Trunks being the first set and Goku, Gohan, and Goten being the second set. This mission was infamous in the first game due to the whole "Infinite Ki Super Saiyan" attribute allowing them to spam their ultimates nonstop, but since this is the sequel and that mechanic was dropped, they opted to make the mission be able to stay nightmare-inducing by making the AI a lot smarter and more ruthless. To make matters even worse, the first set of three Super Saiyans gets a new member in the form of Future Gohan, making the total number of ruthless opponents to fight at the same time four instead of three. Good luck getting the Ultimate Finish for this mission if you want to get the Ultimate Attack "Victory Rush", as that requires you to beat the mission within ten minutes, and with the devastating enemy AI and the addition of an extra enemy to face, you're probably gonna be spending lots of time getting knocked around like pinball, reviving fallen allies, or being knocked around while you are trying to revive fallen allies. Even if you achieve the Ultimate Finish requirements, you'll then have to fight Super Saiyan Gotenks, Super Saiyan 2 Goku and Vegeta, Super Vegito, and a revived Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks, all on whatever short amount of time you have remaining.
    • Parallel Quest #94: "Ultimate Power, Ultimate Saiyan" Another one of the returning Parallel Quests from the first game that have been tweaked. This Parallel Quest has a simple premise, beat Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan 4 forms and then beat Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. That on its own isn't hard, but when you go for the Ultimate Finish, the mission goes from a cakewalk to unrelenting torture. Like the first Xenoverse, the Ultimate Finish of this mission has you fight a revived Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta and Omega Shenron, but thanks to the tweaks made to the mission for its return in this game, they also threw in Nuova and Eis Shenron, making a grand total of four powerful opponents to fight all at the same time. To make matters worse, the enemy AI in this mission during the Ultimate Finish WILL make sure to swarm you and ensure that weakened targets are taken out and focus all their attention on the biggest threats to them. The enemy AI in this mission will not stop until you either scrap together a victory from the brutal onslaught or die.
    • Parallel Quest #101: "Seeking Fighters for Tournament!" The first Parallel Quest of the first DLC pack and boy does it set the stage for how difficult the DLC will be. To summarize, you must fight four sets of two opponents with Goku and Vegeta helping you out. It doesn't sound so bad at first but it's another of those "Win with Ally AI Partner Alive" missions, and what's worse is Goku and Vegeta lose health WAY faster than they logically should. You have to go through Krillin and Android #18, Hercule and Majin Buu, Goten and Kid Trunks, and finally Gohan and Piccolo, all without Goku or Vegeta biting it, making the Ultimate Move Energy Zone (Which heals you and allies within it's area of effect) almost a necessity to achieve the Ultimate Finish, since it requires keeping both Goku and Vegeta's health above 50%. If you do manage to achieve the necessary requirements for the Ultimate Finish, you're then left to fight Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan forms. The worst part about this mission is that your damage output for some reason feels extremely crippled, as even with really high numbers in your attack stats, it feels like you're barely making an imprint of damage on your opponents even with the strongest moves in the game, while your opponents are still hitting you and your allies like a truck.
    • Parallel Quest #102: "Universe 6 in a Fix!" also from the first DLC pack deserves mention. The gimmick of the level is that you have to help Frost, Cabba, and Hit fight against villains from Universe 7. This starts off with Golden Frieza attacking Frost, which can be tricky but not too bad. After is Broly attacking Cabba, which is also tricky but too bad, and Janemba attacking Hit, which again isn't too bad. However, the real fight begins with Omega Shenron, and Super Android 17 showing up to attack Hit. Both of them have extremely high HP, do a lot of damage, and are very quick to Stamina Break you during an attack. The most frustrating part is their health though; they take so long to actually defeat them because they take way less damage than normal, and can survive multiple ultimates in a row. Many players have lost the mission simply because they run out of time trying to knock them out. Not helping is that Hit's AI isn't great, meaning his "contribution" might make the fight harder.
    • Parallel Quest #109: "A Fateful Fight with Deity!" The mission starts off simple enough, with Future Trunks in his Dragon Ball Super incarnation testing you, noting that the upcoming battle "will be intense". He is not joking. The moment Goku Black shows up, you will have your skills put to the test as Black will quickly dodge your attacks, has no hesitation utilizing his full moveset to take you down, and will gladly smack you around with Super Black Kamehameha, an ungodly strong ultimate that will likely shave off an entire healthbar. Once he leaves, your next opponent is Zamasu, who is only slightly more manageable due to Artificial Stupidity and his attacks being a bit more predictable. That being said, his evasive skill is FAR more annoying (In that he outright teleports directly above you, making it difficult to regain focus on him in time before he can nail you with a super), and with his tendency to spam it to no end to drag out the fight (Alongside him constantly yelling "Too slow!" in the vein of Vanitas), he is still quite manageable. Then Goku Black goes Super Saiyan Rose and enters the fight once Zamasu flees. While SSGSS Vegeta assists you (and his AI is actually VERY competent), Black hits MUCH harder, has fast and unpredictable moves, and has a counter that is utterly identical in animation to the Instant Transmission technique (And he has both just to trip you up) and you'll never know which one he used until you try to hit him and he vanishes from sight. This means Black can assault you from ANYWHERE on the map, and combine this with his incredibly easy to abuse moveset, you'll need to know what you're doing to stand a chance, and even then, you'll likely get your ass kicked. But the Ultimate Finish variant of the level is the ninth circle of Hell. Zamasu and Black assault you at the same time, both of them having utterly massive health bars that guarantee they will not go down easily. Focus on one, and the other will absolutely shred through your AI partners before you can even blink, and with Zamasu's incredibly stall-heavy and evasive moveset, it makes it certain that if you focus on him first, Black will utterly destroy your allies. Even focusing on Black first is an issue as now he will launch his super attacks any time he has the ki for them, will suddenly use Super Black Kamehameha Rose, which cannot be escaped out of without an Evasive Skill if you are hit with the initial punch. And he tends to pull it out of nowhere, sometimes while you're busy trying to hit him only to find he suddenly has super armor and is currently smacking you far away, meanwhile he will completely shut you down at every turn the moment you try the same by stamina breaking you ON SIGHT if you dare attempt to spam your ultimates to win, meaning the only way to win is to fight like a man. Prepare to die a LOT on this mission.
    • Parallel Quest #122: "The Final Battle Before the Final Battle?!" The sixth DLC pack's final Parallel Quest and it does not show you mercy at any point whatsoever. The goal of the mission is to beat all the opponents except for Beerus, which is actually a lie as the Ultimate Finish requires you to beat all opponents including Beerus, with your only hint that the quest's clear condition description is actively lying to you is Whis mentioning beating Beerus in a fight in the mission. Now if that was it, then it'd just be a case of cryptic lines of text, but oh no, this mission is the prime example of a mission that is out for your blood, your head, and your perfectly shaped posterior on three silver platters, as this mission has all the horrifying ingredients of a Bloody Double Sunday. Enemy AI that is smart as a chess playing supercomputer? Check. High damage output from enemies? Check! Enemy AI that actively teams up to put you into a nifty space coffin? FOR GOD'S SAKE STOP BEATING THE DEAD HORSE IT'S A CHECK! Even if you manage to survive the onslaught of Androids #17 and #18 with Majin Buu, Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta with Golden Frieza showing up slightly after, and Future Trunks (Super) and Zamasu, AND beat Beerus as the clear conditions so brazenly tried to lie about, you'll soon learn the meaning of fear as Beerus will reawaken with his temper having gone from boiling to GOOD GOD RUN FOR YOUR LIVES as shown by him hitting way harder and being 10x as aggressive. To make matters worse, Vegito Blue and Fused Zamasu show up to aid Beerus which makes the fight even more of a brutal onslaught as they too have high damage outputs and super aggressive AI like Beerus and all three of them love to make sure your stamina gets torn to shreds. To make matters EVEN WORSE, if you somehow manage to scrape together a victory against those three and their ridiculous amounts of health, you're greeted to one final screw you of a challenge, as Fu, Jiren, and Ultra Instinct Goku show up to bury what's left of you in a soup can if you even have enough time left in the mission to achieve that. Playing online is almost a must for any chance of clearing the mission reliably, especially if you intend to acquire Jiren's Meditation super and Power Rush Ultimate.
    • As of DLC Pack 3, you can now have Bojack serve as a mentor. Problem: he's the only mentor at this point who has specific requirements, and won't even teach you anything unless you have the clothes of his minions Bido and Bujin, which can only be bought at the TP Medal Shop. So if you want any of his attacks, you have to waste all your hard-earned TP Medals on clothes you otherwise probably would want instead of outright need.note  What's worse is that the game tells you that you need to wear at least one item, but this is not the case: you have to buy all of the items and not wear them for the mentor missions to actually work. Then you have to defeat all the NPCs in the city who will challenge you to a battle for him to teach you more. After that, you then have to clear a good amount of Expert Missions, thankfully not counting "Extreme Malice". Finally, you have to buy Bojack's clothes and actually wear them in order to get the final mission started.note  So basically, all of the Bojack's mentor missions require you to do things you normally wouldn't even be bothered to do just to get moves you may or may not stick with. Thankfully, farming TP Medals is easy if you like playing the harder Expert Missions several hundred times.
    • The first mission of Hit's mentorship involves you trying to use the Time-Skip/Back Breaker skill. Unlike the first skill you learn from Hit, Back Breaker requires you to have your back facing someone close to you, then use the skill to actually hit them with it, meaning that trying to land the attack during his mentor training is far harder then it should be. Hit himself is very aggressive and hardly gives you time to use it, while also frequently using a Stamina Break to punish you. Not helping is Goku being present, who while having low HP, will still attack and not give you time to adjust to trying to use Back Breaker since it flies in the face of how you normally fight. Whats more is that using Back Breaker itself is tricky, and that you are required to use it to beat Hit. The mission ends up being far more difficult than it should be as a result.
    • Extra Pack 1 adds Zamasu as a mentor, and he teaches some pretty cool moves, but his training missions all have gimmicks that make them much more frustrating than other mentors. In the first mission, you're thrown into a Hopeless Boss Fight against an immortal Zamasu, with Goku Black backing him up, and you have to survive for three minutes. Both opponents are highly aggressive and hit fairly hard, and you don't get any allies to take the pressure off, so your defensive game needs to be on point. The following two quests, while less intense, demand that the player hit Zamasu with specific combos in order to win, and the timing for pulling off these combos is very precise. Didn't use the super skill quite fast enough? Used it too fast? Punched one time too many? Combo failed, try again. Zamasu won't just stand there and let you hit him, either, he's still fighting back, and if he chooses to dodge or block at an inopportune time, then your combos can be interrupted through no fault of your own. The fourth and final mission is a fairly standard "fight the mentor and finish them with their ultimate" quest, except Zamasu has constant, rapid health regeneration, so the player has to be able to do a lot of damage very quickly just to outpace the healing and get him low enough that the ultimate will take him down. And if that weren't bad enough, the quest is on a short time limit, leaving little room for mistakes.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • Like Xenoverse, the diversions in the timeline are still along the lines of "make the villain super strong". There are some highlights such as Metal-Coolers at the Cell Games, Cooler fighting with Freiza on Namek, 16 being activated in the future, and both Broly and Janemba showing up in the Buu Saga, but overall, the preserve history half of the story follows the same beats as Xenoverse.
    • To make matters worse, it covers the exact same territory as Xenoverse, which is basically beat-for-beat the plot of Z, plus Battle of Gods and now Resurrection F. We never get to fight against the Red Ribbon Army or Demon King Piccolo, or against foes from GT in the main storyline.
    • The movie villains outside of Cooler makes no major impact on the plot. Turles and Lord Slug die unceremoniously after demonstrating a power-up so vague and underwhelming that most players don't even realize a lot of future opponents are even using it. The most egregious examples are Broly and Janemba. Instead of Broly being some massive wrench in the Buu Saga, he is just sort of there at Goku vs Vegeta fight and Gohan vs Super Buu battle, with nobody stopping to consider the ten foot tall Super Saiyan shouting about Kakarot. And then the Future Warrior goes to fight Janemba in Hell along with Vegeta. That's it for Janemba.
    • Once again, timelines where the bad guys win or the good guys win before they are meant to are limited to Parallel Quests, not Story Missions. You must, for better and for worse, preserve the official history because that is the timeline that naturally occurred. This does get averted in a post-story mission where you play as Future Gohan in a timeline where Xeno Trunks saves his timeline from the Androids years before Future Trunks would have.
    • Unlike the first game, you don't get to see the bad end of the timeline changes in the story mode - all the timeline changes are stopped before any genuinely interesting consequences occur. In the first game, you got to see the alternate outcomes of Towa screwing over the heroes, and then got sent back to just before things became unsalvageable. Here, you get told that a timeline change will occur if you don't stop it, but hasn't yet. Outside of the Mira and Towa plot, you largely spend the game getting dropped into the same canon scenarios fans have been experiencing since the manga was first written.
    • Another is Demigra. In the first game, Demigra was defeated at the hands of your XV1 character (and Goku), and he ultimately resorts to create wormholes by bringing Broly to defeat Goku on Namek and bring three GT villains to fight against Goku in that era. Here, Demigra doesn't seem to be involved in any way thanks to Towa's attempt to Ret Gone your first character. However, Demigra does end up playing a part in the Infinite History DLC as a Climax Boss alongside Dabura.
    • Many people see the original Xenoverse 1 CaC this way because of their involvement of the plot of this game. They aren't playable either, not even as some kind of post-story unlock.
    • One could think how fun or interesting the story would have been if the player was given the choice to help the villains (Mira & Towa) instead of the heroes (Time Patrol).
    • The DLC adds the Future Trunks arc of Super (ie: the Zamasu/Goku Black arc) as story scenarios. Since this story arc is literally a continuation of Future Trunks' timeline from DBZ, plenty of fans were looking forward to seeing Time Patrol Trunks respond to these events, or hoping Future Gohan would make an appearance. Neither one happens. TP Trunks is written out with a Hand Wave, and Future Gohan isn't even mentioned. It doesn't help that the story missions blow right through the entire arc without going into detail about it.
    • One that could be justified due to time constraints, voice actors not being available or the anime and manga not giving them enough characterization until the next sagas, but the Dragon Ball Super characters don't get enough interactions with the expanded cast.
      • While Frost has the most quotes from the U6 cast, including two with Frieza, he doesn't have any sort of interaction with Cooler or Golden Frieza.
      • The worst of all is Cabba, who only interacts with Vegeta, Goku, and Frost, not even with the rest of his universe comrades, or with other Saiyans. Champa and Vados don't even say anything to him.
      • Some people were disappointed Zamasu, fused and base form, doesn't have that many interactions beside his saga characters. People were hoping to hear what Beerus and Whis would say to Fused Zamasu. Goku Black, by comparison, has a quote with both Turles and Bardock. Zamasu would later get a quote with Dabura, of all people, but people then became disappointed that Dabura doesn't interact with Towa or Mira. Guess you will have to wait for the sequel...
      • Neither Broly gets any sort of interaction with the other, in spite of both of them being in the game and both having a variety of interactions with quite a few other characters. Kefla, likewise, doesn't have a proper interaction with either, with the original Broly reusing a quote with her.
  • Unfortunate Implications:
    • At the end of the Nutz Gang sidequest series, you finally face off against their leader, a large, dark-skinned, big-lipped Majin...named Barack.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome:
    • The opening scene, which recreates Bardock's last stand, is visually stunning and dynamically animated. The only real flaw is the voice acting.
    • The DLC chapters have CGI scenes depicting two important events in the timeline (Goku going Super Saiyan Blue + Kaioken against Hit, and Trunks using the Spirit Bomb Sword on Half-corrupted Fused Zamasu), and they look incredible.
    • Generally any cutscene done in this style, and not in real time in-engine, can be compared favorably to FighterZ in terms of how great they look. They look like the anime got shifted to CGI and are even better than the anime most of the time. The only complaint is some of the dubbing, but even then, the cutscenes look great. That's the power of Unreal Engine 4 for ya.
  • Voodoo Shark: Xenoverse 2 does this when it tries to make Xeno Trunks and Future Trunks one in the same, key word being tries. By attempting to connect the two, they effectively make Trunks seem even more incompetent by not powering up to a stronger form beyond Super Saiyan once despite the fact Future Trunks almost always tried to go to his stronger form first. They also completely ignore the fact that one Trunks has blue hair and the other has lavender, making the change worse by seemingly have it go back and forth for no reason. As such, it comes out as forced, and many fans prefer the Heroes version, where the two are separate and Xeno Trunks was recruited by Supreme Kai of Time soon after defeating Cell.

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