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  • Complete Monster:
    • Seekers of the Weird:
      • Despoina is a vile, immortal sorceress who serves as the Dark Mistress and head servant of the evil Reaper King. Forming the Society of Shadows to worship the Reaper King, Despoina dedicates herself to freeing him and allowing him to desolate the entire planet so she and the Society can rule over the remainder. Motivating the two children destined to open the Coffin Clock the Reaper King in sealed in by kidnapping their parents and threatening to murder them, Despoina has their uncle Roland supposedly play both them and the Wardens, before opting to have his spine torn out in response to his betrayal. A sadist by nature, Despoina even allows the Wardens to briefly take the Coffin Clock solely so she can crush their hope later and have the Reaper King wipe them all out.
      • The Reaper King himself is an ancient eldritch horror and the strongest reaper in existence, a being dedicated only to enshrouding the Earth in shadow and killing all that lives. Previously rampaging across the Earth and causing The Black Death in the process, killing a third of Europe's population, the Reaper King has Despoina and her servants dedicate centuries of their time to freeing him— only to spitefully strip them all of their immortality and condemn them to die with the rest of the world once he's finally released.
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    • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: George Willikers seems at first to just be a slimy bully wanting a quick buck, but is slowly revealed to be a heartless sociopath caring for nothing but his own greed. Serving as the second-in-command to Mr. Bullion, Willikers uses his position to abuse the small mining town he lords over, instituting a curfew and threatening lashing with his bullwhip for any who cross him. As head of the mining operation in the mountain Big Thunder, Willikers overworks, abuses, and regularly endangers the lives of the miners, completely uncaring of their well-being as long as they supply him with the goods. In the end, Willikers's truly monstrous personality is revealed, as he holds the miners at gunpoint to force them into highly lethal caverns to mine, and ultimately attempts to leave the dozens of miners, several heroic bandits trying to stop Willikers, and Bullion himself to die in the mountain as it collapses, throwing their lives away as long as he can get away with the mined gold and rebuild the mining town in his glory.
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    • The Haunted Mansion: The Captain is a ghostly pirate who once plundered and pillaged all he saw fit across the Earth. Once dying inside the titular Haunted Mansion and being cursed to haunt it for all eternity, the Captain, determined to escape, places a curse upon the Mansion that traps any who die inside, or any ghosts who visit it, to be trapped alongside him, never able to rest in peace or escape. Having trapped nearly one thousand ghosts inside, the Captain later uses the young Danny Crowe to assist him in escaping, and, once free, promises to slaughter all in his path and become the scourge of the world once more, starting by killing Danny then cursing the Mansion once more to trap him and all nearby ghosts inside for all eternity.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: For turning the Museum of the Weird into a Storehouse of the Weird (basically) and trying to make sense (and lazy fantasy-clichéd sense at that) of what was supposed to be a surrealistic Wackyland, many fans of the original Rolly Crump concept art disregard the ill-fated worldbuilding of Seekers of the Weird, though the effort to stick as many nods to the concepts in the backgrounds is appreciated.
  • Funny Moments: Most of the funniest moments in Figment rely on Blair and Figment's respective Straight Man and Wise Guy mentalities:
    • Blarion Mercurial is trying to create pure energy out of thought power. He gets...his hyperactive childhood imaginary dragon friend come to life, and is really more confused and upset than anything else:
    Blair: "How do I explain to the Chairman that you...this figment of my imagination..."
    Figment: "Figment! That's me!"
    Blair: "No, no, no! Illocrant wants pure energy! Nothing else will do! This isn't good enough! I need something more!"
    Figment: "Hmph! You're not so impressive yourself!"
    • Blair explains to Figment that he needs energy to show off to the Chairman. Figment misunderstands this, and asks if he's just not energetic enough. It then cuts to Blair's Imagine Spot, where he shows Figment off to Chairman Illocrant, and the Chairman's shocked face. ""
    • Blair's frustrated first meeting with Chimera, where she greets him by eating the buttons off his coat, and almost eats the pocketwatch his mother gave him as a gift. Blair is not amused.
    • The fact that the Sound Sprites imprisoned Blair, Figment, and Fye in the bass-ment. Blair lampshades the bad pun with a groan.
    • Figment and Fye play tic-tac-toe in prison, but keep using different symbols every time they've made a turn. Fye isn't sure who's won, and Figment (who is just coming up with the rules as he goes along) calls it a tie.
    • In the Nightmare Nation, Blair, Fye, and Figment's greatest fears are echoed at them through the clouds. Chimera doesn't speak her worries are barked at her unintelligibly (to the reader's ears, at least).
  • Heartwarming Moments: Just the mere existence of the line itself is a combination of this and Fanservice. Especially in the case of Figment, where the Ensemble Dark Horse had never been used outside his ride, and his beloved buddy Dreamfinder had become a Brother Chuck for years.
    • Any scene where Blarion hugs Figment close to his chest to prevent them from being harmed or separated. Even when Figment gets on his nerves, you can tell Blarion really cares for the little guy.
    • When Blarion and Fye are in prison, and Figment does whatever he can to cheer everyone up. When it works on Blair, Figment says he's glad to finally see him happy.
    • Figment's resolve to stay with Dreamfinder through danger and despair. In fact, his loyalty is what caused Blair to become Dreamfinder in the first place. In the end, when Dreamfinder is about to make a Heroic Sacrifice to rid London of the Singular, Figment refuses to leave his side, taking claw in hand in the face of imminent doom.
    Figment: "I'm with you 'til the end! A dream can be a dream come true!"
  • Tear Jerker: The scene in Figment where our heroes are sucked into the Nightmare Nation, and forced to face their greatest fears:
    • They all fear being unable to escape, and being separated.
    • Blair fears failure, being seen as too much of a dreamer and not enough of a realist, and having to choose between art and science. The closeup of tears welling in his eyes is heartbreaking.
    • We don't find out what Chimera fears, but it's enough to make her curl up and start sobbing.
    • Fye fears being an outcast, and never fitting in with his peers.
    • Figment fears abandonment, not being accepted as "real", and Blair not believing in anything anymore...not even him, which causes Figment to wink out of existence, and disappear into a little pink ball of light.

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