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  • Accidental Aesop: Don`t believe everything you see and/or hear. The reason why is that both the Dinosaucers and Tyrannos (more often the latter) would sometimes take anything they would notice for face value.
  • Bizarro Episode
    • "The Trojan Horseasaurus". Quackpot gets kicked out by the Tyrannos for causing them to fail their plan and Quackpot decides to get back at him and the Dinosaucers with a practical joke by pretending to be the Ancients of Reptilon who are implied to be ancient magical ancestors of the Dinosaurs of Reptilon. Only for him to be exposed and the real ones conveniently show up on Earth of all places but chased away because Allo and Rex thought it was another joke by Quackpot. Even by the fantasy standards in this series, this is pretty strange itself for the series. Naturally this was never brought up again.
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    • "We're Off to See the Lizard". Sara and Ugh get trapped in a tornado by the Tyrannos unintentionally when Sara tried to go to see a vet because Ugh for some unexplained reason started barking like a dog after an accident. They end up in a strange The Wizard of Oz version of Reptilon. With the Dinosaucers acting as the companions and allies, while Princess Dei and Rex were the Wicked Witches and the other Tyrannos as the Flying Monkeys. It ended up as All Just a Dream although it's never clear if Ugh really did bark like a dog before Sara went unconscious.
    • "The Scales of Justice" could be considered one as it`s basically a Courtroom Episode amid a show about dinosaurs from outer space fighting each other. The Tyranno`s sue the Dinosaucers with various random claims in an attempt to deport them from Earth only to lose in the end. With a lot of Artistic License in terms of law and the biggest Status Quo Is God on the show (as both the heroes and villains resume fighting each other in secret after this) it is something awkward to watch even by the show's own standards.
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  • Complete Monster: In the 2018 comic reboot, Rex, unlike his original incarnation, is far deadlier and taken much more seriously. Longing to preserve his tyrannical rule on the planet Reptilon, Rex sets his sights on planet Earth to fuel his slave labor. He and his armada invade Earth and sack various major cities, causing wanton destruction and killing thousands in the process. When Rex realizes that his rule over Reptilon is in jeopardy, he simply forces his invaders to speed up their hostile takeover, and they start siphoning Earth's natural resources and kidnapping humans to use as a food source. After Rex's plans are thwarted and he's coaxed into making a truce, he decides to force four members of the Secret Scouts to head back to Reptilon with him, or else he'll resume his invasion and destroy the entire world.
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  • Critical Research Failure: In the episode where Rex takes the Dinosaucers to court. First, some of their claims (illegal entry and tailgating) are criminal, not civil offenses, for which you can't sue people; instead, you call the police. Second, no single court in the United States would have jurisdiction over all the charges made against the Dinosaucers. Tailgating is a traffic offense, which is usually handled by municipal courts or their equivalent. Assault and battery (civil or criminal) can be handled at the municipal or county levels, depending on the severity of the claim or charge, and illegal entry is a federal offense, which would be handled by an immigration court. To say nothing of the defects in the process (for example, the judge simply taking the litigants' word for things rather than requiring evidence).
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Teryx. For obvious reasons...
    • Terrible Dactyl as well, due to him being the most likeable of the Tyrannos, as well as having many redeemable aspects in his character.
    • Captain Sabertooth and Smilin' Don, for being villains who were competent enough to make the Dinosaucers and Tyrannos team up to stop them.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: There are a few fans that ship Teryx with Terrible Dactyl, given several factors like the two of them both being their teams' flyers, Terrible Dactyl being one of the Tyrannos hinted at being redeemable and Teryx's barely existent relationship with Ichy.
  • Fridge Brilliance/Wild Mass Guessing: It's not taken seriously. Allo knew that Rex as a largely Harmless Villain, but on Reptilon he probably was far more of a nuisance. If he managed to get the idea of fighting on Earth into Rex's head, where he'd have to do so in secret, he became even less of a menace. Allo's basically just wasting Rex's time and keeping him out of any real trouble.
    • There was some hint that it was Princess Dei that was involved with putting the idea into Rex's head, to get him and his entire looney crew out of The Dinosorceror and Dinosorceress subsequently sent Allo and the gang to keep the Tyrannos out of trouble and from doing too much damage, and conveniently, it got the entire bizarre lot of them out of the Sorcerers'
  • Genius Bonus:
    • At one point, Ankylo, refers to Rex as "Oh, tyrant lizard king".
    • Rex frequently berates his underlings calling them "Idiotops", in Ancient Greek tops means "face", so he's literally calling them "Idiot-face".
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Two of Genghis Rex`s evil plans on the show were to conquer Reptilon and destroy the Dinosaucers. By the time the TV series came to an end he still didn`t get to these goals. The first issue of the 2018 reboot comic shows Rex as the ruler of Reptilon with an iron fist and the Dinosaucers reduced to a group of rebels who can`t attack him and his squad on their home planet as he`s too strong to directly confront.
    • In issues two and three of the comic reboot Another of Rex`s plans he failed to carry out on the show, invading the earth, seems finally be working out in his favor as he and his forces essentially bring the planet to its knees in a wide scale attack.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • One episode has the Tyranos describe Scotland as a "country". Normally a Critical Research Failure, but in the 21st century, Scotland is pursuing independence.
    • Oh yeah, oh yeah, it's a goddamn dinosaur laser fight...
    • In the episode "For the Love of Teryx" Rex tries to woo his old flame Teryx back by offering his mothers crown and states they could both rule Reptilon together. In the 2018 comic reboot Teryx is retconned as a Princess who ruled Reptilon but was overthrown while Rex took over. Thankfully though, the two aren`t together in this version as well.
    • While watching a prehistoric themed movie on TV, Sarah comments that sabre-tooth cats didn't live alongside dinosaurs. Bonehead responds "How do you know, were you there?" Which would become a favourite phrase of Young-Earth creationists.
    • The Episode set in China describes the country as a "rising power"; flash-forward 20 years and boy, they were right.
  • Plot Hole: A lot of episodes suffer from this as there are moments that tend to contradict each other (as well as too many to list to actually do a description justice). At times it feels like the first draft of some stories were just used without any editing.
  • Popular with Furries: The writing on the show is pretty atrocious, but there's copious amounts of anthropomorphic characters, making it one of the reasons to watch. And with episodes like "Beach Blanket Bonehead", they tend to show off their bodies a lot.
  • The Scrappy: Making no claims about how wide-spread this viewpoint was, some Dinosaucers fans hated all the human characters equally, for taking up plot and episode time that could've been devoted to the dinosaurs. Its not so much the Secret Scouts are always horribly written, but generic children are always going to fare poorly up against Giant Frickin' Alien Dinosaurs. And then of course there's the plots where they need rescuing.
    • The same can be said for the Furballs, who were little more than annoying pets.
  • The Producer Thinks of Everything: The show makes no claims as to how the dinosaurs of Earth were mysteriously wiped out. It's a mystery. While scientific consensus, or the majority of thinkers, have reason to believe it was likely an asteroid, there do exist alternative explanations. Nothing is ever asserted with absolute certainty.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Teryx and Ichy. Her feelings for him come out of nowhere, Ichy was barely in the episode that featured the couple, and the two had next to no meaningful interactions throughout the rest of the show.
    • The same can be said with basically any dating relationship formed on the show. Sarah dates a few boys over the shows run and sounds interested in every single one but they don`t appear after one episode. There was also an episode where Plesio and the Lochness Monster dated and the show sped through that plot line with them ending the relationship by the end of the episode.
  • Take That!: New Jersey has been the butt of a joke more than once.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • Princess Dei, Rex's older sister who was the true leader of the Tyrannos and the only Tyranno on Reptilon. She appeared in only three episodes, one of which was a dream. This seems to be averted in the 2018 comic reboot as she appears as a character.
    • Any one-shot villains who weren't the Tyrannos.
    • Major Clifton, the only authority figure who seemed to want to investigate the sightings of alien dinosaurs running around. Like Dei, he only appeared in three episodes.
    • In terms of characters, the whole show could have run on this trope as none of the heroes or villains seem to have much personality or depth to set them apart from one another. Basically, the heroes are all good and don`t seem to do any wrong (apart from plenty of What an Idiot! moments) and the villains are all ruthless and eager to cause conflict for the Earth and/or heroes. What also doesn`t help is that a lot of them have cool character designs and hints of personality that are never fully explored.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The whole series had the potential to be awesome—alien dinosaurs who can transform into giant dinosaurs, and armed with laser guns and cool spaceships. Unfortunately, the show went out of its way to make sure there was as little violence as possible, probably because of the Animation Age Ghetto. It also doesn't help that the characters didn't have much personality.
    • With the alien aspect to the show, there could have been conspiracy and story elements used in that department to make the plots have more depth, suspense and action. The whole cartoon could have been used as a build up to an epic battle involving Earth and Reptilon amid ambiguity and tension between both the hero`s and villains over the course of 65 episodes, making it more impactful.
    • Also the backstory for the show's conflict: Rex and Dei's parents once ruled Reptilon but were overthrown by the Dinosorcerer and Dinosorceress. The planet then split into two factions, those loyal to the sorcerers and those loyal to the house of Rex. Genghis and Dei then formed the Tyrannos to overthrow the sorcerers and reclaim complete control of the planet, Rex being sent to Earth to conquer it and use its resources to take back to Reptilon. However, the explanation for the conflict has to be pieced together from info given in different episodes, and the show largely ignored this conflict.
  • What an Idiot!: Seems to be a huge part of the show's atmosphere and tone.
One strong example overall is that the Dinosaucers and Tyranno`s are implied to be fighting their battles in secret with no humans (apart from the Secret Scouts) being the wiser. However, there are many plots that have one or both parties appearing in a crowded area where they are clearly seen by countless witnesses.

You'd Expect: That after this moment the whole world would soon find out about the existence of sentient dinosaurs. After all, the ships they piloted seemed to be too advanced for any existing model on Earth and their size and way they look seem too realistic to be a costume or part of a movie.

Instead: Every time a dinosaur is spotted in public every human that sees them assumes they are wearing a really good costume or are part of a movie being filmed. And even if someone saw past this common excuse and discovered the truth, these people are just one shot characters who never appear again and/or promise to keep what they discovered a secret.

  • A common plot setup for some episodes would involve the Dinosaucers and/or Tyrannos seeing something on TV (like an ad for toys or a baseball game for example) and would misinterpret it as something serious or war related. The first time this happens is in episode 2 "Take Us Out To The Ballgame" which had the Dinosaucers facing an attack from their foes while the Tyranos suffered from a humiliating defeat, both of which happend due to misunderstanding a baseball game.

  • You'd Expect: That after this the Dinosaucers and Tyrannos would both experience character development and learn not to take everything for face value when something strange comes on TV. Rather, they would try to understand more about what they are seeing before they jump into things.

  • Instead: The two groups, more often the Tyrannos, would end up seeing something else on TV and would make the same assumptions that it`s weapon for conquering and/or war related, leading to plenty of conflict that more often than not caused trouble for everyone one way or another.
  • Woolseyism: The Latin American dub inserted a lot of word-play and cultural references in Rex's dialog and Quackpot's jokes.


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