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YMMV / Depois do Adeus

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  • The Scrappy:
    • Odete Barbosa, a co-worker/antagonist of Maria do Carmo "Micá" Mendonça and friend of Natália Cardoso, who believes the retornados are there to steal the other people's jobs, complains about Micá being incompetent at her job and sometimes sabotages her job, although they have since made peace, with some revelations about her and her boss - read "Odete's and Micá's boss" below;
    • Natália Cardoso, Álvaro Mendonça's brother and a housewife, who also believes the retornados are there to steal the other people's jobs and especially hates her sister-in-law, Micá, although they have since made peace;
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    • Sílvio Palma, a owner-and-operator of a shady pensão (a small hotel) where the Mendonças lived for a while, is also a con artist, having forged IARN (Instituto de Apoio ao Retorno de Nacionais) papers to receive more money from IARN (and stealing IARN money from the Mendonças and other retornados), and uses retornado child labor, with the children under the false belief he knows their parents. Although it is true that he's not as much of a Scrappy as he once was, he still is somewhat: for instance when Joana was giving birth to her baby, he said he didn't want her to give birth in the pensão, only to be the first to cheer when she did give birth to a baby boy.
    • Gonçalo Cunha is slowly creeping towards Scrappyism, due to dumping his girlfriend, who was pregnant, and then being a jerk when it was discovered she was pregnant and she had an abortion.
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    • Daniel Moreira is another one rapidly becoming a scrappy, because he beats his wife. Yea, of course he and his wife - ! - are in a life crisis, and she is cheating on him (BTW, a great deal because he is beating on her), but spouses are not meant to beat up each other! That, and he's a gambling addict with a grudge.
    • Horácio, Júlia's husband, a controlling bastard whom she fled from.
    • Joaquim Cardoso. At first, people were sympathetic to him, he was welcoming to his relatives from Angola (especially his sister-in-law and his nephews, who were welcomed by no one in his family, unlike his brother-in-law, Álvaro, who was) when they came to Portugal, he got a job for his brother-in-law, even his cheating his wife was excused due to his wife's bitchy atitude towards everyone... Then, he revealed himself to be A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. His wife improved A LOT, he mantained his The Casanova attitude after his wife's improval - with her best friend Odete! -, and he now came up with a scheme to make his own brother-in-law fired by stealing company money and depositing that money in his brother-in-law's bank account forging his signature.
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    • Odete's and Micá's boss. He discovered someone was stealing his supermarket's stock: it was Odete, who can't sustain herself (she's a widow with a son). How did he accept repaiment for the stolen goods? By taking advantage of Odete, "checking the stock" with her - getting laid, that is!
    • Luísa Cardoso. She was angry with her cousin, Ana Maria, and her then boyfriend, Gonçalo. Her revenge? To denounce the police Gonçalo was stashing guns in his house. And worse, it's Ana Maria and Gonçalo's sister Catarina who get arrested in the subsequent raid, and they have absolutely positively anything to do with that! (To be fair, Gonçalo only helped the owner of the guns and ex-girlfriend, thus he still has something to do with that; its his ex-girlfriend who is the gulity one. And, of course, Luísa). Although she is at the same Scrappy level as Odete and her mother Natália were at the beginning, and somewhere below liked and Sílvio Palma, not at the same level Joaquim, Horácio or Odete's and Micá's boss are now.

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