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YMMV / Death Warrant

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  • Complete Monster:
    • Christian Naylor, aka "The Sandman", is a psychotic Serial Killer who murdered Canadian policeman Louis Burke's partner. Burke tracks the Sandman down to his new lair in Los Angeles to avenge him, where he finds at least one other female victim's remains. He is later sent to the prison where Burke went undercover and agrees with its corrupt officials to kill his archenemy. He instead takes the opportunity to release all the prisoners and starts a prison riot, which results in several deaths. He murders Burke's ally Priest with an axe before having a duel to the death with Burke.
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    • Sergeant DeGraf is the sadistic, racist leader of the prison guards who loves to abuse his power. He agrees with corrupt state authorities to regularly kill prisoners to harvest their organs and sell them on the black market. He arranges with the prisoners Romaker and Keel to be the hitmen and has Dr. Gottesman cover the deaths up. When Burke uncovers their plan, he insists on being the one to kill Burke and later hunts down Burke and his two allies.
    • Romaker and Keel are a pair of Psycho for Hire convicts who act as hitmen for Sergeant DeGraf in the organ harvesting scheme. They also kill various snitches who revealed their plan to Burke, burning one alive in his cell. They also carve up a transvestite inmate who warned Burke that he was next to be killed for his organs.
  • Narm Charm: If you're into Jean-Claude Van Damme or eighties-nineties action movies, it's delightful cheesy fun as it plays everything straight while not realizing how hackneyed most of its tropes are.


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