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YMMV / Don't Escape

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  • Even Better Sequel: Each game is pretty fantastic in their own right with Serial Escalation of each installment. But 4 Days to Survive is definitely the deepest of the bunch with a very robust consequence system and engaging story.
  • Fridge Horror: Sidereal Plexus apparently exists in the worlds of both Don't Escape 2 and Don't Escape 3. Just how responsible are Sidereal Plexus for the events and problems of those games?
  • Inferred Holocaust: In Don't Escape: 4 Days to Survive you don't actually go back in time, but go to a different timeline at an earlier point. All those people that died, including Sarge and Razor, will still die and there's absolutely nothing you can do to save them. You meet different versions of him but they are nonetheless different people. In addition, it's implied you overrode the "soul" of your body when you go back in time, erasing the "you" that existed in that timeline. Cate briefly addresses this, but does not elaborate as the moon is about to implode. The only possible exception to all of this is Maggie, who may or may not have entered the dream realm on her own and escaped.
    • On the other hand, Cate specifically says that you "merge" with your other self and when you transfer your mind, you almost end up in a your own body in another world. Furthermore, in the dream dimension, your mind is connected to all the different versions of you, but you can really access without technology. It seems like the continuity of this game and the other games Scriptwelder made have some connection via this dream world that hasn't been revealed yet.
  • That One Achievement:
    • Don't Escape 2 has two.
      • Lone Wolf. You can't get help from Bill, Jeremy, or Father Bernard. Setting up the defenses solo takes a lot longer than with help. If you were sloppy with your travel or forgot even one thing, game over.
      • Doubly so if you make the mistake of giving Bill the painkillers. Because of the game mechanics, Bill counts as becoming a friend the moment you do this (despite the implication in the plot that you've known each other for awhile) and regardless of never getting his help before killing him (being necessary in order to survive and could be seen as disposing of Bill without use), the achievement will not unlock, forcing you to go through that whole tedious path again. Bonus points for still showing the same ending that Lone Wolf normally nets for extra confusion.
      • The Shadow. You can't use the gun, even in the ending cutscene as you're fighting the zombies. Since the only other way to get Jeremy's glasses and recruit him is to literally break the shovel over a zombie's head, you're left with a Sadistic Choice: Forgo recruiting Jeremy completely, slowing down any tasks where he would otherwise help; kill the zombie with the shovel ASAP, leaving you unable to dig a pit trap and forcing you to use the axe to stir the mortar, which takes more time; or zig-zag all over the place to dig your trap and make the mortar before killing the zombie, wasting a lot of time and making recruiting Jeremy all but redundant.
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    • 4 Days to Survive has "Mostly Walking", which requires you to never use the car.
      • For further context on "Mostly Walking", the farthest locations from each other to travel, The Sidereal Plexus Office and the Spaceship Outpost on foot, takes 135 minutes, or over two hours of in-game time. Meanwhile, with the car, can make it in 28 minutes, under half an hour. And when you usually have twelve hours, maximum, you really have to manage the game's clock super well.


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