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YMMV / Digimon Digital Card Battle

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  • Breather Boss: Everyone at Junk City is considerably easier than the preceding boss, Garurumon. It's possible that they're even easier than the opponents in Beginner City.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Most players picked Patamon for the second partner, on a far higher frequency than every other partner selection events, thanks to storyline flow, popularity, and subjective gameplay quality.
    • There's little to no reason to not choose Veemon at some point as a partner. Setting aside the fact that he's the (at the time) latest season's mascot, he's also the only partner able to use the Digi-Egg of Miracles. In fact, there's actually little benefit to stray from a lineup consisting of Veemon, Gatomon, and your choice of either Wormmon or Patamon.
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    • Adding to the above, there is little benefit to avoiding using all three partners in all of your decks regardless of colors, considering their Armor forms is all you need to overwhelm mostly any opponent that does not use the Sevens cards. And even then, you also have access to the Sevens series of cards . . .
  • Complete Monster: Analogman. See that page for details.
  • Game-Breaker: Download Digivolve, Rosemon's Lure Card, Hacking and the 7-S cards in general.
    • Some support effects border on this, especially those from Rare. The most prominent example, however, is Toy-Agumon's support, by discarding one random card from your hand, you reduce the HP of both sides to 200. Yes, including Ultimates. This turns the Big Bad that uses The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard to the max into a total joke.
    • Yellow Banana deserves a mention too. For half of your HP, you counter any attacks. In practice, it means that if it's not countered, you will survive the next turn on top of possibly dealing damage to the opponent.
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    • One of Gatomon's armor digivolutions, Tylomon, has an X attack which has the special effect of doing triple damage to red opponents. What makes it game-breaking is that, unlike other partners, you don't have to equip a part that will lower your X attack to have such an effect on Tylomon. Add a part that boosts your X attack and the damage against red Digimon will skyrocket. Just watch out for counterattacks.
  • Good Bad Bugs: According to its description, the Special Digivolve card allows you to digivolve your Digimon into one of a different specialty, adding 20 DP to the amount normally required for digivolution. What it actually does, however, is reduce the required DP by 20. Additionally, Special Digivolving a Champion which was not digivolved from a Rookie (making its stats halved) will result in an Ultimate with its proper stats.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Digital Card Battle shows the heroes of the first two anime seasons involved in card battles. The very next season would include the card game as a central mechanic.
  • Junk Rare: The Fake Sevens and the 12 Digi-Jewels cards are only obtainable via fusion mutation, an event that only has a 1% of chance of happening while fusing cards. Trying to get all of them requires a lot of time, patience and spare cards from the player and their effects are so low better results could be achieved by using some of the most common cards in the game. Fake Sevens is easily the worst of them, as it does absolutely nothing.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The ending gets really dark. After defeating VenomMyotismon he starts repeating the same lines over and over. Then the game starts being hacked by a man known as A which causes the screen to go black and later all the colors change. At this part of the game, the player regains control but can neither leave the town nor save progress making this reminiscent of Survival Horror.
    • Let's not forget A's VenomMyotismon avatar which looks creepier than ever.

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