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YMMV / Digimon WonderSwan Series

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  • Complete Monster: Millenniumon, born from a Fusion Dance between a dying Machinedramon and a Chimeramon seeks out total domination of everything, and starts by defeating DigiDestined and warping the Digital World through his presence alone. After his first loss against Ryo Akiyama, Millenniumon—as Moon=Millenniummon—is consumed by a lust for revenge, spawning a loose Diaboromon to drag Ryo and Ken to the Digital World that he then tears asunder. Upon losing again, he curses the Digital World with Dark Spores, one of which would ultimately corrupt Ken into the Digimon Kaiser. Finally, as ZeedMillenniumon, he planned on destroying the ENIAC and thus conquering the remnants of the Digimon multiverse. A horrid god who expected everyone and everything to bend to his will, ZeedMillenniumon was bent on conquering every timeline and dimension.

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