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  • Nightmare Fuel: The more we see of Deathloop the longer the list gets.
    • Colt's situation in general. He wakes up every loop on an island with the only thing he knows about his past being his previous loops, and no knowledge of the way he ended up where he is. The people on the island wear grotesque masks that dive straight into the Uncanny Valley, and attack him on sight. Colt is one of the only people who retains memories from the loops, and that turns his stay in the loop into a living nightmare. The other person who retains memories from previous loops is Julianna, who hunts colt relentlessly throughout the game. Unlike Colt, the thrill of this cat and mouse game doesn't get old for her, as her playful interactions with him imply, and she goes as far as to encourage Colt to gain more supernatural abilities and kill more of her henchmen. Whether it's meant to satisfy her sadistic need for a Worthy Opponent or serves some greater purpose, we don't know yet.
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    • Alexis's party. It involves a party game where people stand on a stage and try to impress the audience with their evil deeds. If they fail to do that, a trap door opens underneath them and sends them into a wood chipper, so that the rest of the party goers can enjoy their pulpy remains as a snack. We get to see an example of this when a woman gloats about the way she smokes under inappropriate circumstances in the State of Play gameplay review.

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