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YMMV / Deathgate

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  • Crazy Awesome: noodle0117's battle of hell became this. Using a series of homemade traps, two well-timed cave-ins, live goblin drops and an obsidianizer, he took out the entirety of the clown rush with only a single fatality
    noodle0117: Deathgate has never seen a finer day.
  • Good Bad Bugs: This IS Dwarf Fortress, but most amusingly with the voidspawn. They were intended to be able to convert enemies into voidspawn Thralls with a poison attack, but a bug with the way this works causes the newly-born Thrall to continue to be hostile to its "parent" if it survives melee combat with the Voidspawn for long enough for the poison to work.
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  • Moral Event Horizon: In the backstory, the dwarves of Murdermachines crossed it before the fortress even began. At this point, the fortress is so wired with half-finished deathtraps, barely-contained super beasts, and automated childcare/torture chambers, that it's barely possible to get a plate of plump helmet biscuits without committing a crime against nature.

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