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  • Complete Monster: Old Cho, real name Chojiro Uchida, is an elderly man with Psychic Powers and the mind of a sadistic child. Routinely driving the residents of his apartment complex to suicide—with over 30 victims in under 3 years—to steal their belongings and keep them in a room, Old Cho reacts to investigators brought in to investigate the mysterious deaths by mentally torturing one of the lead investigators and forcing him to jump to his death. Barely stopped from making a baby crawl off a balcony by young psychic girl Etsuko, Cho retaliates by possessing a man and trying to make him try to stab Etsuko to death and then forcing the man to cut his own throat in front of Etsuko, traumatizing her. Cho later possesses Yoshikawa, another tenant, in another attempt to kill Etsuko, scoring a number of other murders through him—including two of children, the latter of Yoshikawa's own son—and then rigs a series of gas leaks around the complex, causing a series of explosions that cost dozens of lives. Maintaining a childish glee when committing his atrocities while simultaneously demonstrating he knows full well what he's doing is utterly wrong, Cho is petty, selfish, and views people as nothing more than toys for his own amusement.

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