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YMMV / Daredevil: Born Again

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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: While primarily a great Daredevil story, Captain America who appears near the end, ends up being so compelling that many consider this to be a great Captain America story as well.
  • Never Live It Down: Poor Karen Page will be forever remembered as the girl who sold out Matt for a drug fix and got killed. It got so bad that on the Netflix TV show, Karen got some hate aimed at her simply for this storyline, especially once Karen learned Matt's identity at the end of Season Two. Deborah Ann Woll even had to go on record saying that she'd been promised that her version of Karen would not do this. When Season 3 of the show explored Karen's backstory, Woll worked with showrunner Erik Oleson to steer away from Karen's fate in the comics. Here, Karen's drug addiction is relegated to her past, and is what contributed to the death of her brother. Also, she never sells Matt's identity out; she's just led to assume that she did when Fisk catches her off guard by asking her about it during a back and forth battle of wits, and in reality Fisk learns it from watching Matt fight inmates in prison.
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  • Newer Than They Think: You might think that Captain America's much-repeated, much-vaunted line "I'm loyal to nothing, General, except The Dream" is from the Englehart days, maybe Gruenwald, maybe the Brubaker stuff, maybe even a classic Avengers story. Nope. It's from this by Frank Miller at the height of his creative powers.
  • Signature Scene:
    • Matt Murdoch returning to his red outfit in a splash page with the line, "Next issue: Armageddon", is one of the quintessential Daredevil moments.
    • Kingpin contemplating the skyline of New York while noting that "there was no corpse."
    • Captain America holding a flag and proclaiming his loyalty to the American Dream.


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