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YMMV / Deadtime Stories

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These apply to the cartoon:

  • Creepy Cute: While she does turn out to be a shrieking, black-eyed spider monster who messily devours her parents, the little girl is kinda cute when she's not angry... And then there's her innocent humming, and the way she genuinely smiles and waves goodbye to Ebola in the end. Awwww!
  • Nightmare Fuel: Made of it. The best examples would be Ebola's own nightmare in the beginning, and the little girl's horrific transformation into a spider monster.

These apply to the live action show:

  • Funny Moments:
    • In "Invasion of the Appleheads":
      • When the police arrive at the house, and the kids discover they've also turned into applehead dolls because they drank the cider. One of the kids asks "Doesn't anyone in this town drink coffee?!"
      • The kids try to trick the witch into drinking her cursed cider by dousing her favorite peanut brittle in it. The witch takes a big bite out of it but then immediately spits it out, screaming "This peanut brittle tastes like poo!"
  • Nightmare Retardant: In "Along Came a Spider", a Giant Spider is defeated by holding a leaf blower up to its mouth, causing it to inflate like a balloon and fly through the air.
  • Special Effects Failure: Many very obvious morphing effects are used, and "The Beast of Baskerville" looks like he's wearing an obvious Halloween mask. Some other effects, like ghost effects in "A Grave Secret" are surprisingly well done.


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