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YMMV / Doctor Who S18 E1 "The Leisure Hive"

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  • Padding: The almost two minute long pan across Brighton Beach that opens Episode One.
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: By all accounts, this serial was one of the most revolutionary in the show's history, featuring much more lavish sets and effects than what the show previously demonstrated, a complex plot full of twists that were unprecedented for a serial of its type, and a very "modern" feel that allowed the show to seem more in-touch with the zeitgeist. However, all of these unique elements feel nowhere near as special nowadays, where the revived series and even much of the later classic series adopted them as a basic standard off of which more elaborate stories and presentations were built. Consequently, to modern eyes, "The Leisure Hive" feels less like an innovative new take on Doctor Who and more like the bare minimum of what Doctor Who should be.
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  • Special Effect Failure: The serial features some of the most dreadful use of CSO the series has ever seen, rivalling "The Power of Kroll" for terrible execution. Pay attention to the silver ball prop that keeps disappearing when it reflects the screen. Keep in mind, this story got the director blacklisted from the series for going over budget.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The aliens look fantastic, some of the best in the Classic series ever. Tom Baker's age makeup looks excellent and convincing. The creepy Cliffhanger effect of the Doctor being dismembered works really well. The camera pulling back through the materializing TARDIS is amazing. The serial in fact went considerably over budget for once during production, and it ended up benefiting the product (even if it resulted in the director being blacklisted from the BBC).


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