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Were you looking for the board game, or the World of Warcraft fan fiction piece by Weiila?

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    The Board Game 
  • Character Tiers: Expect a fair number of posts on any Diplomacy forum to discuss about which power is the best.
    • In press games, the tiers from bottom to top are Italynote , Austria, Germany, England/Turkey (disputed), France/Russia (ditto).
    • In no-press or "Gunboat" games, Italy moves up a few tiers, England moves down a few, and Russia moves into the garbage can.
  • Funny Moments: Many (the most common would be a fleet ending up in very odd place, as an Italian fleet in St. Pete, which has happened), but the best of them all is probably The Coast of Moscow, as recorded by the game's creator. (If you're confused, here's a map.)
  • Moment of Awesome: YMMV, but if you like this kind of game, these are gonna come up A LOT when you pull of a particularly notable backstab or surprise attack.
  • Memetic Mutation: Diplomacy: Destroying friendships since 1959! Explanation 

    The Fanfic 
  • Better Than Canon: Called by many.
  • The Scrappy: Apparently, Weila agrees with 95% of the WoW fanbase about a certain Hellscream....Queue 100 fanboy Squees of joy at the (light) bashing.