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YMMV / Dr. Thorndyke

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  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: The first Thorndyke story, The Red Thumb-mark (and mentioned again in some others) is principally about Freeman proving that Real Life juries tend to be too trusting of fingerprint evidence when it is easy to fake, and that innocent people may have been imprisoned as a result. The cupidity of everyone except Thorndyke to take fingerprint evidence at face value is repeatedly rammed home. It's also noted that villains being aware of this just makes them more likely to use faked fingerprints to their advantage.
  • Values Dissonance and Values Resonance:
    • Freeman had conservative views even for his time on many matters (particularly social class) but also tended to depict black characters more positively than many contemporary authors, largely due to his past in West Africa.
    • In a peculiar example, he tended to combine stated Stay in the Kitchen views of women with writing stronger female characters than some modern authors!


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