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  • Memetic Mutation:
    • First news (and "footage") of the game as Stepstar came around the same time that Nintendo had released an extended preview of Splatoon 2, whose lobby features a dance game with an eerily similar design. Cue the people joking that Konami ripped off Nintendo.
    • Jokes about the game needing a bar sprang up after "Set me free" became a new extra stage, noting its unusually technical chart.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The game notably only allows two stages per credit at most, and this cannot be changed even in the operator settings. There is a mode, Standard mode, that allows earning an additional stage, but it requires PASELI, which is Japan-exclusive, leaving American players stuck with two stages. Oh, and as salt in the wound, some unlocks require Extra Stage, and thus are impossible to earn in the US. As extra salt in the wound, Standard mode is available in non-Japan Asia versions, simply costing twice as many credits as Light mode (much like how extra-charge modes in non-Japan Asian versions of Konami games simply ask for more credits instead of using PASELI); while it's more expensive relative to Light mode compared to playing in Japan, at least the option exists to begin with.
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  • Spiritual Adaptation: It's Chunithm WITH YOUR FEET!
  • That One Level: The finale to Spark Festival 2019, ''Set Me Free'' by kors k and L.E.D., should absolutely count as physical torture. (On the bright side, it's torture with an absolute bop playing in the background.) Incredibly wide T-step patterns, slide patterns unique to the stage (thus far) that are borderline impossible to perform without preparation, repeated jumps on 8th notes, and a Running Man pattern you have to switch direction on every 4th. Also, if you wanted to unlock it without using stars (200 stars, 100 with missions), you had to clear the entire thing in less than 3 misses. One over, and you're kicked out for good, and forced to use stars.
  • Win the Crowd: The USA division of Japanese amusement center chain Round 1 did this on Konami's behalf when they announced that they would be getting the game. It helps that the game has user-selectable language options, including English.

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