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  • Adaptation Displacement: The 360 version was soon forgotten thanks to a lack of updates and a small song pool in favor of the more-frequently-updated and longer-supported arcade version.
  • Americans Hate Tingle: The game is not very popular in North America due to having to go up against the likes of Dance Central and Just Dance, which are produced by Western developers and far more popular. The lack of the arcade version that Japanese arcades tend to have doesn't help.
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  • Memetic Mutation: "YOU CAN MOVE YOUR BODY FREELY!"note 
  • Mind Screw: One of the songs on the arcade version is the infamous Pon Pon Pon. Thankfully, they exorcised the music video, but god help those who're curious enough to look up the PV on Youtube...
    • However, the game is straight up mind screw to those who have not heard of the Kinect, let alone know how to use one.
  • Self-Imposed Challenge:
    • Even at Master or Stealth difficulty, not everything is judged. A basic challenge is to perform the entire routine, including the unjudged details/moves.
    • In the arcade version, before the stage starts, some players would place a large, black board in front of the screen and do the dance entirely from memory.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: "FLOWER" doesn't sound like something you would put in a game with a heavy emphasis on dance routines, but it was put in anyway because of Konami's habit of crossing it over into every active BEMANI game.
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  • Polished Port: DanceEvolution Arcade, if only for its continuous addition of new songs.

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