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  • Crack Pairing:
    • There are people shipping Daken with his writer, Majorie Liu.
    • Some fans pair him with little "sister," X-23. It helps that some of his thoughts about her in their team-up can be read romantically (see Squick below).
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Big time, mostly for his Evil Is Sexy, Jerkass Woobie and status. While he indeed has some humanising traits, he is still a manipulative rapist and mass murderer.
  • Fan Nickname: Trollverine. Also occasionally Sniktling in combination with X-23.
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  • Foe Yay: His guest arc in Iceman caused some to ship them together.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • A bizarre case, but notorious as he is for his blind hatred for their father, only looking out for himself, and manipulating everyone around him for his own ends, he nonetheless comes to accept Laura as his "little sister," even if the relationship remains antagonistic. For a moment she's able to get past his emotional armor and leave him speechless when she asks why he's afraid to love others, and departs their encounter as one of a very few people he honestly admires and respects.
      • When Daken has his arm and one of his eyes taken by Sinister after Siphon stripped away his healing factor, in issue 2 of Wolverines X-23 sits vigil by his bedside, worrying over his condition.
      Laura: Logan is dead. You're the only family...sort-of-family...I have left. I'm here if you need me, no matter where this takes us.
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    • Although it happens off-panel, Daken was the one who saved Laura's life after Mystique betrays the team in the final issue and guts her.
    • Their reunion in All-New Wolverine: When Daken arrives on Roosevelt Island to help cure The Plague ravaging the populace, he immediately makes it clear he doesn't care about the victims, and is only there because Laura needs him. Cue hug.
    • In issue five of The Logan Legacy, Daken goes berserk assaulting an underworld auction selling off Wolverine's remains and slaughters everyone present except Viper, Mystique, and a former lover. Why? So he can give his father a proper burial. Regardless of the issues he and Logan had, Daken may still have genuinely loved and respected his father.
    • During the "Orphans of X" arc of All-New Wolverine, when given the chance, Daken acquires the body of Sarah Kinney, so Laura can finally give her mother a proper burial.
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    • In All-New Wolverine #28, Daken is responsible for giving baby sister (and Laura clone) Gabby Kinney her perfectly appropriate codename - and the whole exchange is adorable.
      Daken: Your name. Honey Badger. [...] Because you're sweet and you have claws.
  • Jerkass Woobie: He's a total dick at best and truly loathsome at his worst, but his shitty childhood, incredibly rocky relationship with his father, and general desperate desire for a sense of belonging (as much as he refuses to accept it) make you feel at least somewhat sorry for him in spite of how deeply unpleasant he is.
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • The team-up with Laura, his father's clone, was made of moment after moment of this, culminating in a fiery explosion that they both calmly stood through.
    • Healing Factor or not, you have to give props to the man who managed to kill The Punisher.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Daken had done some pretty horrible things, but in terms of sheer cruelty and sadism, his actions in "Dark Wolverine" take the cake. He encounters a group of assassins who were sent to kill him and proceeds to slaughter them all, save for one, who he apparently finds sexy for being tough enough to survive his attack. Instead of finishing her quickly like the rest, he proceeds to drag off the severely injured woman to a shack to rape her first while she begs for her life.
  • Squick: Daken's encounter with his half-sister, Laura. Once the various double-crossings are out of the way and the pair are forced to work together to take down Colcord, Daken's private thoughts about her after seeing her in action read rather... romantically. Of course, this is Daken...
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • The promised confrontation between Daken and his mother's killer, Bucky Barnes. It seemed like everything was set up. Daken was on Osborn's Avengers, Bucky was the new Captain America and working with the real Avengers. Daken's life went to crap after his mother was killed, and Bucky, despite being brainwashed at the time, never let go of his guilt for all the acts he committed as the Winter Soldier. Add in that Logan was aware of Bucky's involvement and forgave him, in part because of his own experience with brainwashing, and you have real potential for character exploration... the confrontation never happens, and Daken never brings it up again, even when Bucky turns up alive after his "death".
    • Daken meeting Old Man Logan. After his father died, seeing a Logan who actually raised a family and is Older and Wiser would be neat for both. Hasn't happened.


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