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  • Acceptable Targets:
    • He's made more than a few digs at David Cameron.
    • Sam Pepper, as shown by his playing Cards Against Humanity with Mangaminx.
    • While he was fairly restrained in his criticism, "RAPPER REACTS TO THE FINE BROS" has a few digs at React and the controversial React World proposal.
    • He played Battlefield 1 in the Battlefield 1 vs Infinite Warfare rap, and absolutely tore apart Infinite Warfare. IW's rapper? iDubbbz, an internet comedian not at all known for rapping (at the time), who delivers a series of hilariously (and intentionally) pathetic raps that end with him breaking down and begging for mercy.
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    • His "love letters" to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
      • For Hillary:
      Are you an angel from above? Are you our salvation?
      Or are you that woman from Film/101Dalmatians?
      Restoring glory to your once proud nation!
      I just pray you run it better than you ran the Clinton foundation!
      The GOP try to paint you as a harpy!
      Hardly, you're part Dana Carvey and part Franchise/Barbie!
      If you be my Lizzie Bennet, I'll be Darcy,
      We could honeymoon over in Benghazi!
      • For Trump:
      You're the landlord of the fellow that played John McClane!
      Now there's a real hero!
      Take note, John Mc Cain!
      Donald knows how to keep the oil price low:
      Find out what they're asking for it
      And just say "No"!
      See Trump debunk the hoax of global warming!
      If it was true his walk-in freezer would be thawing!
      Evidence is boring
      Whereas dogmatic thought isn't!
      So vaccination is the blatant cause of autism!
  • Friendly Fandoms:
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The aforementioned Battlefield 1 vs Infinite Warfare rap now comes off as this, after iDubbbz ended up making a surprisingly good diss track with Dave "Boyinaband" Brown, Dan's friend. For bonus hilarity, Dan ended up with a subscriber bump solely because the BTS for the diss track mentioned him as the guy who suggested a beat.
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • Dear Lily and Dear Mandy both.
    • The Crew, a song that Dan made with every line ending in a homophone. He managed to get cameos with people such as Tobuscus, to boot.
    • His Halo 4 rap is considered to be one of his lyrical best.
  • Tear Jerker: Dan Bull had issues with self-harm a few years back. During that time, he made this song. The video is simply titled "I hurt myself." The lyrics and visuals that appear in the video only make it worse.
    • The final lines of his rap about cats:
    Dan Bull: You had a true cuteness I never grew used to
    It rips my heart apart knowing that soon I'll lose you
    I don't want to lose you
    I love you
    Metro Last Light Rap: They said Moscow was a lost hope, but it's not though! It's just gone off the beaten path to meet a crossroads!
    Metro Exodus Rap: They said Moscow was a lost hope, And it was so I've gone off the beaten track to meet a crossroad east of Vladivostok.
    • The video for Metro Exodus itself takes a few verses to reflect on how bleak a situation the game's protagonists (And, in fact, anyone still alive) are in.
    Dan Bull: The rubble and bones are covered in mud under soot and the smoke
    Is enough to choke you up as you wander alone
    Through tunnels and holes and burrows and roads
    Just looking for somewhere to go
    That could become an abode, even a gutter's a comfortable home
    But there's not much of a hope, there's no government
    No more Russia, the globe's become a Chernobyl
    Because real men don't cry...
    • While most of Purpose for New London is shown as propaganda from the religious and authoritarian sides, the chorus is sung in a much more somber tone, carrying the sense of hard work that is ultimately futile.
    Morning gathering or evening prayer
    We still battle for a season fair
    We still huddle in the freezing air
    For a summer that's not even there

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