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YMMV / Death Crusades

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  • Funny Moments:
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • Arthiel used a mage's lightning attack to charge her arrow and electrocute an enemy priestess with it.
    • Rissien threw a shuriken at an undead hero, and it acts like a boomerang and hits both the undead and a cultist. Then he does it a second time, hitting the cultist first and then the undead. This kills the Cultist and beheads(but not kill) the undead.
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    • In one encounter Millet out Rogue's the Rogue, Rissien, by acrobatically dodging most of the attacks headed her way, going so far as dancing on the edge of a giant's sword after it was slammed on the ground.
    • Arthiel killed a Boss in one round by making his head a pincushion.
    • An archer shot an arrow into one of Arthiel's eyes. Arthiel simply laughs, pulls out the arrow with her eye. and eats her own eye. Then she uses the arrow that shot out her eye and fires it back at the archer, hitting him in the eye with it.
    • The Death Knight, now revealed to go by the name Vincent, rushes in and beats the shit out of the party and brings one member really close to death. What happens next? Dag charges right back in at him and proceeds to DOUBLE CRIT and beat him down in a righteous charge. He also full heals himself from Bloodied as a side effect of the crits.


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