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YMMV / Discorderly Conduct

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  • Magnificent Bastard: Grogar. Simply put, he makes every MLP villain look like a bunch of children, especially Discord. Heck, most of them became villains because they were either his apprentices (Sombra and Discord) or he was the cause of their Start of Darkness (Chrysalis).
  • Nightmare Fuel: Anytime Discord or Chrysalis fly into uncontrollable rage. For Discord, it's some pretty evil looking eyes and all teeth bared. For the Queen, it's just a blast of energy, and US OUT OF HERE!
    • Oh, and there's Grogar. Need we say more...?
    • Also, one can only imagine the horrified expressions on everyone's face when they saw how Discord sang Afro Circus...
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    • For the love of Celestia, NEVER let Discord or anyone go into Rankin Bass land ever again! Even Discord is unnerved by the idea of going in there!
  • The Woobie: Pinchy in spades. Imagine being the lord of Chaos' only friend, and constantly being his practical chew toy. To make matters worse, Chrysalis and her brood has taken over her home under her nose. Though to be fair, the Chrysalis does seem to care about her well being, and is enraged when she learns of Discord's actions.
    • Also, Tirek, to a lesser extent. Still, no one likes being called "Butt Trumpet". AT ALL.


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