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YMMV / Doctor Who S1 E6 "The Aztecs"

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: On the one hand, the Doctor wants Barbara to know that the consequences of altering history will be with her forever. On the other hand, he knows that her actions will assuredly attract the Time Lords' attention. And it will be a most unhappy reunion, one that he'd rather avoid until there's no other way out.
  • Love to Hate: Tlotoxl. Director John Crockett told John Ringham to "make all the children in the country hate you"
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  • The Woobie: Autloch. He has had serious qualms about Human Sacrifice as long as he's lived, but the other priests view it as vital. Then a Rule 63 reincarnation of Yetaxa shows up and vindicates him—no, Tlotoxl has unmasked her as a fake.
  • What an Idiot!: Tlotoxl tries to poison Barbara, who is aware thanks to Ian and orders him to drink first. She throws it to the ground and chases him out, scaring him.
    • You'd Expect: For Barbara to capitalize on this moment, convince him she knew because she is a god, and continue on her with her plan.
    • Instead: She admits the poison would have killed her because she is not a god and threatens to manipulate everyone else into destroying him if he tries anything else.


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