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YMMV / Django Reinhardt

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  • Memetic Badass: Among guitarists.
  • Too Cool To Kill: Django decided to remain in Paris as the Nazis invaded. This could have very easily been a lethal mistake on his part, as he was 1) Romani, 2) handicapped, 3) openly playing a music style that was banned in Nazi Germany, and 4) a well known friend of blacks and Jews in the jazz community. Worse, he didn't even opt to lay low during the occupation: he stayed in full public view and continued to play jazz in big concert halls. But, in a colossal bit of irony, the Nazis decided not to bother him because many of them were fans of his. Hell, some even asked to be photographed with him, including higher ranking Nazis. So to clarify, Django Reinhardt, a handicapped gypsy jazz player who made no secret of what kind of friends he kept, was such a good guitarist that NAZIS DID NOT HAVE THE HEART TO KILL HIM.

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