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YMMV / Dawn of the Croods

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  • Funny Moments:
    • In "The Good Surprise", while practicing on surprising their mom, Eep and Thunk told Munk he won 100 free eggs.
    Munk: I did?!
    Thunk: No! But look how happy you are now!
    [Munk cries in a fetal position.]
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • In the first episode, "A Gran Day Out", when Grug allows Gran to move into the cave.
    Grug: Normally, I say don't to anything new, but just this once, I'll say do. Do move into our cave. But only I sit on my slab.
    Gran: I promise nothing, Glop.
    Ugga walks by.
    Ugga: Woah, you two agree on something?
    Grug: Yes. We both love you.
    Ugga brings the two into a group hug.
    • Similarly, in the eighth episode, "Mom Genes", when Ugga loses her temper and tells her family to stop their arguing, Grug and Gran look at each other, sharing a look of concern.
    • Whenever Eep's Big Sister Instinct towards Thunk kicks in.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Lerk is overly clingy towards Eep, and some of the faces she makes give the impression that there's more than a platonic attraction.
      • In "The Eep-Over", Lerk jumps into Eep's arms after being terrified of a sound. Then Lerk pats Eep's cheek and said she's pretty, while looking at her with dreamy eyes. Though she does it with Steve too.
      • In "Bad Sandy" she carved a statue of Eep and said she had "weird plans" for it.
      • In "It Crushes" she found the good-looking Kevin unattractive and almost threw up when he started kissing her arm.
    Lerk: You're not even close to my type.
    • In "It Takes Ahhh! Valley", Lerk replaces Eep as her friend with her own hand with a face drawn on it, like some use to practice kissing.
    • In "The First Picture Show", Amber seems to like Pretty, Hunk's girlfriend in Thunk's story.
    Eep: (playing Pretty) "I'm Hunk's girlfriend, Pretty!"
    Amber: (intrigued) Well, well, Amber think this just get interesting!


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