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YMMV / Derelict

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  • Iron Woobie: The first Derelict book includes a bonus comic about Dang Thu Mai having a nice day. This should tell you nearly everything you need to know; the fact that she's still alive after over 200 pages will tell you the rest.
  • Les Yay: Dang has a naked pin-up poster on her wall.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The story is dotted with violence, mutation, and mindrape-by-Fog, but Dang's encounter with the thing on the ''Goya'' is the first case of true horror.
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  • Viewer Gender Confusion: It can be hard to tell if Dang is a boy or a girl, Lamp Shaded perhaps by a member of the Miasmic Races who call her a boy only to be corrected.

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