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  • Awesome Moments:
    "Many assume that because Tamina has a heritage in the business that she’s at the same level of a Beth Phoenix or Natalya, but she isn’t. She was signed by WWE with little experience and brought up to the main roster quite quickly. Because of her strength and size, Tamina is able to look a little more at home in the ring compared to some of the other Divas who have slimmer statures, and I think this could be one of the contributing factors as to why she doesn’t necessarily receive the same criticism as other girls with less experience."
    • When critics and reviewers were tearing NXT Season 3 apart for its general badness, Cryssi remained professional and reviewed each episode seriously. She was even determined to find five positive things in each episode (though she admitted it was difficult with the infamous match between Kaitlyn and Maxine).
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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Bobby soon became the favourite writer on the website due to his positive attitude and funny writing style.
  • Fan Hater: The comments section is known for being full of trolls and general bitchiness, so someone mentioning they frequent the comments is a guaranteed ticket to being despised.
  • Girl-Show Ghetto: The site is in the ghetto by choice and embraces it.
  • Growing the Beard: 2009 when the website started covering TNA and the indies, and the writing became less biased. They also started getting bigger names in interviews.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Maria Kanellis getting such a thrashing during the site's early days, considering she would eventually join as a writer.
    • Melanie also spoke in one article about how she couldn't imagine Maria wrestling on the indie circuit after she left WWE. Maria ended up doing exactly that, and winning over many of her detractors.
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    • When Lilian Garcia, Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle gave an interview about their Tough Enough talk show, conversation strayed to things said on the internet when Candice was getting pushed. And Melanie was giving the interview. Torrie even said "but Melanie didn't write any of those things".
  • Hollywood Pudgy: Candice Michelle was attacked for being out of shape when she was dealing with an injury.
  • Never Live It Down:
    • Melanie for ages couldn't live down her criticism of Candice Michelle, which could reach petty levels at times. She mocked Candice's short haircut in 2008 - when she had donated the hair to Locks of Love - and criticised her weight in 2009 despite having been injured.
    • Jack couldn't live down his infamous misnamed moves in his earlier articles.
  • The Scrappy: Jack was the most despised of the writers due to making many mistakes with regards to names of moves, unfunny writing style and shameless fanboying over Paige. The fact that he replaced Bobby and soon quickly covered many of the features merges this with Replacement Scrappy.

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