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YMMV / Doctor Who 2005 CS "The Christmas Invasion"

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  • Author's Saving Throw: Although it may or may not have been consciously intended, the explanation for the Doctor regrowing his hand, that Time Lords can still drastically alter their bodies within twenty-four hours of regeneration, has been seized upon by fans as a Saving Throw for Romana's bizarre regeneration scene at the beginning of "Destiny of the Daleks", in which she appears to waste several regenerations for a Costume-Test Montage.note 
  • Designated Hero:
    • The Doctor overthrows the government because the prime minister blew up a spaceship of aliens whose leader had proven untrustworthy (he tried to kill the Doctor after promising to leave in peace) and would have likely gone on to decimate other planets. This leads to the Master becoming prime minister, followed by a government willing to send ten percent of Earth's children to a Fate Worse than Death in the spinoff Torchwood: Children of Earth!
    • Intended at the time or not for the Doctor's Character Arc, his decision to remove Harriet foreshadows the Time Lord Victorious.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: The Doctor takes down Harriet Jones by whispering in her aide's ear "Don't you think she looks tired?" Flashforward to 2016, where Jeb Bush was the poised favorite to win the Republican nomination and the election as a whole. Donald Trump started calling him "Low-Energy Jeb," and his campaign soon imploded in a way not that dissimilar from Jones.
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  • Ham and Cheese: The Sycorax Leader and David Tennant. Killer Santas and killer Christmas Trees meet a bellicose alien who wants to sell humanity into slavery. When he meets Ten, it results in Ham-to-Ham Combat. And when the Sycorax Leader is practically frothing at the mouth, Ten decides to mock him and takes the ham through the ceiling.
    Sycorax Leader: (growling) I DEMAND TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!
    Tenth Doctor: (bellowing outrageously) RIIIII DOOON'T KNOOOOOOOWWW!!!
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • The first thing the Tenth Doctor says after waking up is "Did you miss me?". For bonus points, here's David Tennant lip-syncing to "Stayin' Alive".
    • The Doctor says that you can't use Mind Control to make someone commit suicide. Kinda funny for David Tennant to say that, when ten years later, he played Kilgrave in Jessica Jones, who is more than capable of doing just that, mind-controlling people into killing themselves or trying to in various forms like cutting their own throats (Ruben), shooting themselves in the head (Trish Walker), or even walking off a roof ledge (Will Simpson).
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    • Tennant would later have a magnificent ginger mane in Good Omens (2019).
  • Never Live It Down: Even fans of the RTD era of the show will point out that Tenth started his downfall (in three series to boot) when he caused the fall of "Britain's Golden Age" by ruining Harriet Jones's career as Prime Minister of the UK.
  • What an Idiot!: Neither Harriet Jones nor the Doctor come out with clean hands in the aftermath of her ordering the Sycorax ship to be shot down.
    • On the Doctor's end:
      You'd Expect: The Doctor to point out that while she may have had a point, it is very wrong to shoot a retreating enemy in the back especially if they have left peacefully as it may mean other races will be less likely to negotiate for fear of the same thing happening.
      Instead: He takes the Humans Are the Real Monsters route and deposes Harriet as punishment while dismissing her side, which causes a power vacuum that allows the Master to become Prime Minister and enslave the world.
    • Not that Harriet herself fared much better in this argument.
      You'd Expect: Her reasons for ordering the destruction of the Sycorax would be that the leader tried to kill the Doctor after negotiating the ceasefire, showing that they may have been untrustworthy; plus the Doctor killed the leader in retaliation. Alternately, she could argue that she just prevented the Sycorax from doing the same thing they did to Earth to other worlds (which was not covered in the ceasefire arrangements).
      Instead: Her reasoning is that The Doctor may not be around when the next invasion comes along. How destroying a fleeing and defeated adversary that the Doctor just stopped helps at all is not brought up.


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