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YMMV / Dominion Tank Police

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  • Awesome Music / Narm Charm: The English dubs of the first two OVAs open with a brilliantly cheesy synth-pop number for the intro, complete with robotic singing during the bridge.
  • Cargo Shipping: Leona constantly obsesses over her tank, Bonaparte, to the point of all but actually humping the thing.
    • In the OVAs some of her squadmates seem to think so. At the end of episode 4, she flat-out ignores Al (her partner/would-be boyfriend) in favor of embracing her tank - then chews him out for scratching the paint job; leading to the following quote, from Chaplain:
      Chaplain: "Let us not lead to judgement, Dear Lord, but if it appeareth that my fellow policeperson haveth an unnatural affair with her tank, forgive her. Amen."
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    • When she was still in the motorcycle police, she had the same attitude towards her motorbike.
      • Even in the manga, where Leona and Al really are a couple, she still seems to lavish more affection on Bonaparte than him.
  • Designated Hero: The cops destroy more public property than the crooks, but they're the cops (and they actually have a pretty good track record when it comes to saving people in the process) so it's all okay — at least, that's their argument. Anna and Uni actually switch sides because blowing shit up in the name of the Law won't get them chased and/or arrested.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: The Puma Sisters.
  • Expy: Leona is essentially a less-calm version of Noa Izumi of Pat Labor. They look similar, both fawn over their respective mecha, and they have relatively short fuses. The key difference being, Noa eventually outgrows her attachment to Alphonse, whereas Leona's obsession with her tank (Bonaparte) is increasingly Flanderized.
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  • Older Than They Think: At the end of the fourth episode of the first OAV series, Buaku tells the Pumas to give Leona the antidote to the bioball. The Pumas are annoyed but Buaku notes: "We keep our promises: we're not humans." It's truly sad to see someone think this is a reference to The Matrix Revolutions.
  • Values Dissonance: One of the front desk background gags has a lisping Camp Gay guy complaining that his boyfriend beats him up. The visibly disgusted cop is backing away and telling the guy not to touch him in case he has AIDS.

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