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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Is Miia really a defrosting, Jerk with a Heart of Gold who tolerates her darling's care for the other women? Or is she secretly a full-blown Yandere who intends to prevent the other girls from getting close to her darling and intends to remove them as romantic rivals? Some theorize that her clinginess may eventually harm the man she loves on a serious level one day... well, more so than now.
    • The fan translation flips Doppel's personality on its head. Changing her from a well meaning Karmic Trickster to a malicious and spiteful one, Paying Evil Unto Evil with torturous schemes.
  • Arc Fatigue:
    • The mystery about who "D" lasted from Chapters 18 to 24. "D" was falsely hinted at repeatedly with Draco, Kii, and Lilith. Doppel provided the initial note, while Lala wrote the second and final note.
    • The chapters where Kimihito returns to the farm, while being much shorter than the "D" arc, suffered from this due to Schedule Slip causing it to feel even longer. Compounding that is the fact that the entire main cast aside from Kimihito is Out of Focus, with most of his interactions being with groups of fauns and satyrs rather than any individual characters.
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  • Ass Pull: Suu pulling New Powers as the Plot Demands every couple of chapters. She can shapeshift, read minds, taste poisons and so on. Mostly justified due to slimes being a very recent game market invention, as opposed to most of the other monsters who are folklore figures from pre-16th Century times (though Suu still has more abilities than Slimes are ever marketed with at any one time, and some that were never seen on them before her).
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • Mero's talk in Chapter 34 about learning to be more careful with people and trying to make up for her past mistakes seems to be an attempt to rehabilitate her a little from the incident listed under Never Live It Down. Later she got a whole story arc on the subject.
    • The fact the author has been adding more male characters that are good people and are also in relationships with Extraspecies women to deal with complaints regarding Kimihito's artificially looking better than every male in the story. In fact these guys are in a more loving and stable relationship with these women than he is.
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    • Less monster girls have been falling in love with Kimihito, most likely as another part addressing the criticism of most Extraspecies women falling in love with him for flimsy reasons. And possibly because his unwanted harem has already reached a size that's difficult to manage.
    • Chapter 43 shows the girls actually helping around the house and earning extra money to help.
    • Manga readers didn't like that Polt's introduction chapter was skipped in the anime. An OVA based around that chapter was released in November of 2016.
    • To balance out the extremely Gonk nature of male centaurs and orcs, attractive looking male liminals have been added to various background scenes, including dwarves, elves, kobolds, and minotaurs (the latter two being attractive Beast Folk).
    • Chapter 60 confirms that the next arc is back to focusing on the main harem, with Miia in particular having a huge role after having been Out of Focus ever since Chapter 43.
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  • Awesome Music: The Opening and Ending credits for the Anime do not disappoint. The ED, in particular, is so badass they could've used it as the OP for a more action-packed spin-off starring MON and nobody would be likely to notice. In fact... they did.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The OAV has a scene of Polt gently licking Manako's eyeball to remove a hair that was stuck there. It was entirely original, not coming from the manga or any of the omake, and at one point it even switched to Manako's perspective, giving the impression that Polt was licking the screen. Even the other MON members didn't seem quite sure of what was going on. Perhaps some of the animators (or Okayado himself) had this specific fetish...
  • Base-Breaking Character: Every character from the Farm arc. They have some fans who find them interesting and wish that one of them would have joined the main harem, but there's just as many people who despise them for not only being cliche anime archetypes, but also being a huge Spotlight-Stealing Squad who caused the main harem to fall Out of Focus for the entire arc. The major Schedule Slip that occurred during this arc didn't help either.
  • Broken Base:
    • Fans have been split on the official spelling of the characters' names revealed in chapter 10, especially Meer (German for something between "ocean" and "sea")/Miia. This died down when the manga and the anime both decided to ignore it.
    • The dislike of the translation choices in the official English manga has caused not so much a split, but a near-unanimous decrying of it. The translation in itself isn't bad or incorrect, it's just filled with a Hurricane of Puns. Which to some people is a lot worse, even though the original Japanese text is chock full of transparent word play as well.
    • In the official English translation, Rachnera's dialogue is riddled with spider puns and uses "itsy bitsy" as an adjective in nearly every single sentence. Some think it's an amusing touch, while others find it overused and annoying.
    • Fans who were hoping the anime would get a quality English dub weren't very thrilled when it was announced that Sentai Filmworks got the license to it, since Sentai doesn't have the best track record when it comes to dubbing their shows, with most of them either using amateur voice actors or not having a dub at all. They later announced that the anime would get an English dub, but fans are still uncertain whether the dub will be good or not.
    • Polt being Demoted to Extra in the anime. The manga chapter that featured her was likely cut out due to space constraints, and as a result she's been relegated to a few cameos. Many of her fans are not happy with this, while others are just glad she's in the anime at all. Her contributions to Kimihito's food problems being cut out of Episode 12 only made her fans even more unhappy. It could have been even worse; she might not have even appeared at all had Okayado himself not requested she be put in somehow. It's mostly died down after the release of the first OVA, which was all about the trip to Polt's gym that was cut out.
    • After the story arc of Kimihito getting kidnapped, the main harem has been sidelined, to the point of becoming background characters or even not appearing at all (like in the farm story arc). Several fans are getting annoyed by this and are starting to lose interest in the manga, which is supposed to be a slice of life about them. Though the Lamia Village arc is rectifying​ this by finally giving the main harem focus again.
  • Captain Obvious Reveal: Chapter 34 reveals that Mero is an actual princess. Considering the huge and unsubtle amount of foreshadowing, the reactions of most readers was "wait, that's supposed to be a reveal?" The summary blurb on Volume 9 even notes that it's really not much of a surprise.
  • Designated Villain: Downplayed with the Broker; he is not portrayed in an overtly antagonistic light, but Rachnera views him in contempt because he profits from having migrant monster girls work, even though he is a Benevolent Boss whose business provides more than enough mutual benefit to keep several of the girls there after they've paid off their debt.
  • Ear Worm: You'll be forgiven if you can't get the opening song out of your head.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: The Bicycle Cop of all people, has a large enough fan-following to routinely get fanart. In fact, as mentioned on the WMG page, fans have even started giving him his own harem (of the most dangerous and violent subspecies available). The general consensus seems to be that the girls are part of a parole program rather than the usual species exchange the main series focuses on.
  • Evil Is Cool: Rachnera
  • Evil Is Sexy: The villainous monster girls are just as attractive as our main characters.
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: Brought to us by Rachnera no less. As Centorea and the audience learns, It's more condescending to pretend you have no issues with a new friend or roommate than to act like everything is fine. The sooner you admit your issues the better off everyone is, because then you and the other party can start working towards addressing them. She also convinces Centorea that she and Miia had every right to be wary of her based on appearance alone because she doesn't just look dangerous, she is dangerous — especially to humans whom she can easily ambush, overpower, restrain and kill. With the reveal of her Back Story later on, we know this is Rachnera's Internalized Categorism talking, but it's still quite jarring to hear when Centorea had said earlier in the chapter that they as Extraspecies should know better than anyone how much being judged for their appearance hurts.
  • Foe Yay: Rachnera and her love for torturing anybody.
  • Friendly Fandoms : With Rosario + Vampire , as they are both harem series that feature mythological creatures and fan-service, and both have a major case of Germans Love David Hasselhoff (see below) .
  • Gateway Series: This series has practically introduced the work of Cute Monster Girl into the mainstream, and also introduced a fashion for the study of discrimination and social issues in the context of this genre.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The manga is a decent seller in Japan but doesn't make a huge splash. In America, it regularly hit the New York Times Manga Top 10 before the anime was even announced. It's even outsold complete juggernauts like Attack on Titan and even Bleach once or twice. These circumstances eerily match those of Rosario + Vampire (see Friendly Fandoms).
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Very darkly hilarious in this case: Mero's introductory chapter has Miia absolutely certain that the mermaid is actually a psychotic Bitch in Sheep's Clothing under her royal facade. While it turns out Mero really is every bit the peach she is on the surface, her mother on the other hand...
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Our main protagonist has been shipped with nearly every monster girl in the series.
  • Les Yay:
    • Papi and Suu experience most of it. Suu notably kisses her outright during the Chapter 10 water-absorption spree, though she does end up bringing Miia, Papi, and Centorea to orgasm.
    • In Episode 10, Papi sucking on Kii's breasts (to remove toxic nutrients) and Kii sucking on Suu's breasts. (Along with Kimihito replacing a bondage Papi on Kii's breasts, all three girls orgasm.)
    • Also in Episode 10, Rachnera takes mischevious Lilith to a warehouse for sex and interrogation. Lilith refers to Rachnera as "oneesama" and answers her questions, getting an orgasm as a reward from Rachnera.
    • The Eel Mermaids get rather touchy-feely with Miia and Centorea, and that's even considering that they're masseuses.
    • Mero initially plans to be Kimihito's mistress with Miia in particular as the wife. At the end of chapter 37, she's decided she wants to be Kimihito's wife, but has become even more keen on keeping Miia around afterward. And twice so far she's felt the Lamia up for reasons known only to herself.
    • By the end of the Farm arc in chapter 59, the perpetually-horny satyrs have succeeded in seducing (almost) every faun & minotaur girl.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: In chapter 55 Kimihito is about to drown inside a giant evil toxic slime (It Makes Sense in Context). Suu follows him and creates a bubble in order to let him breathe and to protect him from the toxic sludge. However, said toxic sludge proves too much for her and she dissolves into nothing after having protected her Master. It's revealed then that Kimihito swallowed Suu's core, thus allowing her to regenerate from that small piece.
  • Memetic Molester: Suu and Rachnera, due to bringing about a lot of Black Comedy Rape in the story.
  • Memetic Mutation: The chibi-face Miia made in the first episode before dragging Kimihito back to bed made the rounds for a while, including on This Very Wiki as it is the image for this series' Funny Moments page.
  • Misaimed Fandom: Some fans, even on This Very Wiki, have complaints about the lack of villains and the Anticlimax resolutions to plotlines. This would be a valid complaint in a Battle Shonen or Adventure title, but this particular title is a Ecchi Slice of Life Manga.
  • Moe: This is a series about Cute Monster Girls. Papi and Tio are the stand out examples.
  • Moral Event Horizon: While the Racist Couple are usually just annoying and racist douchebags, the man of the duo crosses the line into evil territory when he attempts to rape Centorea in Chapter 16/Episode 8, using legal loopholes to prevent her from fighting back and only being foiled by Rachnera's intervention. It's not played for laughs, and possibly because of this both him and his girlfriend are heavily implied to have died in their next and final appearance, something that hasn't happened to any other character in the series.
  • Narm: Since this is an ecchi series the girls are designed to be sexy, but to some Rachnera having a human butt on top of her spider body is a bit too ridiculous.
  • Narm Charm: OVA and web episodes have a lot of this because of the image of extremely open eroticism or intimate situations with a completely serious face.
  • Never Live It Down: After her attempt to get Someone to Remember Him By before actually trying to save Kimihito in chapter 24, poor Meroune quickly got saddled with the Fan Nickname of "Murdermaid."
  • No Yay: A few of the girls, namely Miia, Centorea, Papi, and Mero, are not into the Black Comedy Rape brought on by Suu or Rachnera.
  • Rewatch Bonus: Chapter 22. Toward the end Manako points out that she had seen "D" during the date with Tio. "D" actually was present in the background for all three dates.
  • Squick:
    • Chapter 1. Miia accidentally dislocates her darling's arm and agent Smith tries snapping it back into its correct position.
    • The OVA has a brief scene in which Polt licks Manako's eyeball.
    • For the Western Audience, characters of the same body build as Papi (that is of the young teenage girl variety) getting roped into sexual scenarios. For some, showing said character in sexually implicated scenarios (such as sucking on an ice pop in the most odd of ways) can be a little squicky for those not into the whole sexualized young girls trope. Though thankfully it's not nearly as prevalent as all the other ladies.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • Lilith. She only makes one major appearance and a couple of minor ones, but between her prankster personality and her... relationship with "Mistress" Rachera, she could've had more potential for both comedy and characterization.
    • The extraspecies idol group ANM48 (a parody of AKB48 composed of Little Bit Beastly girls) could have been an interesting way to discuss Fantastic Racism issues, as well as to parody Japan's obsession with idol groups, but they pretty much disappear from the story after the first chapter.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • Chapter 14 sets Rachnera up as the manga's first possible villain, yet she was added to the harem near-instantly.
    • And then there's Draco from chapter 19. Possible rival and villain... and he turns out to not even be an actual dude.
    • The resolution of the "D" mystery. The first letter was a joke. The second letter appeared to have been done by yet another goofy girl.
    • Chapter 26 (the one with Ren Kunanzuki, daughter of Rachnera's previous host family, trying to readopt Rachnera out of guilt for her parents selling her) could've been a heartwarming resolution for probably the most tragic main character in the manga, and also the debut for one more sympathetic human person outside of the main cast. Instead, Ren was portrayed as egoistic and ignorant (if not intentionally on her part), and her appearance was played mainly to make Kimihito look better, though it did help soften Rachnera a bit more.
    • According to leaked pictures of the new chapters, it seems that every major problem Kimihito and the girls face is going to be resolved in a few pages with no consequences, adding to the light-hearted, comical feel of the series. Then again, as mentioned under Misaimed Fandom, this is basically the entire point.
  • Vanilla Protagonist: As with any other harem protagonist, Kimihito is as designed to be an extremely accessible character who can fit any role. It’s the harem girls who provide the true focus of the series.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • A funny example. Since Kimihito's death threat, Ms. Smith assigns a member of MON for protective detail during his dates. You'd think Doppel, the shape-shifting infiltrator, would be the perfect candidate for keeping an eye on him incognito; instead, Smith assigns Tio, the dark-skinned, horned giant. There's even a panel where pedestrians look at her in shock while she (futilely) tries to be discreet. Considering Doppel instigated the whole plot, it makes sense she's not available.
    • In doing this Doppel herself qualifies, as she accomplished the exact opposite of her job. Worse, her prank ended up allowing Lala to send an actual death threat unnoticed, as it was written off initially as another product of Doppel.
    • When Mero and Kimihito are trapped underwater, and Mero's swimming abilities are hampered by her injuries, it's understandable why the other girls don't jump in themselves to help out: they're not suited for water. But there's no excuse for Octo to just stand there gawking with the rest of them as Mero scrambles to save Kimihito on her own: she could swim just fine. Admittedly, real octopi are fairly weak swimmers with low endurance compared to fish (they can jet away quickly but can't keep swimming for long). On the other hand we aren't told if this applies to Octo and she would still at least be able to effectively walk and cling to the floor, assuming she could reach it before the currents pulled her into the spikes.
  • Wheelchair Woobie: Averted with Meroune. She is chipper, polite, and only needs the wheelchair when she's not in her room, which has a pool of water to accommodate her. That being said, she's started to rack up Woobie points as of recent chapters: she's realized that a tragic romance may not be all it's cracked up to be after first feeling jealousy toward Miia. From there, she's had to deal with one torturous scenario after another, from the prospect of Kimihito dying to perhaps having to leave him and the rest of the gang forever: ironically, all tragic scenarios that would fit her initial dream.
  • Woolseyism:
    • MON's acronym was changed from "Monsters of a Neuro" to "Monster Ops: Neutralization" in the official English translation, changing a case of Gratuitous English into a name that made sense in English. The anime goes with "MONster's New Law".
    • Lala, in the English manga, speaks with a notable Irish brogue which fits the Dullahan's origins.


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