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YMMV / Die Anstalt

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  • Bizarro Episode: In a YouTube 'e-card' pitching an alternate scenario for 21st December, an alien ship crashes into the asylum, which the toys subsequently commandeer.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Given how overloaded the game is with symbolism and psychology facts, there can be quite a lot of this. See also the Analysis page.
  • Funny Moments: You have the option to buy the patients - and even though this results in the nurse wrapping them up in a box, it doesn't seem to affect the therapy progress at all.
    • Also, if you attempt to do this with Dr. Wood, he'll order the nurse to have you restrained. Then he'll subject you to electroshock therapy.
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  • Heartwarming Moments: Every time a patient is cured.
  • Hollywood Pudgy: Averted. When Dub removes his shell, he is revealed to have significant bulk, leading to some delayed Muscle Angst.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Dr. Wood. He's paranoid, is constantly worried by the idea he's not as skilled as he wants to be, and is terrified of children and never had a chance to connect emotionally with anyone. This doesn't change the fact that he's an arrogant, greedy Attention Whore, though this does explain it.
  • Moment of Awesome: Whether you sympathise towards Dr Wood himself or not, him fighting back mercilessly against his hallucinations using the hypodermic needle that induced them as a sword is pretty awesome regardless.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Failing to cure a patient can be disturbing, especially if you accidentally kill one with the electroshock therapy.
    • There's one particular moment in Sly's story where the picture of Sigmund Freud comes alive and assaults Sly, claiming the snake has a crush on the "therapist". And he's right.
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    • At one point in Dr. Wood's therapy, you can induce him to perform dream analysis upon the sock puppet therapist and see a dream about the sock puppet watching dancing scissors performing Swan Lake, one of which dances closer and closer to her, its blades snapping open and shut all the while, until... It might sound silly in text, but it's genuinely creepy and disturbing when viewed in-game.
    • It's also unsettling when Dr. Wood goes into "cult leader" mode and hypnotizes you, the player when you try to give him dream association therapy.
      • And there isn't much evidence either way that this hypnosis didn't work. Your player character seems more than willing to join the others. Which begs the question of what "precious item" he took from you...
    • How messed up Dr Wood really is depends pretty much on the order of play. If you play him at the beginning before any other patient, he tries to con mentally disturbed patients of an asylum into believing they are healed in exchange for items that are important to them. But if you play him at the end when all other patients have already left the asylum, they come back for the climactic sermon-esque meeting anyway, implying that Dr Wood, in his desperation for beings to heal and to worship him, causes the patients you have already cured to relapse, making him overstep the Moral Event Horizon. That is, if the entire scenario wasn't merely an extended dream sequence...
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  • Squick: Look at the blunt end of those claws Dr Wood carries around. Really look at them. You can see white dots there. Those are parts of bones. Those claws came from a real damn bird.
  • Tear Jerker: EVERYTHING.
  • That One Puzzle: Curing Dolly is a bit harder than the rest of the patients, particularly since if you use the trigger stimulus, her wolf steals her knit cap and you have to start back from Step 1b.
  • Ugly Cute: When was the last time you went "aww" at a hippo with a zipper mouth?
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Lilo is a German female first name (as well as the first name of a well-known animated female character in America), and yet Lilo is referred to in the shop and in the help section with male pronouns.
  • The Woobie: All of the patients.

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