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YMMV / Dracula Unleashed

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  • Awesome Music: The game overuses Carmina Burina as Ominous Latin Chanting to borderline unintentional hilarity, especially given that the lyrics are all about fate. However, as mentioned under Narm Charm, the final scene is synced perfectly with the song so that the second it picks up and slows down, the tension raises.
    • To say nothing of the finale in the remastered version, which ditches the stock music for a Captain Ersatz theme that is still timed very well.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: The cab drivers and their crazy accents, thanks to Retsupurae.
  • Narm: It's a 90s FMV game, so no surprise there.
  • Narm Charm:
    • The death of Dracula is absolutely hilarious. Alexander pulls down a ton of curtains to reveal multiple crucifixes on each wall, and on the Sega CD and PC versions, Alexander holds up the cross right as the O Fortuna chorus sings "So suck on this", and Dracula is replaced by an obvious puppet.
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    • What's more hilarious is what happens if you don't bring the cross. Then Dracula pulls out Alexander's heart and he just falls over instantly. It's so fake it's awesome.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Two game over endings are actually rather scary.
    • One where a lunatic yells "I'M SAAAAAAAANE!" as he strangles Alexander to death.
    • Another has Dracula throw a cross at the ground and say "Helsing sends his regards. His final regards."
  • So Bad, It's Good: The hammy acting, exaggerated accents, and cheesy effects make going through this game worth it. It's actually considered one of the best FMV games from the 1990s for this reason as well as being a passable followup to Dracula.
  • Special Effect Failure: Mostly near the end when trying to show up the supernatural nature of the vampires. Plenty of cheap special effects. The DVD edition, with its cleaner video, makes these moments much more obvious.
  • What an Idiot!: Alexander has his moments, most notably when he bungles up the simple task of guarding Juliet and Annisette by falling asleep and letting Dracula get to them. Though in that case it's implied Dracula used his power to cause him to go to sleep (You can see the mist under the door as he's looking after them).
    • It's also implied this happened to others, since Van Helsing also chews them out for falling asleep.


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