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  • Base-Breaking Character: Many fans, at least those of a traditional kind, don't care for Slott's reimagining of Octopus as Spider-Man's Anti-Hero Substitute. As they point out classic Dr. Octopus never showed any capacity for good being a thug-in-a-lab-coat for most of his history, and it leaves Spider-Man's rogue gallery short of one of his most iconic villains, others point out Doc Ock throughout his long history, has had several pet the dog moments, such as attempting to save the life of his old flame from AIDS, teaming up with Spider-Man to defeat Luke Carlyle and saving civilian lives (While leaving Spidey to die naturally), and even the Ditko-Lee era had Ock treat Aunt May and Betty Brant civilly despite them being hostages. Additionally supporters of Doc Ock's Superior phase, cite the hilarity of Ock as Spider-Man, Awesome Ego, Super-Villain approaches to heroism and occasional Extremist was right moments to be entertaining as a protagonist, while the first group insist that Octopus being scum was important for Spider-Man's most important classic stories — The Master Planner, The Sinister Six, The Owl/Octopus War.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Spider-Man: Global War: Doctor Otto Octavius, aka Doctor Octopus himself, starts his plot to Take Over the World by stealing parts of a secret Department of Defense program which will allow missiles to be launched without revealing the location, Doc Ock uses a rocket to cause an EMP to hit much of the Western Hemisphere, something in itself likely causing countless deaths. This is only for starters. Doc Ock plans to use a second rocket—nuclear-tippled—to strike near the capital of Latveria. Doc Ock has been secretly aiding Latveria's own nuclear program, and, with the help of a Latverian spy whose family he had kidnapped, had been feeding Doctor Doom's paranoia. Once the second rocket strikes near the Latverian capital, Doc Ock predicts Doom—not being able to discover from where the rocket was launched—will respond by firing nukes in all directions. The rest of the world—which, thanks to the EMP, won't be able to communicate with Doom—will have to counter-attack. Doom will lose, but the rest of the world will be devastated. From this, Doc Ock—having taken refuge underground—will emerge as the savior of mankind and its ruler. This version of Doctor Octopus was willing to cause tens of millions of deaths just so he could rule the world.
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    • Spider-Man: Noir: Otto Octavius, a.k.a. Dr. Octopus, stands in stark contrast to his occasionally-noble 616 counterpart. Born a cripple in South Africa, Otto grew up jealous of the healthy, able-bodied Africans that he grew up around, which developed into a violent hatred for the black race in general. Wishing to gain the approval of Heinrich Himmler and the Nazi party, Otto has innocent black people kidnapped off the streets and performs horrifying, inhumane experiments on them. These experiments result in his victims, such as Peter's friend Robbie Robertson, being reduced to drooling, mindless vegetables that are meant to be used for slave labor. And Otto isn't above casual murder, as shown by him brutally stabbing his ally Crime Master to death when he tried to have Otto's victims burnt to cover their tracks, viewing his actions as wasting his research.
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  • Fashion-Victim Villain: His original outfit, while iconic, combines a bad haircut, garish green-and-yellow color scheme, and portly build. Though it's such an iconic look and fitting to his personality.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Dan Slott's interpretation during the latter part of the Big Time run and the entirety of Superior Spider-Man.
  • My Real Daddy: He's an iconic villain by Ditko and Lee without a question, but the more common idea of Dr. Octopus in modern versions and adaptations: the idea of Dr. Octopus being Peter's Shadow Archetype and having a sympathetic and tragic backstory was entirely created by Tom DeFalco who also established briefly Otto and Peter potentially being "science bros". These aspects filtered in Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man (PS4), Superior Spider-Man.


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