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YMMV / Danny, the Champion of the World

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  • Fair for Its Day: Poaching pheasants off the wealthy, as Danny's father explains to his son, was a necessary evil as people were so poverty stricken during the Depression, they either had to steal birds or starve to death.
  • Sweet Dreams Fuel: While there are hints of Nightmare Fuel in the book, it only enhances the Sweet Dreams Fuel. Especially when Danny's father tells him a tale of a certain very large friend of children who later got his own Spin-Off...
  • Values Dissonance: A few issues that would be pretty uncomfortable in modern times are treated quite casually.
    • The book consistently uses "Gypsy" (which was not considered a slur back when it was written, unlike now) instead of the more appropriate "Roma".
    • The ethics of poaching, and hunting in general, is treated rather lightly (although Danny is horrified when he first finds out that such a nice man like this father would even consider poaching to be fun).
    • Mr Snoddy, who has been driven to drink by his wife's constant abuse, isn't given so much as a second thought. Then again, the story takes place from the point of view of 9 year old Danny, who wouldn't give it much, if any, thought. Okay, modern adult readers might not care either, sadly.


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