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  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • Ambrose ended up being Triple H's challenger for the world title at WWE Roadblock for two reasons:
      1. The fans wanted Dean to be in the main event of WrestleMania that year and finally win the title. The company, however, was dead set on finally giving Roman Reigns his moment even though the fans on TV made it clear that they hated him.
      2. With Daniel Bryan's retirement and Reigns' injury, there was no other wrestler, let alone face, on the full-time roster that would make a convincing challenger for Hunter. For that matter, the reason Hunter was even champion at the time was because there was no other heel on the level that had a chance of getting booed against Reigns.note 
      • While Dean didn't win, he still managed to get a pin on Hunter, making it clear to the fans that Dean could beat him. The only reason he wasn't made champion is because his foot was supposedly under the bottom rope. That being said, Dean got his win back on the European Tour as compensation.
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    • Dean's championship win at Money in the Bank 2016 and subsequent reign were considered to be the company's way of saying sorry for both what went down regarding Ambrose's participation at WrestleMania 32 (the fans made it vocally clear that they wanted Ambrose in the main event that year, only to get Reigns instead; Ambrose was put in a match with Brock Lesnar as a sort of compensation, but even that match ended with Ambrose being unceremoniously squashed by Lesnar (who reportedly didn't give a shit about the match and refused to work with Dean to even try and make the best of it). The fact that the actual event was so widely reviled that both the fans and the company are pretending it never happened is just icing on the cake), and for passing him up for the other two members of the Shield — not only did he win the title, he was also the #1 pick for SmackDown at the WWE Draft, effectively making him the face of that brand, and turned out to be the only member of his former stable drafted there. He was drafted before numerous top stars, including John Cena and Randy Orton (both of whom ended up on SD as well). He also pinned both Rollins and Reigns clean to bring the title to his brand — Rollins in a rematch at the Draft, Reigns at the Triple Threat at Battleground. It helps that Ambrose is the only member of the Shield to not embarrass the company in some fashion.note 
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  • Award Snub: Despite being the first member of the Shield (and the youngest wrestler) to become a Grand Slam champion, Dean's achievement is rarely mentioned at all by the commentators and not properly highlighted when compared to the others.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Ever since he won the World Heavyweight Championship, he's slowly morphed into this, which can admittedly be quite common for a lot of guys who win the world title for the first time. You have his devoted fans who believe he's absolutely doing a good job and deserves the push he's getting. Then you have wrestling fans who never liked Ambrose to begin with and criticize him for being overrated and/or limited in the ring, in addition to being unworthy of being world champion. You also have fans who like Ambrose but claim that he's been so neutered by jobbing to Reigns and Lesnar, along with WWE not pulling the trigger on him during the height of his popularity in 2014, that he can never truly be a credible world champion. Some fans accuse him of becoming complacent on the top and putting less effort into the matches. And of course, there are fans who say they loved Ambrose back when he was still in The Shield or when he had his first solo run but have turned on him now and see him as being a terrible world champion. Basically, his world championship run has divided wrestling fans into at least a half dozen or so different camps where opinions on Dean Ambrose are scattered all over the place.
    • Ambrose also didn't stand much of a chance when after Summerslam 2016 he went into a feud with AJ Styles. At the PPV, Ambrose had a lackluster and disappointing match with Dolph Ziggler while AJ had a MOTY contender with John Cena (who he beat clean). AJ was one of the hottest acts around after that, so when he feuded with Ambrose afterwards, most were on his side because they wanted to see him as champ over Ambrose. For some it was simply a case of AJ over Ambrose while still being a fan of Ambrose. It also didn't help that in another example of bizarre face-heel booking on WWE's part, Ambrose was the one using a jobber to repeatedly humiliate Styles with the help and support of management.
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    • The exact moment where fans became split down the middle for Ambrose seemed to be a podcast interview Ambrose had with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. While Austin himself had his fair share of detractors who felt he crossed the line by repeatedly trying to get Dean to talk about his past, a good segment of fans also turned against Ambrose, claiming how Dean was being lazy, apathetic, unprofessional, and disrespectful to an icon like Steve Austin. Also somewhat related to the Styles vs Ambrose feud where a lot of fans jumped from the Ambrose bandwagon to the Styles bandwagon, it didn't help matters that AJ Styles also had an interview with Austin, who asked him just as many hardball questions about his difficult childhood past as he did Ambrose but AJ appeared to handle himself a lot better and was more open to discussing his past. Basically, after the Stone Cold interview, fans either saw Ambrose as a sympathetic guy who overcame the odds and should be respected for not wanting to talk about his past or a lazy, worthless bum who has no idea how to conduct himself as world champion, with very little middle ground.
      • This gets even Harsher in Hindsight when it was revealed in May of 2019 in an interview that Austin didn't even know that Ambrose had asked him not to bring up his past/personal life. Apparently, the producer that Ambrose had talked to didn't communicate the request to Austin, and so when the topic was brought up, Austin was rightfully annoyed that his guest refused the topic and Ambrose was rightfully pissed that they hadn't respected his wishes.
  • Crazy Awesome:
    • The places where he hid so he could ambush Rollins: Under a table, in a goddamn car trunk, and in one of the presents at Hulk Hogan's birthday party!
    • And he weaponised a hotdog cart. And we don't just mean in the sense that he rammed it into someone, either.
    • His TLC match against Bray Wyatt was this, full stop.
    • His Asylum match against Chris Jericho at Extreme Rules 2016. Most of the match had been rather plodding and felt like it was overstaying its welcome,Explanation  with the premise of the weapons hanging above the ring (including a potted plant) running thing. But then Dean grabs an orange bucket. You'd think it was just a bucket, right? Nope, turns out something's inside it. It's a black bag...filled with THUMB TACKS. The last five minutes turn out to be intense, with multiple teases as to who's going in them. Jericho's Code Breaker gets countered by Dean slamming him onto the tack...of course Dean hits Dirty Deeds on Jericho, landing partially on the tacks himself. Dean wins.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: He's responsible for ending it, actually. Ambrose winning the title ended a long chain of heel and/or majorly disliked champions. He's been proclaimed as the first true face champion since Daniel Bryan himself. However, WWE had beaten down their fans so much that they had become extremely pessimistic and cynical and were convinced Ambrose was going to be a transitional champion. It wasn't until Ambrose pinned both Rollins and Reigns clean to win the title did people realize they were gonna get a nice, long reign with a popular face, much to their delight.
    • He previously played this straight, during his insultingly one-sided WrestleMania 32 feud with Brock Lesnar. Despite Dean's epic promos throughout, Brock always came out on top during their weekly encounters... which was ultimately no different during their final match — despite Dean's favor and support from Legends like Mick Foley and even Terry Funk. Fans were consequently left burned-out and frustrated (no surprise there) by this depressing and pointless feud. Compare this to The Undertaker's summer-2002 mini-feud with Jeff Hardy. The feud is constructed the same: the big violent dastardly heel repeatedly beats the hell out of the smaller rising superstar plucky babyface but the face never stays down and even challenges the heel to fight him in his type of match with grand stage and/or stakes involved. The heel wins in the end, but the face still gains credibility by showing his resiliency and utter refusal to give up. Yet two small but critical changes in the match separate an example of how Undertaker even in victory puts over whoever he wrestles from a cringeworthy demonstration that Brock's ultra-destroyer booking sets him further apart from the general roster than it does from Reigns and Cena: unlike Hardy, Ambrose was never portrayed as standing a chance for more than two seconds in the big match, and he never received a gesture of respect from Lesnar. The only saving grace was Dean's aforementioned title reign soon afterward, which was widely speculated to be a much-needed Author's Saving Throw after this anyway.
  • Dork Age: His long-awaited heel turn started off in dramatic fashion, turning on Seth Rollins the night Roman left WWE due to his leukemia diagnosis. It then devolved into a germaphobe Bane gimmick, killing off most of the fan interest in his rivalry with Rollins. The heel turn was so bad that it may have been a major factor in Ambrose deciding to leave the company. Now with only a few months left for him in WWE, he's been slowly retconed into resembling his old character.
  • Drama-Preserving Handicap: Dean Ambrose went on a losing streak during his initial feud with Seth Rollins. This was mostly due to the fact that he was selling a shoulder injury from the week after Rollins betrayed the Shield all the way through the night Rollins curb-stomped him out of comission for a month. That shoulder injury was pretty much the only reason Ambrose would ever lose to Rollins, who was by that point a cowardly heel who never hesitated to run a way from a fair fight.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • His feud with Seth Rollins served as the kickstarter for this trope. Not that he wasn't one in NXT and in the Shield, but he has become this BIG TIME ever since he started letting out more of his Ax-Crazy personality again towards (and after) the end of the Shield run. WWE doesn't have any long-term plans for him, but they know DA has a sizable following so they always cut away to him in the live segments just to remind you he's there. Given that Ambrose has gotten a short program with Triple H headed for a WrestleMania Street Fight with Brock Lesnar, it seems that WWE is finally recognizing his popularity. (Major established stars like John Cena and Randy Orton being unavailable for WrestleMania due to injury probably helps).
    • There is a reason why Dean is considered the most popular member of The Shield. Seth Rollins is popular with hardcore fans but since he's a heel he's hated by casual fans. Roman Reigns, with his controversial mega-push and the company's desperate attempts to make him Samoan John Cena, is hated by hardcore fans and a significant amount of casual fans. Dean is the only one of the group to be well-liked by both sections of the base. In fact, when Daniel Bryan retired, Ambrose became the most popular face on the full-time roster. Many speculate this is why he was last to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion — to make his win and subsequent pop as memorable as possible.
    • It was only two months into his title reign before people started saying Ambrose already had the best and most interesting reign out of all three members of The Shield, and that was during his first feud after Rollins and Reigns, with Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler had been a jobber to the stars for the last year and a half despite being one of the most decorated wrestlers in the company and a former two-time world champion. Despite all that making Ziggler an Ensemble Darkhorse of his own in the eyes of the fans, out of the six possible opponents Ambrose could have, he was easily one of the least credible, and many wondered how in the hell they were going to make Ziggler a viable and compelling contender for the title, especially after the company had just pushed Finn Bálor to the moon on Raw by having him pin Roman Reigns clean to become one of the contenders for the newly created WWE Universal Championship against Seth Rollins. The following week on WWE SmackDown, it only took Ambrose and Ziggler one promo to make their match feel as big the dream match between Rollins and Bálor; by the end of the show, people were more invested in it than the marquee match between Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar.
    • Ambrose was so popular that in 2018, every time he teased a Face–Heel Turn the fans cheered for him. He was only able to successfully turn them against him by turning on the one night they would never be able to accept it: the night Roman Reigns relinquished the Universal Championship and took a hiatus to battle his second round of leukemia.
  • Estrogen Brigade: He's the closest the company has to a "bad boy" that isn't a heel, so this was inevitable. It's been said Dean Ambrose has some of the most rabid fan girls in the company. Women love him.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
    • A lot of fans love to ship Dean Ambrose and Renee Young. This is not helped by the Ship Tease between the two in on-screen interviews since he turned face with The Shield, nor the possible case of Romance on the Set this seems to stem from. Renee later confirmed that they were dating in early 2015. Dean has made a few appearances on Total Divas, which gives us a look into their relationship, and they tied the knot in early 2017.
    • When it comes to slash, Ambrollins (Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins) reigns supreme, though there's a good deal of Ambreigns (Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns) out there too (considering their real-life True Companions relationship that also extends to the rest of the Anoa'i clan). Not to mention that The New Day seem to ship Ambreigns pretty hard.
  • Foe Yay: Speaking of Wyatt, Ambrose's feud with him had more of this than one would expect. During TLC 2014, after he elbow-dropped Wyatt through the Spanish Announcers Table, he actually kissed Bray's forehead, before beating the crap out of him further.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: While it was already pretty damn harsh and considered appallingly tasteless even at the time, the promo Dean cut on Seth after turning heel where he said that even Roman will "have to answer to the guy upstairs" after he was forced to take time out to recover from leukemia was even more horrible than initially though. Dean had gotten so distracted with trying to get a truly stupid line about needing to bring a pooper-scooper to LA replaced that he hadn't noticed the shot at Roman until it was too late and Vince was able to persuade him with his "Jedi mind tricks" to go through with it. As soon as Dean said the line he felt physically ill, and this was what put the final nail in his decision to quit WWE. Even worse, the next week Vince wanted him to take another shot at Roman, one even worse than the first one, which Dean just flat-out refused to do, the line supposedly being so bad that if he had delivered it then WWE would have lost sponsors and Vince would have been forced to sack Dean on the spot in order to save face.
  • He Really Can Act:
    • While 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown was considered your standard WWE B-Movie fare (though many state it's better than what they usually put out), Ambrose was considered to be a highlight of the film with some definite talent for acting. This sentiment only increased when an episode of Swerved came out on the WWE Network and showed him acting as a crazy tourist at Universal's City Walk for a faux-prize promotion in order to prank fans. He managed to convince people so well that when he finally said "Swerved!" said fans had a delayed reaction.
    • His WWE Chronicle episode. A character study of Ambrose, from his return to the night of Face–Heel Turn, it is a fantastic piece that blurs the line between kayfabe and reality and really showcases Ambrose's acting chops. Many fans outright stated that Ambrose deserved an Emmy for his performance.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Back during The Shield days, everyone pegged Ambrose as a career heel. By 2016, he was one of the most popular faces on the roster, if not THE most popular, and eventually its top face. For added hilarity, everyone pegged his future Arch-Enemy Seth Rollins as a career face. Rollins ended becoming the top heel in the company.
    • The fact that his harsh background has left him as such a grounded and mature person yet so talented at portraying a realistically mentally damaged character that it's become his stock and trade in the wrestling business.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Quite a few fans picked up on some early on between him and Seth Rollins, dating back to their FCW feud. While Roman Reigns did often spear people as part of his Big Brother Instinct towards his teammates, Seth was usually the first to leap in and defend Dean during matches. Dean and Seth also walked together to ringside during their entrances (despite Roman being positioned as Seth's tag team partner for awhile), pulled one another to safety after matches, and generally would hang all over one another. During one Ambrose match with Daniel Bryan, during which Bryan busted Dean's face open right under his eye, Seth Rollins acted like a concerned boyfriend, even trying to come to Ambrose's defense, risking both a DQ and a beatdown from Bryan's tag-team partner Kane. That the borderline-psychotic Dean Ambrose seemed genuinely fond and protective of Rollins is surely significant, as well.
    • During the Shield's face run, Seth and Dean began doing stereo suicide dives, and even resorted to crazy dives to save one another from Randy Orton and Triple H's assault as the four fought increasingly further away from the ring during the six-man tag match at Extreme Rules 2014. It seemed they were developing into a first-rate tag team of their own while working alongside a burgeoning singles juggernaut in Roman. Perhaps this goes toward explaining Dean's absolutely visceral hatred towards Seth for his betrayal—he's a borderline Man Scorned, and not in a mockable Matt Hardy-ish way. During a handicap match against Rollins and Kane, Dean finally got Seth by himself after incapacitating Kane, only to grab a page from Obi-Wan and scream this in his face:
    "I loved you, Seth! You were my brother!"
    • This came back in the Destruction of the Shield DVD, when Rollins admitted that he and Ambrose are wrestling soulmates.
    • There's a curiously intimate moment during their Lumberjack match where Ambrose caresses Rollins' back as Rollins is trying to pin him.
    • Things between Ambrose and Rollins heated up even more during the summer of 2017 after both got into feuds with the Miztourage. After on-and-off teaming, bickering, and generally acting liking Tsunderes to each other, things culminated in the August 14, 2017 episode of RAW, which saw Dean and Seth acting like a pair of bitter, jilted, ex-lovers that both want to get back together but have burned each other so many times that they just don't know how to really forgive. The entire segment was dripping with Belligerent Homoerotic Foe Romance Subtext, to the point even male wrestling fans were telling them to screw already, lampshading their support of said homoeroticism by mentioning how much they wanted to see two guys "fisting" each other. Eventually, the tension boiled over and the two got into a brawl, only to finally reunite and "fist" after getting attack by Sheamus and Cesaro. The following Sunday, they won the RAW Tag Team Championship, which only fuels the fire even more. In fact, many wrestling fans commented that Ambrose and Rollins' reunion storyline was the second gayest storyline in 2017, after the reunion of the Golden☆Lovers Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi, whose entire gimmick is based on the Homoerotic Subtext between them.
    • Of course, Ambrose and Reigns have this with each other, even after the breakup of The Shield. This was especially prevalent during mid-late 2015 while combating the newly reunited Wyatt Family together, where Ambreigns seemed to be concocting some epic bromance together and Dean acting like jealous boyfriend when Randy Orton joined up with them briefly before Orton got injured again. For that matter, Rollins and Reigns were starting to develop some too during their brief feud before Rollins got injured, which may owe to Ambrolleigns having a surge of popularity. Hilariously lampshaded by The New Day on the 2-1-2016 episode of Raw.
      Big E: Ambrose!
      Woods: Reigns!
      Kingston: Ambreigns!
      Woods: Hey, that's what they call them on Tumblr and all those fanfiction sites!
    • According to Dean, Roman tastes like cinnamon. No, wait, he meant SMELLS!
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Aside from Renee, as well as Seth Rollins (see Ho Yay above for details), he's also been shipped with William Regal and, of all people, Bray Wyatt.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: Many people had this reaction towards the idea of WWE seriously pushing Ambrose, even after he won the title. Many were convinced he was a transitional champion at best... until he pinned Roman Reigns cleanly to retain the championship, to the delight of the fanbase.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "Nope." explanation 
    • His vest, apparently. It even has a Tumblr blog dedicated to it.
    • Two words: Titty Master. explanation 
    • Dean. Fucking. Ambrose.
    • Dean stole Roman's cousins.explanation 
      • Dean is an honorary Samoan.explanation 
    • Arrive. Dirty Deeds. Leave.explanation 
  • Moment of Awesome: See the page.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Turning on Seth Rollins on the night Roman Reigns announced he was retiring for leukemia recovery. It is so far, the only thing that has gained Dean legitimate heat from the fans.
  • Narm: A lot of his moveset has been criticized for looking ridiculous (and no, not in the 'lunatic' way) and unintentionally hilarious. The biggest contender has to be Ambrose's punches which are notoriously weak-looking.
  • Refuge in Audacity: His modus operandi, even down to his actual in-ring style, seems to boil down to "fuck it - it's worth a shot, right?" He basically runs on doing things that no other person would be nuts enough (or have the nuts enough) to attempt.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • In the 2006 Royal Rumble, he held the torch as one of The Undertaker's druids.
    • He also appeared on Velocity shortly afterward as one-half of a tag team jobbing to MNM. One half of MNM became his own example of the trope, appearing in 2014 as one-half of Seth Rollins's security detail.
  • Rooting for the Empire: As part of The Shield before they turned face. He and Rollins each had followings from before hitting WWE; and upon their debut, their immediate course of action was to defend their ultra-popular fellow former indy star CM Punk from transparently pro-establishment babyfaces the likes of John Cena and Ryback. They were practically asking for this to be the case.
  • Sanity Has Advantages: Sure, his unpredictability is what fans love about him, but one could easily make the argument that his lack of emotional control causes him more problems than it solves. Bray Wyatt has even called Ambrose out on it a couple of times, and while Wyatt isn't a hell of a lot more sane than Ambrose himself, and thus his statements ring somewhat hollow, there's some legit reasons to back this up: During his TLC match with Wyatt, Dean Ambrose discovered a small monitor under the ring and saw that it was projecting his face and the crowd behind him on the jumbotron. He clowned around with it, and that let Bray recover and attack him. But far more damningly later was Dean's decision to try to smash Bray Wyatt's face with the monitor. The monitor exploded in his face when it reached the end of its cord, and Bray Wyatt hit Sister Abigail for the pinfall.
  • Signature Scene:
    • The last match of FCW before transitioning into NXT, where Ambrose absolutely wrecks William Regal's face with a knee trembler.
    • Money in the Bank 2016: Finally capturing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship by cashing in on Seth Rollins, finally getting his revenge for Rollins' betrayal of the Shield.
    • The August 14, 2017 episode of RAW, which saw him and Rollins finally burying the hatchet and reuniting as a team.
    • August 13, 2018: his return from injury, helping Rollins take down Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler.
    • October 22, 2018: In one of the most shocking endings to RAW in years, Ambrose makes his long-awaited Face–Heel Turn against Rollins, the same night their other best friend Roman Reigns was forced to relinquish the Universal Title and go on hiatus from wrestling to battle his recurrent leukemia.
    • May 25, 2019 was the night the "Deano leaving WWE is a work" rumours were finally put to rest with his cameo at All Elite Wrestling's Double or Nothing show, by destroying both Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: His WrestleMania Street Fight with Brock Lesnar. The issues are many: After weeks of awesome promos by Ambrose, he basically got squashed by Lesnar, not even in a way that could've at least made Ambrose look Defiant to the End, while Lesnar seemed to just mock him the entire time. The commentary didn't put Ambrose over either, instead chuckling and counting how many times Dean went to "Suplex City." Ambrose didn't even get a chance to use any real weapons, which sort of defeated the entire purpose of the match. Furthermore, the revelation that The Rock's segment went about a half hour (where he basically dicked around with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, a flamethrower, and The Wyatt Family) led to fans basically going apoplectic: why did we need to waste that much time with The Rock, which did no one any favors, instead of trying to build a new star?
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: Like his former Shield brothers after Survivor Series 2015 opened up a floodgate of resentment against the company for the terrible booking the entire roster seems to be going through. Dean's the most popular of the three, however he's been stuck in the upper midcard for most of his singles career. However, he doesn't get this as much as the other two because it's very clear the company doesn't actually hate him (in fact, Vince has stated in many interviews that he likes Ambrose, and Hunter has a soft spot for all his NXT talent, former and current), and he was considered on the cusp of being main event talent. It's more likely his push was being delayed because they want Roman Reigns to get over as a face first, whereas Seth Rollins merely benefited from circumstances surrounding the controversy of Reigns' push and got his push as a result of that. Dean, being more over than Roman as a face and wildly popular in general, would've eclipsed Reigns if they were to give him a full-on main event push then, to the point that they would never be able to get Reigns over as THE top face of the company like they want to, as for all of Ambrose's talent and popularity, he simply lacked the look corporate wanted in their top face. While many were willing to be patient and wait for Dean's push, many point out that they'd tried to get Roman Reigns over for practically the entire year, yet have screwed up his booking so badly that it'd be impossible for him to get completely over as a face, and since Ambrose is the most over face on the roster behind Daniel Bryan (and, should Bryan's in-ring career truly be over, the most over face in general), it would've been logical to just give Ambrose his main event push then as a face and just have Reigns get over as a heel and then turn him face later. This argument also postulated that they should feud, which is what everyone wanted anyway after Seth Rollins got injured, putting a kibosh on the potential Rolleigns feud. However, the ending to the aforementioned PPV had him squarely stuck in the midcard for the foreseeable future, which many were not happy about since his potential spot as Reigns' feud got taken by Sheamus, who many believe ran his course as a main event star years ago, and whom no one wanted to be champion at all.
    • It's popped up again in the latter half of December 2017, after Dean injured his triceps at TLC in October, wrestled with it for two months, and then had to go in for emergency surgery. The injury was unforeseeable, but it's clear that WWE was heavily relying on him to carry both the Shield reunion and a chunk of the tag-team division with Seth Rollins. Now that Dean's on the shelf for an unknown amount of time, Creative seems to be throwing everything they can against the wall. Roman's feud with Samoa Joe looks to be entertaining and potentially great drama for the Royal Rumble, but Seth is stuck teaming with Jason Jordan - a guy who spent weeks building a heel turn and feud with his "father" Kurt Angle, a guy who is talented but not seen as anywhere near the level of either Seth or Dean, and a guy who Seth never really liked before mid-December. Putting the Raw tag-team belts on Seth and Jordan seems to be exacerbating the ire of fans, who are irked that while the Roman-Dean brotherhood seems as strong as ever, Dean and Seth had been on a losing streak against the Bar (most of which were pins of Dean), and after Dean gets hurt, Jordan just steps right in and wins the tag belts with no problems. It makes Jordan look stronger than he is, Seth look like he's stepped back into his 2015ish weasel persona, caring only about gold, and Dean the guy who was weighing the Shield down and can be easily replaced. They tried to salvage this by having Jordan come off as increasingly arrogant that he could replace Dean while drawing the ire of Roman and Seth to the point they can hardly stand him, but this went nowhere because Jordan got injured as well.
  • The Woobie: Moxley, Ambrose, and the man himself Jonathan Good have one thing in common: They've been through utter hell.

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