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The Web video series

  • Broken Base: The GameLife episode with Guru Larry as a guest commentator. Some people enjoyed Larry's company while other felt he doesn't mesh with Fredrik's style. Fredrick himself regrets the episode and said he'd refrain from doing such crossovers in the future.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy:
    • A rather sobering real-life example. While Fredrik's relentless professionalism and thorough research makes the videos both informative and entertaining, many of the uploads center around severely mentally ill people who end up being ruthlessly exploited by an anonymous internet, only to lose all sympathy from the audience by constantly lashing out at the people who are trying to help them, refusing to accept responsibility for their own mistakes and ultimately alienating everyone around them, usually ending ambiguously if at all at best. The fact that many of them are pushing 45+ minutes in length and frequently involve NSFW or very unpleasant subject matter don't help. Not exactly the formula for light internet funnies.
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    • Another example could centered around the episode of Christine Weston Chandler, which, as one commenter to the video aptly puts it, "this is basically a tragedy where everyone is horrible". This is essentially fits to Fredrik's case where the internet goads, harasses, and bullies a mentally ill person for laughs, but Christine isn't exactly likeable in return, as she continuously makes idiotic decisions and falling for incredibly obvious tricks again and again, along with other dubious tendencies, like stating she has urges to do "bad things" to her one and only (female) friend at the time, physically assaulting people in public, never changing herself (both literally and figuratively), and having a generally unpleasant personality which makes it very difficult to sympathize with her (including religious fundamentalism/homophobia and mild racism brought forth from her upbringing.) It's easy to wonder why netizens refered her as "a symbol of delusion and spite."
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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Fredrik himself is this within the "Internet History/Internet Commentators" due to his very professional and documentary-like tone with his videos, which helps him stand out those who do the same content but with a more comedic-like feel (Internet Historian) and more edgy/controversial ones (Mister Metokur).
  • Estrogen Brigade: Fredrik's boyish good looks, aura of studied, intelligent professionalism, and impressively deep voice have gained him quite a few female admirers in the YouTube comments' sections.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: An in-universe example with the Spoony incident at E3. While many Spoony fans (and former fans) might find this event amusing and innocuous, it unintentionally ended up damaging the reputation of TGWTG and the people associated with it (LordKat being the most notable example), something that many would've not known about prior to the watching the video.note 
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • The episode on Noah Antwiler, can be considered this for the entirety of Channel Awesome. With the aforementioned video being posted only a few days before the "Not So Awesome" document surfaced.
    • Fredrick's summation of Spoony as a cautionary tale has only rang more true in the time since the video went up, as Noah's life has continued to stagnate following his girlfriend leaving him and his house being set for foreclosure.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In the Mother Horse Eyes video, one of the images shown in the video depicts a link to Wikipedia's article on Time Cube. Fredrik would cover that topic in one of his later episodes.
    • Some could find the Noah Antwiler video ending on Noah's Twitter getting suspended a little amusing when the Twitter was reactivated less than a month later.
    • The WingsOfRedemption video has two examples. KEEMSTAR, who would go on to create one of the most infamous drama channels on YouTube, got upset over Jordie "bullying" him. Likewise, ProSyndicate, who would later get in trouble for secretly accepting $30,000 from Microsoft to promote the Xbox One and was one of the major people behind the CSGO Lotto scandal which all but destroyed his reputation, balked at Jordie's offer to take a dive in gaming match in exchange for $3000.
  • Jerkass Woobieinvoked: Several episodes intentionally portray their subjects this way, which Frederik has admitted to before.
    • In Sonichu and Christian Weston Chandler episode, Chris is depicted this way. While the episode makes it quite clear that she is by no means a good person, she still did not deserve all the horrible and humiliating things inflicted on her by the trolls.
    • Noah Antwiler. While he ended up treating his fans quite badly and acted increasingly antagonistic and unstable as his Creator Breakdowninvoked continued, the episode on him makes a point to repeatably reference his mental illness (including depression and bipolar disorder), framing him less as an egotistical Jerkass, and more a victim of his neuroses.
    • Terry A. Davis. While he was seen as a laughingstock for using a seemingly outdated OS he made himself to connect to God and was seen as horribly racist, dropping the N-word constantly, he was clearly a man that seriously needed mental help, which he never got.
    • Jordie Jordan/WingsOfRedemption. Jordie earned his negative reputation and regularly proved himself to be just as hateful and virulent as his critics, in the process alienating most of his friends and fans. However, after his hatedom exploded, Knudsen focuses on how depressed Jordie seemingly became due to his weight, loneliness, and poor repute as his critics continued to mock him ceaselessly. The video ends with Jordie openly hating making gaming content but unwilling to give up the reliable income, spending his days reading troll comments as people pay more and more money to harass him on stream.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • After mispronouncing the words "Passing" and "Gunshy" as "Passion" and "Gun-she" during his first Channel Awesome Livestream, his fans latched on to the idea of an anime titled "Passion Gunshee."
    • Dozens upon dozens of commentators in the videos where he showed his face have compared Fredrik to Leon Kennedy.
    • Because of the dead-serious tone Knudsen pronounces it in, Purr Cat Café's "Meow, Meow, PURR" Verbal Tic has become a bit of a meme. "We have no cats, Kathleen" was quickly adopted as well, having become one during the time the Facebook spats were going down and gaining steam once more.
  • Misaimed Fandom: Some people interpreted Noah Antwiler (Spoony) as being essentially a critique on Noah's character in the same way DarksydePhil was. As Knudsen made clear in a subsequent livestream, he in no way thought that, and instead presented Noah more as a tragic victim of his own mental illnesses.
  • Popular with Furries: A good portion of Fred's fans are furries, especially on his Patreon Discord. His video on "Furries", which is very respectful compared to most other media towards the community, has certainly helped matters. He even won an award from a furry community event for said video.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Viewers of the WingsOfRedemption episode were surprised to find that the early careers of both Keemstar and ProSyndicate was intertwined with that of Jordie's. Keemstar's appearance especially led to a lot of jokes about how it was like seeing a supervillain before their origin story.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: In the episode covering Noah Antwiler, Knudsen included LordKat's extended and virulent rant against Spoony, where LordKat claims that Spoony's "Betrayal!" stunt at E3 cost LordKat an interview with the creator of Minecraft due to Mojang fearing that he might give a similar reaction. While Knudsen does not question the legitimacy of LordKat's complaints in the video, fans that are familiar with him are aware that he is a controversial figure. Like Noah, he drove away a large portion of his fanbase when he stopped making scripted content in favor of livestreaming, and is well known for his aggressive and hateful tendencies. At one point, LordKat infamously told Noah to kill himself, an act that isolated him even more from his fans. His critics also point out that it's unlikely that the "betrayal" incident was what caused the interview to be cancelled, since no other reviewers suffered backlash from the stunt, not even Angry Joe or Noah himself.
  • The Woobie:
    • Many commentators in the GameLife episode has expressed sympathy for Melissa, when it's mentioned she received death threats and was viewed as a "fake gamer girl" by her detractors despite her being the most professional of the GameLife team and her clear enthusiasm for gaming.
    • A lot of commentators in the TempleOS episode expressed not only sympathy for Terry's downward spiral from his degrading mental health and anger towards the internet trolls that bullied and harassed him, but many have also admitted to full out crying by the end of the episode after learning that he became an incoherent mess before being killed by a train.
    • Woody from WingsOfRedemption gained sympathy from commenters due to constantly getting antagonized and backstabbed by Jordie, despite Woody having helped him with his finances and providing positive support for him.


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