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YMMV / Dirty Deeds

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  • Billing Displacement: The DVD cover above features Rachel Buff, although she doesn't appear until halfway through the movie. Though her role is integral to the plot, she only has about five actual minutes of screen time.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Lawton actually agreeing to get JD to help him blow up the stage where people will be standing and get the whole thing pinned on Zach! Luckily, Zach's ex-veteran friend he met earlier helps rig the bombs to JD's truck instead.
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  • Woobie: Meg's brother Kyle, who gets his shoes superglued to the concrete, drinks jock piss and almost gets killed by the ex-war veteran over Zach's car theft! He suffered a lot for his sister's attraction to Zach! Also, Zach himself because he seems to have a crappy home life and befriends the "losers" because he must know how it feels to have no one.

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