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  • Moe: Li´l Petey is utterly adorable.
  • Nightmare Fuel: In A Tale of Two Kitties, Mecha Flippy starts to chase Li´l Petey and the panels zoom into his mouth. You can also see the sharp teeth! Yikes.
  • Older Than They Think:
    • Dog Man was mentioned in the first Captain Underpants book and a shorter version of what would become "A Hero is Born" was featured in the ninth.
    • "The Tongue of Justice" and "The Wrath of Petey", two comics from the period when George and Harold first met up were featured as extras in the color reissues of the second and third Captain Underpants books.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • In A Tale of Two Kitties, after deciding that Li´l Petey is not fit to be his clone, Petey puts him in a box labeled "Free Kitty" and tries to give him away. When Li´l Petey sneaks off to go to the bathroom, Petey runs away. Li´l Petey then wanders the city in the dark, hoping that someone will take him in. Later, it's hard not to feel bad for Petey as he runs all over town looking for Li´l Petey after exclaiming "What have I done!?".
    • The Reveal in For Whom the Ball Rolls that Petey's father treated him horribly, behavior which he continues when he reappears in Petey's life, compounded by the fact that Harold's confirmed as co-writer for the story which many fans have interpreted as him drawing on his own experiences with his Disappeared Dad.
    • Grime and Punishment took Petey’s issues with his dad Up to Eleven by revealing that his father not only abandoned him when he was young, but around the time that his mother had gotten sick.
      Petey: Look— your Grampa... He ABANDONED me and my mom! He left when I was just a kitten! He left when… He left when my mom was sick.
      Lil’ Petey: Your mommy was sick?
      Petey: Yeah.
      Lil’ Petey: She got better though, right? (Petey doesn’t respond) Right, Papa?

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