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YMMV / Dans une galaxie près de chez vous

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  • Acceptable Targets: Played for laughs; the crew once came across a planet that was too small for colonization, with the Captain saying there is only enough room for 40 people or 4 fat Americans on a beach in Florida.
  • Ass Pull: Shortly after Charles' relationship with Valence is exposed by Brad, losing his rank and having told his recollection of how he met Valence, Flavien (who is the second officer by this time) becomes the new captain. That is, until he abolishes the rule that forbids captains to have romantic relationships. There was no prior indication that a captain could abolish a rule, and Charles apparently couldn't bring himself to do it.
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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: After Brad informs the Captain that they might be getting closer to finding the ideal planet, the crew suddenly breaks into a song and dance number. It's the only time they do this in the entire series.
  • Creator's Pet: Flavien since one of the writer is playing him, he is the one that get to be the most heroic and character development.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Among other things Brad does; him tormenting Bob, while he suffers from Earth sickness (without knowing the consequences)? Cruel and heartless. Topping it off with a stand-up comedy routine? Hilarious.
  • Cult Classic: Incredibly obscure outside of Québec. The fact that is has a page here on TV Tropes is surprising, to say the least.
  • Growing the Beard: Season 2 is often seen as the season who gave the show its cult status. Valence was Darrin'd and given a Personality change, it introduced Pétrolia and Serge who will be permanent additions to the crew and the writing became more balanced between comedy and drama with Character Development for the cast (Charles fear of failure to the point of having a depression, Flavian's daddy issues, Brad is given a Freudian Excuse for his actions) who will continue in later seasons.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The movie Interstellar, which came out in 2014, is a serious take on a spaceship crew needing to find a new planet to evacuate humanity to after Earth is rendered uninhabitable. Of the characters in the movie, there's a captain, a female officer who believes love can solve all the world's problems, a robot, a young female scientific genius, a scrawny-ish tech guy, a black guy, and a coward who backstabs his teammates because he's too scared to keep going with the mission. Does any of this sound familiar?
    • The gag involving Star Wars never having stopped getting sequels is humorous enough note , but it became even funnier in light of Disney acquiring the license and doing just that.
    • Flavien plays a game where if you get hurt/died in the game, you get hurt/die in real life? Take note that this predates both .hack and Sword Art Online by about two years. note 
  • Love to Hate: Brad is the most despicable person and also a fan favorite for it.
  • Periphery Demographic: The show originally aired on Canal Famille, a French Canadian channel that was aimed towards the whole family, and thus had content suitable for kids. However, it managed to gain a lot of fans from teenagers and even adults thanks to its humor (including jokes that kids wouldn't necessarily get), memorable characters, and dramatic moments.
  • Spiritual Successor: Of Red Dwarf, with similar styles of stories, characters and a distinctively low budget visual style reminiscent of the early seasons.
    • Interesting is that among french speaking Quebecois, Red Dwarf is very obscure, yet the shows share too many parallels to be ignored.
  • The Woobie: Despite all the problems that he has directly caused to the crew by being a Jerk with a Heart of Jerk, the final two episodes show Brad genuinely regretting his actions and making him lovable in his own deeply flawed way.
  • Woolseyism: Applies to the English subtitles for the movies, where many of the jokes are Woolseyisms rather than literal translations, and slang is used quite often.

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