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For the fic:

  • Ass Pull: An enormous spaceship capable of carrying five Evas to Planet DELTA (which orbits the Sun opposite the Earth) in a few days is thrown together in a few chapters. It even seemingly has artificial gravity, despite this not existing in Evangelion.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: John's brother Charles is introduced as a simple computer programmer, but proves to be quite the commando when SEELE attacks. He also seems to have the ability to take a four month holiday from his job with no repercussions. As noted by the MSTers, Charles is more useful than John.
    • Charles also managed to clone himself in one episode.
  • Idiot Plot: Jeff Garynn's method of assassinating someone? Attack them in broad daylight in the middle of the street, shout "NO WITNESSES" and then start by gunning down the innocent bystanders.
    • On a broader scale, this may cover the entire fanfic.
  • Moment of Awesome: the final battle against Justice in chapter 12 actually approaches something resembling exciting and dramatic action, ditching a lot of the hallmarks of the goofy CurbStomp Battles that mark the rest of the fic. Of course, any drama is quickly lost via Moment Killer in a flood of Techno Babble (at the end of chapter 12) and Glurge (most of chapter 13).
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  • Squick: Shinji and Rei have kids.

For the MST:

  • Funny Moments: The MSTings of this series contain some of Elmer Studios' best material, including:
    • The Random DELTA Invasion Episode Generator.
      • Which returns in the Rebuild, possibly even funnier and more random then before.
    • The aforementioned Monk.
    • Shinji's confrontation with Gendo. "You know, dad, you're... very mean."
    • The attempts to summarize John's past.
    • Charles cements his Memetic Badass status:
      "I don't think so!!!" yelled Charles
      Tsuneo: Watch Charles destroy an entire army with a single shot.
      as he shot one of the soldier's hands. The bullet made the grenade the soldier was holding explode wiping out most of the soldiers around.
      Tsuneo: I was joking.
    • From the Rebuild of Delta, John Barren's confrontation with Keel Lorenz and attempt to find the truth of his past. Or not.
  • Memetic Badass: Charles, as mentioned above.
  • Memetic Molester: Ritsuko has an unhealthy obsession with seemingly performing synch tests every five minutes, which saw her quickly turned into a depraved rubber fetishist.


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