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YMMV / Danganronpa: Last Hurrah

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: At the end of the fourth trial, Samuru refuses to admit to having executed Umeko's mother. Was he telling the truth? Was he deliberately lying, possibly to deny Umeko the satisfaction of hearing her mother's killer admit to the crime? Or does he simply not remember every single woman he's executed? Eventually, it's shown that he most likely did, in fact, kill Umeko's mother, but since he's dead by then, it isn't conclusively revealed whether he honestly believed he didn't do such a thing, or was merely lying about it.
  • Captain Obvious Reveal:
    • Reyes is Sparkling Justice. She comes from Spain (the country where Sparkling Justice was said to be from), wields a rapier, likes justice, and dislikes criminals and corruption.
    • Some participants on the Discord server easily fingered Nao's new girlfriend Umeko as the fourth culprit, since she took the longest time to get through the maze(giving her time to carry out the murder), and rather suspiciously asked Nao about what he thought of the previous killers' motivations (likely to see if he sympathized with her). It also helps that she's yet another case of a dead Love Interest in a Danganronpa story.
  • Fridge Brilliance: In hindsight, the second killer's warning that there was a murderer among them comes off as less of a Villain's Dying Grace, and more of a way of causing the next murder, since Jirou is actually the mastermind. What's more, Jirou specifies that the individual was the one person besides Samuru who had killed "plenty of times" before, a distinction that is necessary since everyone in the class has apparently committed at least one murder before the killing game started.
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  • Fridge Logic: Nao's Ultimate NEET title is a blatant contradiction. Even ignoring the fact that by occasionally attending school, he wouldn't qualify for NEET status, Ultimate titles require the bearer to be in high school, so a true NEET wouldn't qualify. This is eventually addressed in the story, with Nao saying that he doesn't deserve his Ultimate title, and was only chosen because the person responsible saw something in him.
  • Narm:
  • Prolonged Prologue: This fic has six pre-prologue chapters, and another two chapters for the actual prologue.

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