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  • Complete Monster: The evil dragon Draak once tried to Take Over the World before being driven away. Returning, Draak incinerates the order of monks of the goddess, brutally sweeping across the land to kill multitudes of people with his forces and monsters, utilizing the evil Darkstone to rise even further. With the Darkstone, Draak plots to drain the lives of everyone in the kingdoms to empower himself and rise to godhood.
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  • Demonic Spiders: Lots of them, including some Shelob-sized beauties.
  • Ear Worm: The Darkstone Will Shine
  • Game-Breaker: At least in the Playstation port, there's really no reason to play any of the classes besides the Assassin/Thief class. First ranged combat is vastly superior to close combat, even if the weapons are a bit weaker you'll be getting hit a lot less often, especially against the bosses and stronger enemies you're not strong enough to flinch, making them much more capable of fighting enemies above their class without having to rely heavily on magic. Then the real gamebreaker is their Thief skill that allows them to get far more items and equipment from enemies, while stolen equipment is much more likely to be enchanted, which significantly increases the likelihood of them getting better equipment, and when combined with the Good Bad Bug mentioned below of being able to get duplicate plot items, also means they'll be getting drastically more money. With all that extra money, they'll not only be able to afford substantially better equipment and keep themselves stocked up on items, they'll also be able to buy far more of the stat-boosting potions that will become your main source of stat-increasing after you get to the point where levelups are painfully slow and no longer rewarding, which will make them stronger than the other classes in durability, damage output, and magic ability. They even get the Identify skill for good measure too, which means they won't have to spend any money on identifying unidentified enchanted equipment, and will be able to know which equipment is most worthwhile to take back to sell.
  • Good Bad Bugs:
    • Ranged weapons and spells can be used on enemies on the other side of certain types of walls and doors (such as prison-style bars), but they can't attack you in return. This is eliminated if you install any of the patches for the PC version.
    • The unpatched PC version also has a truly remarkable way to use the very limited inventory space to generate unlimited gold for your character. Explicit directions can be found on a number of fan sites.
    • A similar bug can be found in the PlayStation version; the normal mace's selling price, for some reason, is higher than its buying price, which you can abuse for extra gold.
    • In the Playstation version, enemies and bosses that drop a plot-important item can have it stolen by the Thief skill, while they will still drop it upon death, meaning you can get duplicates of such plot items if you can successfully use the Thief skill, which you can then sell as artifacts later for substantial money, even the ones you would normally have to use up elsewhere to advance the plot. You can even get duplicates of the crystals when a boss drops one, which might seem useless at first since you can never sell the crystals, however the crystal collection for the Time Orb doesn't check if you actually got the seven different crystals, just that you have seven of any crystals, meaning you can have a duplicate crystal take the spot of another crystal. So through this exploit you can get the Time Orb and thus beat the game faster without having to resolve the plot of all seven lands (you can beat it after clearing just four of the lands if you're lucky enough to get four quests that end in fighting a boss that drops the crystal), and it can safeguard against a glitch that can make overworld items disappear permanently, preventing you from having to restart the game if it affects a crystal you left lying around.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Be prepared for a cutscene following the fourth dungeon in which the landscape drastically changes.
    • There's also the Village of the Damned, where you can be mauled to death by an entire screen full of poisonous spiders. It takes only seconds.


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