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  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient:
    • The ending of the first episode. Judy was the one who ran over Ted.
    • The entire Season One finale, but especially the last minute. Jen finds out Judy killed Ted, and after taking steps to try and make amends, Judy tries to commit suicide... but is stopped by Jen calling her and telling her to come home. When she does, she finds out that Jen shot Steve.
  • Les Yay: Judy and Jen. Definitely. After Ted's death, Judy is the first person that Jen connects to emotionally and they often confide in each other even when they've only been friends for a short time. When Judy moves in (which Jen invites her to do after very little time), they grow even closer and Judy almost acts like Charlie and Henry's step-mother (another parent even asks her which of the kids is hers when she goes to Henry's recital with Judy).
    • Jen as much as says she loves Judy in "I Can Handle It" when she says "The last time someone that I loved didn't call me back, he was dead." Judy hadn't answered Jen all day, and immediately feels awful when Jen says this. Jen also says she needed her. "And that's really hard for me to admit."
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    • "We could be a three child mothering team."
    • When it's revealed that Judy can't have kids, Jen assures her that she's a part of her family. Later in the same episode, Judy calls them "my family".
    • After the truth comes out and she's planning to turn herself in, Judy says that the worst punishment is losing Jen and even tells her she loves her.
  • The Woobie:
    • Judy is self-destructive and made a horrible mistake, but she's so wracked with guilt over the whole thing, genuinely unstable, and overall so nice most of the time that you can't help but want to give the poor woman a hug.
    • Surprisingly, Ted's mistress, Bambi, is one. Jen (and the audience) are fully prepared to hate her, except when Judy talks to her, she finds out that she did know Ted had a wife and children... but he told her his wife was dead. She's utterly crushed when Judy tells her. Once you realize Bambi's a not-very-bright young woman who got tricked, it's hard not to feel a little bad for her.

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