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YMMV / Deus Ex: The Fall

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  • Author's Saving Throw: A patch for the game several months after the port was released allowed for rebindable keys.
  • It's Short, So It Sucks!: A minor complaint with the game. Minor only because for a $6.99 mobile game, you can't expect a 30+ hour playtime.
  • Porting Disaster: The developers showed only a minimal amount of effort with the PC port. Even before starting the game, one will notice that the awkwardly-placed keys are unrebindable and that the graphics cannot be adjusted save for anti-aliasing and resolution. In the game itself, almost every playable level is filled with low-res textures, constant screen-tearing, and Loads and Loads of Loading. The player can also forget about smooth gameplay, with horrible FOV issues (such as firing a gun causing the camera to zoom in and out), bizarre and inconsistent mouse sensitivity, and frequent AI glitches and issues with guards and other NPCs. Moreover, when engaged in a conversation, lip-syncing is weak and some NPCs don't move their mouths at all. Totalbiscuit takes a look at the port.
    • After several months with no word, the devs did release a patch to allow rebindable keys.
  • So OK, It's Average: PC port aside, The Fall is quite well made for a game originally made for iOS, and has this reputation among the fanbase.

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