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  • Awesome Art: The band's last several album covers have been absolutely gorgeous, particularly Gutter Tactics, Asphalt for Eden, and Endangered Philosophies.
  • Awesome Music: Lots. The most agreed upon examples are From Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots and Absence, though all of their albums are worth checking out if you like the band. This includes their rarities collection Deadverse Massive and their collaboration with Faust, Derbe Respect, Alder. Amongst their core catalogue, Negro Necro Nekros, Abandoned Language, and Untitled also stand out as particularly engaging and inventive releases.
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  • Creepy Awesome: The band's entire catalog could count.
  • Gateway Series: It's quite likely that, due to their Genre-Busting sound, they've turned some metalheads onto hip-hop (and vice versa). They've very likely also had the same effect with regard to industrial music.
  • Older Than They Think: As mentioned on the main page, they were performing industrial hip-hop over a decade before Death Grips.
  • Nightmare Fuel: They've got their own page, and they seriously deserve it.
  • Periphery Demographic: They're very popular with metalheads, due to their very heavy sound. It also helps that they've toured with several metal acts.
  • Signature Song: "Forever Close My Eyes" and "Ever Somber."
  • Tear Jerker: "Speak Volumes", "Forever Close My Eyes", and "It Just Is" are seriously depressing.

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