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YMMV / Die Alchimistin

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  • Meaningful Name: It's never stated clearly, but it's quite possible that Aura is called after aurum, the Latin word for gold, considering that her father's an alchemist and that she's his plan B for immortality.
  • Squick: Due to the villains' very original way of preserving immortality, any scene involving Morgantus and Lysander, and (on Rewatch Bonus) Nestor too.
    • Gillian is in his thirties and a professional assassin and Aura is seventeen and headed off to boarding school when they fall in love, and they sleep together four months later, with Aura becoming pregnant. Nothing of this is frowned upon (although as Aura leads a very secluded life, it's not likely that many people knew of her child).

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