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The band:

  • Broken Base: First there was a mild case of this when King of Fools contained tracks that didn't sound like the congregational worship songs from the Cutting Edge days. Then it reached a fever pitch with Mezzamorphis, before finally becoming a full-blown epidemic with Audio: Lessonover?. Subsequent albums generally went for more of a "happy medium" between Delirious? the worship band, Delirious? the rock band, and Delirious? the mainstream pop band, and fan reaction seemed less polarizing as a result, but they never quite seemed to regain the same level of popularity that they had in the 90s.
  • Covered Up: No, SonicFlood did NOT write "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever".
  • Epic Riff: Oh so many. "Deeper" is their best known example, but there's also "I'm Not Ashamed", "Bliss", "My Glorious", "Grace Like a River", "God Is Smiling"...
    • "Obsession" has an epic bass riff.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: They're surprisingly popular in South America, to the point where one of their final live albums was recorded in Bogota, Colombia, rather than in the US or the UK.
  • Mondegreen: Martin has a rather... interesting way of enunciating certain words.
    • "The Mezzanine Floor" contains the line "I'm at this bolted door", which (unfortunately for some fans who were already up in arms over the "hell" debacle in "It's OK") sounded a lot like "I'm at this bullsh*t door."
    • "God In Heaven" uses the one-syllable pronunciation of the word "Heav'n", as you might hear in old hymns. Unfortunately it's the most emphasized word in a huge, anthemic chorus. So it comes across sounding like "To God in Hell be the glory!"
  • Narm: The cheery female backing vocals in "Waiting for the Summer" can be rather polarizing. There's a reason why the US audience got a completely different mix of the song.
    • A good portion of the old Cutting Edge recordings can come across this way if you're not into the more touchy-feely side of contemporary praise music.

The film:

  • Hollywood Homely: Mariel Hemingway's characters of Janet and Louise, with it being focused on how she isn't glamorous enough to be Homecoming Queen.

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