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  • Complete Monster: The demon known as "the Kid" seeks to escape into the material world to cause a horrific bloodbath. To that end, he impregnates human women and devours the souls of their unborn children, though when he fails he is left to be buried and to wait for his next chance. Awakening in a toy factory, the Kid takes control of certain toys and begins torturing and murdering those inside, gleeful about the body count he causes. When the pregnant heroine, Judith, is captured by him, the Kid attempts to rape her and devour her child's soul, informing Judith she'll die in the birth before he goes on to the material world, bragging that then "the blood's really gonna flow".

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  • Baby Oopsie Daisy the leader of the Demonic toys is the evilest of them all, unlike the other toys who have no personality to speak of outside of serving The Kid,Baby Oopsie Daisy is a blatant sadist who kills regardless of his master. Gleefully murdering the innocent people trapped in the warehouse his kills include, stabbing a runaway to death, and leading the toys to savagely butcher the Security guard after shooting him in the leg. In Dollman vs Demonic Toys, He has no issue with killing new mother Judith Before kidnapping Dollman's new girlfriend to forcibly impregnate her with The Kids new vessel drawing out the process as long as possible to terrorize her, shows no care for his fellow toys leaving them behind to guard him leading to their death. And when Dollman shows up to save the girl he threatens to kill her before getting blasted. When he gets brought back by Divoletto in Demonic Toys 2 He has no reason to start killing all the people in the castle yet he does just for fun and also bullies Divoletto into being subservient to him after he brings them to life and is so savage Divoletto is horrified. And after being brought back by satanist teenagers in Dollman kills the Full Moon Universe He has them sacrifice one of their group to bring back the other toys and then decides to kill them even though they brought them back to life And when all but two of the Satanist are killed he offers to make a deal with one to give them what they want in exchange for killing the other to bring back The Kid in their body.

    • Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys (2004):
    • Erica Sharpe is a Spoiled Brat who runs her late father's toy company after he sacrificed his soul to bring her Living Toys, which she has zero gratitude for. Secretly a devotee of the demon Bael, Erica tortures innocents to death in her "play room", having a young woman murdered painfully to commune with Bael, and for pleasure. Erica intends on crafting the greatest sacrifice of innocents in history by having millions of toys given to poor families, before making a pact with Bael by sacrificing the last of the Toulon bloodline, allowing Bael to bring the toys to life and slaughter millions of children, all so Erica can sadistically satisfy herself.
    • The aforementioned Bael is the wicked force behind Erica Pierce and a demon lord who strives to make his name known as the most nefarious among his kind. Bael feeds on steady Human Sacrifice, Erica keeping him satisfied with the lower-ranking members of her corporation, and agrees to use his powers to empower his demonic toys to butcher millions of children to see the greatest blood sacrifice the world has ever seen. Along the way, Bael tries to devour the soul of the youngest Toulon, Alex, all in retribution of the first Toulon having escaped his clutches after having promised Bael his soul.

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  • Narm: For some reason, Baby Oopsy Daisy refers to sex as "doing the nasty". Every. Single. Time.

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