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YMMV / Dinner at Deviant's Palace

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  • Complete Monster: Sevatividam is a universe-traveling energy being with a lust for draining planets' populations, particularly those populated with sapient life, of their life forces. During his travels, Sevatividam has drained countless species of their minds and lives, with his strategy always involving hypnotizing the planet's population into worshiping him, then using them as his slaves and cattle to use and dispose of as he wishes. When arriving on Earth, Sevatividam, taking the name Norton Jaybush, first started a Renaissance that he planned to use to nurse despair in their people to make them taste better, and later creates his cult of Jaybirds, psychotic fanatics who will follow Sevatividam's orders, even if it entails their death. When any of Sevatividam's cultists break his strict code, Sevatividam sentences them to his horrifying Holy City prison, where they are radioactively poisoned, drained dry of their blood to use in drugs, and locked them in suits of armor known as trash men, where their decaying limbs are replaced with pieces of trash. In the end, Sevatividam tries to manipulate Gregorio Rivas into joining him, and illustrates his power by ordering an entire room of his cultists to kill themselves before using Sivas's love interests as hostages to force him into servitude. A gleeful psychopath with a sweet tooth for innocents' lives, Sevatividam was obsessed solely with himself and his personal pleasure.